David’s Kitchen Review: A Must Try Restaurant in Chiang Mai

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Since we moved here to Chiang Mai, I have to admit that we have been eating a lot of  local street food. They are just so good and cheap! However, once in a while, we decide to splash out and try nice restaurants in the area. In the name of “research” we set out on a big food quest to find the best restaurants and places to eat in Chiang Mai. Our first stop was a well established place called David’s Kitchen at 909. This place had stellar reviews and is consistently number 1 on trip advisor. Naturally, we wanted to see if it would live up to expectation.

david's kitchen at 909

The Ambiance at David’s Kitchen

David’s kitchen used to be located right in the middle of the Old Town however, they have recently decided to move to the outskirts. Although a little bit far, trust me, the drive there is very worth it! They also provide a shuttle that leaves the old town for a small fee. As soon as you arrive, you are ushered through the entrance where David himself or one of his staff members greet you before showing you to your table. With a pianist lightly playing in the background, the mood is set for a fantastic dining experience. If you reserve online, small touches like having your names printed on a piece of paper goes a long way.


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The Menu at David’s Kitchen, Chiang Mai

The food at David’s Kitchen is nothing short of exquisite. We have had the pleasure of dining there twice now and each time we left absolutely full and satisfied. Their menu is composed of classically cooked French dishes with a contemporary Asian twist. One of the problems that we have had is that everything on the menu just looks so good! Choosing is quite hard but their fantastic staff help you out with that as they give their personal recommendations on their best sellers. You can see their full menu here

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davids kitchen chiang mai Our Dining Experience

We started our meal with a bowl of their famous pumpkin soup and a spicy fish salad with green apples. The last time we ate at David’s Kitchen, we had the pumpkin soup and I kid you not, it is to die for! Now I never thought I would say that about soup but this one was quite delicious. Made from yellow Japanese pumpkin, the soup was delicious, silky, and was the perfect balance of flavors. Tom on the other had ordered the spicy fish salad which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The Asian flavors were all contrasted by the sweet yet tangy taste of the crisp green apples. It was a surprising combination that worked out really well.

david's kitchen review

As for our mains, we decided to go for the veal cheek braised in red wine served with mash and the braised lamb shank. As soon as our food arrived, I knew we made the right choice. The veal cheek was heavenly which was exactly how David described it. The meat just melted in your mouth and was absolutely delicious. The lamb shank was pretty much the same and was something I would gladly order again. During our previous dining experience, we also tried the grilled duck breast and pan seared tuna served in a bed of lemon grass and green mango. Bottom line, the food here is great!

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david's kitchen review chiang mai

fine dining chiang mai

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The Service at David’s Kitchen

One thing that really stood out for us was the service. From start to finish the staff, including David himself made sure that all the guests had what they needed. All throughout the meal, we could see David stopping by every table to chat to them, ask them if they’re enjoying the food, and make personal recommendations on what to order. His staff are all very well trained, showing us some of the best service we’ve received in all of Thailand. The cherry to top it all is the day after, you receive a short email from David himself thanking you for coming and mentioning an anecdote or two about what you talked about the night before. It is truly impressive and is such a great touch. What we love is that even if this place serves fine dining and gourmet food, the atmosphere is still very laid back. As David says so himself, this is a family run restaurant where they treat guests the same as if they were dining at his home.

Overall, I think that David’s Kitchen is number 1 on trip advisor for a reason. Between the stunning food and the great service that they provide, it is no wonder that people come back to this place over and over again. Although the menu is a lot pricier than what we would normally spend on a meal, for the occasional splurge, David’s Kitchen is the place to go when in Chiang Mai.

For more information on David’s Kitchen, you can check out:

Website | contact: [email protected]

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  1. I want it all! Chiang Mai is a place I’ve wanted to visit for awhile so I’m definitely bookmarking this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Like what almost everyone has already mentioned, I would’ve never thought that this restaurant was located in Chiang Mai. I think that’s pretty awesome to know that there’s an option to eat fancy when celebrating a birthday or an anniversary.

  3. Wow! This place is not what I would expect for Chiang Mai. Like you, I most stuck to the cheap eats, but this place looks great! I can’t believe the owner emails you the next day. Now this is such a classy touch. I’ll definitely keep this mind when I’m in Chiang Mai next.

  4. Looks like a very contemporary restaurant that is worth visiting! The Japanese pumpkin soup really sounds amazing! I am always up to go a little far for a very good food.

  5. What beautiful looking dishes, and I do trust you, well worth the drive to go there. Love how there is a shuttle bus for those of us visiting that may not have cars.


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