Top Bloggers Tell You How to Travel Thailand like a Pro

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

Despite the fact that Thailand is one of the easiest places to travel as the tourism industry is in full boom, we decided to ask a few top bloggers to dish out a few of their top travel tips that they can advice people. Now, just to make it clear, we didn’t just ask anyone. These are people who at one point or another have either traveled Thailand extensively or even lived there. So trust me, these people know what they’re talking about. So sit back, relax, and listen to these top tips that will surely help you travel Thailand.

thailand resorts

Roy from Thaizer

Visitors to Thailand soon find out that things are done very differently here. It’s part of the charm of the country, but can also be frustrating. If the unexpected happens (and it almost certainly will during your travels in Thailand), try to keep calm, go with the flow and adopt the Thai ‘mai pen rai’ attitude.

Editor’s Note: Mai pen rai is most commonly used as an equivalent to English phrases like “you’re welcome” or “don’t mention it”, and it’s often heard as a response to “thank you”. But mai pen rai carries deeper meaning than this. When asked to translate it into English, it can loosely translate to, “It’s okay… everything is okay… don’t worry”

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Sascha from My Thai Org

When exploring the Thai islands, most people stay either in Ao Nang  or Krabi then take a long tail boat to stay at famous ‘Railey Beach’ – which is nice. If you stay in the boat for a bit longer though you’ll come to a place that is REALLY nice. Ton Sai Beach or as we often call it: Our happy place. It’s not as family friendly as Railey Beach with all the resorts and has a more rocky beach but the overall atmosphere is quite unique and just ‘cool’. Lots of local and foreign climbers there (Krabi is famous for rock climbing) that make hanging out in this area lots of fun.

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Anna from Adventure in You

Don’t be afraid to try the street food. In Thailand, the more local and authentic looking it is, the better. The Thai people like their spice so be warned. Learn how to say at least a few basic phrases like  “mai phet” (not spicy) or “phet nit nawy” (just a little bit spicy) to help you get by. Also, when traveling by motorbike, be on the safer side. Take the necessary precautions and make sure you have travel insurance.

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Mark from Migrationology

If you notice a really busy restaurant or street food stall, don’t hesitate to shift your plans and immediately jump in line, even if you have no idea what you’re doing or what you’re about to eat. You’ll most likely have an amazing food experience!

Editor’s Note: Mark is a food guru and I constantly follow his food recommendations as I travel around Asia. Be warned…you will get hungry reading his posts!

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mark-wiens- migrationology

Johnny of Johnny FD

Start on the islands…when you first come to Thailand head straight down to the islands whether it be Koh Tao or Koh Phi Phi. You’ll be tempted to stay a few nights first in Bangkok but trust me, skip it.”

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johnny FD

Nikki of Southeast Asia Backpacker

Thailand receives a very high number of tourists and backpackers compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, and I’ve often heard rugged backpackers exclaim that destinations are ‘over-touristy’ or that Thailand is ‘spoilt’. This is nonsense! Despite the fact that there are some very popular destinations in Thailand for tourists (for example Phuket and Koh Samui), it is still very easy to get off the beaten track in Thailand and you can still find deserted beaches, untouched national parks and places where a foreign face is a novelty! Travel to rural Issan in northeastern Thailand, head to Doi Inthanon National Park, take a trip to Mae Salong or Phayao from Chiang Mai or head to the tropical islands of Tarutao, you’ll soon see that there is a lot more to Thailand than Full Moon Parties and Ladyboy Shows!

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Doi Inthanon Thailand

Will of The Broke Backpacker

Thailand is a multicolored wonderland of bustling mega cities and ancient temples, isolated beaches and manic parties, a country where anything is possible. The land of smiles, Thai’s are famous for their hospitality but some foreigners have given backpackers a bad name by acting like idiots. Be sure to respect this welcoming country and, especially when exploring temples, wear appropriate clothing. Do not incur the wrath of the Buddha, dress for the body you have and not the body you want and the smiles, and beers, can keep on flowing. Tradition is important in Thailand so show manners, respect and dignity (go for the second cheapest bucket) and you will get the most out of this amazing place.

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Allan of Potato in a Rice Field

Always tinkle before long distance train and bus journeys and maybe bring a bottle of whisky to make the journey more bearable. Also check low cost carriers like AirAsia and Nok Air as they are often cheaper and quite a bit quicker than other long-haul alternatives.

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Allan Wilson Dancing with Locals in Buriram

Nina from Where in the World is Nina

Traveling by local bus isn’t only cheaper, but often safer. You’re a lot more likely to get scammed or have something stolen while on a tourist bus. Songthaews are super cheap and the local way to get around the inner towns. Alway use a metered taxi, and if you’re dying for a tuk-tuk ride, grab the driver who isn’t desperate and in your face. He’ll be less likely to mess around with the price.

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Tuk tuk thailand
Me hanging off the back of a songthaew making a “sorry, mom!!” face

Disclaimer: All photo credits and copyright belong to the establishments unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Nothing like great tips from travelers who have been there and had the experience. So much better than guide books! Love the advice from Anna to learn a few food expressions so so can really enjoy the variety of street food Thailand offers.

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  2. Great collection! Glad to be featured as one of the bloggers.

    Bonus Tip: If you’re looking to connect with other digital nomads, come to Chiang Mai, it’s the hub of Thailand!


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