The Wandergive Project

Some people travel to explore new places, some travel to escape, some travel to experience life at its fullest. We want to travel with a purpose.


Traveling has changed us in so many unspeakable ways that somehow, we feel compelled to give back. We have seen unfathomable beauty amidst communities living in extreme poverty. We know we can’t change the world, but why not help when we can? The Wandergive Project was created with the aim to help communities in different ways, no matter how big or small. We hope to inspire backpackers and other travelers to help out with our cause, or simply give back in their own little way.

The First Project

When we got back to the Philippines we were determined to get our first project going.

READ: The Wandergive Project: Feed a Child Campaign or TAKE A Photo Walk of Smokey Mountain, where we decided to go in and help.

To see how the first Wandergive Project did read: The Wandergive Project: Making a Change

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