Reasons Why Not to Visit Myanmar

written by local expert Becky Rogers

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Myanmar is a country that is still to be discovered. With its abundance of natural and cultural attractions, and tourist restricted areas, people are drawn here by its mystery and promise. Despite its undeniable beauty, many travellers are still wary about Myanmar due to its reputation for being notoriously difficult to travel around. So to those that are unsure about travelling here, these are reasons why not to visit Myanmar to show you why it’s worth the trip!

Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Enjoy The Simple Life

Although Myanmar has made massive leaps in development, it currently doesn’t have the infrastructure to support the influx of tourists that it is getting. For example, the city isn’t as modern as its neighbouring countries and certain things like the internet aren’t completely up to scratch. This doesn’t hinder life though and the Burmese people simply get on with it. We think part of Myanmar’s charm is being able to getaway from it all, as you can enjoy meaningful conversation with locals and tourists without distractions of social media. If a digital detox is a deal breaker for you, then don’t visit Myanmar. On the other hand, if you want to experience a simple life with the locals and live in the moment, this is your chance. A woman surrounded by clay pots

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Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Learn About an Amazing Culture

The culture in Myanmar is the source of all of its charm, therefore learning about it and experiencing it is a must while you’re there. As the Burmese people believe strongly in spiritualism and religion, the country is full of sacred temples, pagodas and old monuments waiting to be admired. Apart from the stunning architecture, you can immerse yourself even further by actually sleeping in a monastery! This is supposed to be one of the most eye-opening experiences into Burmese culture, from listening to the prayers of the monks in the morning to appreciating the breathtaking views of Myanmar at sunset. If experiencing this amazing culture doesn’t sound like something you would be up for, then don’t visit Myanmar. However, if standing at sacred sites, understanding their role in Burmese life and living like the locals sounds like an incredible opportunity, get yourself here!

Insider’s tip: We recommend booking your flights with a reliable company such as Flymya. However, before you do, remember to think about what cultural experiences you would love to be a part of. For example, the Thadingyut Light Festival happens every October so planning ahead and looking into what you want to see and do is important. Monks outside a golden temple

Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Meet the Friendliest Locals

The Burmese people have a reputation for being incredibly friendly; they are hospitable, always willing to help, and have this genuine interest in tourists. If you don’t want to get to know amazing people then don’t go to Myanmar. If you do, then prepare yourself for a lot of questions, fascinated facial expressions. You do have to remember that tourism is only fairly new in Myanmar. While travelling here, engage in as many conversations as possible and ask loads of your own questions. You’ll definitely find yourself just as interested and curious about the Burmese people as they are with you. A Burmese woman

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Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Meet the Friendliest Locals

If you want a full Burmese experience without the fast-paced activity of life in the city, the beaches at the Bay of Bengal provide you with everything you could ever want. Imagine yourself lying in the white sand surrounded by palm trees and turquoise waters, with a drink in hand. Isn’t this everyone’s happy place? If being a beach bum for a day isn’t you, don’t visit Myanmar. However, if you love some down time, island hopping, local restaurants and village tribes, head to western Myanmar to get your fill of sunshine. Did I also mention that Myanmar is home to Ngapali Beach, which just so happens to be rated one of the nicest beaches in Asia!

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Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to See Stunning Scenery Everyday

The staggering amount of temples and their remarkable architecture make up the majority of Myanmar’s landscapes. You can either choose to enjoy them up close such as in the old city of Bagan, or walk to the top of hills such as Mandalay Hill to take in the sheer amount of monuments amongst nature. Either way, the views will be jaw-dropping!  As well as temples, Myanmar also boasts a variety of natural beauty, with the top sites being Inle Lake and U-Bein bridge. There is nothing like being surrounded by pure, untouched nature in all it’s glory. The best part though? Unlike the temples in Thailand, there isn’t a lot of tourists yet so you get the whole place to yourself! So if you don’t want to stand in awe of stunning landscapes, don’t visit Myanmar. However, if you want to see it all, we recommend hiring a motorbike and exploring as much of Myanmar as you can!


Where to Stay in Bagan

Life Changing Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar Temples at sunset

Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Eat Delicious Local Food

Although the cuisine in Thailand and Vietnam completely over shadow a lot of other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar does have a few tricks up it’s sleeve when it comes to food. Once you get over the fact that the Burmese food isn’t as diverse and spicy as Thai dishes, you can appreciate that Myanmar specialises in certain foods and they do it well! The most popular dish you’ll see everywhere is Mohinga. This rice noodle fish soup is served all day everyday, and is delicious with any meat you can think of. Once you’ve experienced speciality dishes, you’ll want to eat your way through the whole country and sample what it has to offer. Local dishes in Myanmar

I’m sure by now that I’ve given you enough reasons to experience Myanmar yourself! You can live like a bum lying on the beach all day or spend your time immersed in Burmese culture while you explore temples and mix with locals. It may be slightly more difficult to navigate your way around the country, but the adventures, people, food and experiences make it all worth it.

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