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written by local expert Josiah Skeats

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If you are one of the millions of adventurous souls that travels to South-East Asia each year, then you may be interested in going skydiving. And after all, why wouldn’t you want to jump from a perfectly working plane? It is surely one of the ultimate adventure thrills to get some adrenaline pumping, and one of the best experiences to boast to your mates about afterward! There is a surprising lack of skydiving centers in South-East Asia, however, during my recent trip to Thailand, I found Thai Sky Adventures, a fairly large and well-established company who I decided to jump with.

Where Are you Jumping?

The drop zone is located in Si Racha, about 1 hour 30 from Bangkok or 40 minutes from Pattaya, making it a convenient day trip from either. To make things even more convenient is if you’re coming from Pattaya, Thai Sky arranges a free transport (in a nice air-conditioned bus) throughout the day to take you directly to the drop zone.

The location is beautiful. As the minibus cruised beside the lake, and over the rolling Thai countryside and farmland, I wondered, just a little excited, about how this would all look as I was hurtling back towards it from 9,000 feet above.

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Thai Sky Adventure Skydiving Package

The entire tandem skydiving package (with a jump from 9,000-13,500 ft) is all inclusive of:

  • Transfer to and from Pattaya
  • Safety briefing
  • Skydive jump and all safety equipment
  • Photo and video can be purchased for extra

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The Skydiving Experience

The drop zone was buzzing with activity. There were lots of people like me, keeping as calm as possible and waiting to eagerly jump, and there were others who had just landed wearing huge grins and hopping around excitedly. Staff was all around, reflecting what a big operation this center was, repacking parachutes, strapping people into harnesses, and helping everything run smoothly.

The team was very professional, and I had soon filled in the necessary forms, received an informational safety brief and instructions and was being strapped into my harness. It all happened in the space of 20 minutes; I hadn’t even had time to feel nervous, but by the time the harness was on and the realization that I was actually about to jump out of a plane was inescapable, and my heart rate started rapidly beating with a healthy blend of fear and excitement.

My jump was the final one of the day, the most desired time for the perfect golden shading of light cast by the dipping sun. I was squeezed in the plane with three other jumpers and the slow 15-minute flight to reach the altitude began. This was my second jump, but the nerves were still there wondering what could go wrong. I was reassured, however by the fact that my instructor had completed thousands of skydives and he was still alive – he must know what he was doing!

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I had been watching the altitude watch on the wrist of my instructor slowly climbing until it had spun around to 9,000 feet. Wham! The door was suddenly slid back revealing a wide gap in the side of the plane which opened out into absolute nothingness. And below that void, a long way below was land, where I would be in a few minutes, one way or another. The deafening roar of the wind rushing past the plane surged inside, and I now struggled to hear what was being said. We were first to jump, which began with an awkward shuffle to the edge of the plane with my legs dangling over thousands of feet of empty sky. I don’t think anything was going through my mind. Or maybe too much was going through my mind for me to process.

One moment I was on the plane, the next I wasn’t. I felt the rapid acceleration as gravity took hold. I realized we rolled upside down because I was looking up at the belly of the plane. But I was disorientated by how quickly everything had happened. My senses were overloaded by all the new stimuli, and I wasn’t really thinking about anything at all except how awesome and how crazy this all was. My original worries had melted away entirely – I had passed the point of no return, and now had to live in the moment and enjoy the ride down. skydive-plane

I stuck my tongue out and pulled some faces for the cameraman ahead of me. It no longer felt like we were falling. With no point of reference around us to show our speed and the ground so distant it didn’t seem to get any closer, it felt like I was hovering. Flying. Everything was silent.

I felt like I could have stayed there forever when I was jerked upwards as the instructor pulled on the chute. Thirty seconds of freefall had felt like less than a second, but a wave of uncontrollable relief and excitement passed over me, and I could finally look around and appreciate where I was. The scene around me was stunning; the lake below me, the towers of Bangkok way in the distance and the sun nearly set in the horizon. The glide down remained an adrenaline rush as we pulled tightly on the controls to spin and twirl our way down.

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You can only appreciate the surge of emotions that you feel to touch down on solid ground again. I had been away less than 25 minutes but I now felt full of energy and alive in a way I had never before, and I bounced around chattering excitedly. And you know what? I wanted to do it all over again. Two weeks later, I’m still looking for the next opportunity to throw myself from a plane.

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Skydiving in Thailand Cost

Armed with over 25 years of experience, Thai Sky Adventures has been opened since November 2009 and is a UK, US, Thai run operation with a full staff of western instructors and pilots. The Tandem Jump package costs start at $260++

For up to date prices head on over to Thai Sky Adventures website.

Please note that despite receiving complimentary services from Thai Sky Adventures, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.

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