22 Incredible Things to Do in Mallorca, Spain

written by local expert Jane Elmets

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Mallorca, the largest Balearic Island, is a favorite Spanish holiday destination — and for good reason!

Pristine white sand beaches surrounded by warm turquoise waters. Hidden caves on both land and sea. Mountainous landscapes that last as far as the eye can see and protected nature reserves keeping the ecosystem thriving. 

Mallorca has it all, but we’re just getting started.

Besides the sheer natural beauty of this island, Mallorca is also home to captivating historic monuments, religious sites, and medieval towns that are well worth a visit to understand the island’s thrilling past of pirates, conquerors, and Spanish royalty.  

On top of it all, there are plenty of quaint fishing villages by the sea full of the freshest local seafood around as well as lively party towns that bump music until the sun comes up. 

aerial view of island surrounded by blue water

With so much to do on the island, it can be hard to know where to start. To break it down for you, here are the best things to do in Mallorca, no matter what kind of holiday you’re after!

Explore Palma de Mallorca

As the island’s capital and the largest city in Mallorca, there’s no shortage of things to do in this bustling hot spot. 

The city itself was founded by the Romans so there’s still a medieval feel as you stroll around the small streets. However, Palma is far from ancient today as this hip port town has made room for tourists and transformed into something of a resort destination. 

While in Palma, you’ll feel an intriguing blend of new and old as there are plenty of luxury shops and high-end restaurants in between the many churches and historic monuments that have been standing since the 13th century.

Here are must-do things while in Palma.

Cathedral de Mallorca

large cathedral sitting on water

This massive cathedral is the centerpiece of Palma as it’s positively enormous and towers over everything else in the city. Construction began in 1229 but the cathedral wasn’t finished until 1601, but it still managed to take the title of the second tallest nave of all European Gothic cathedrals. 

While the outside of the cathedral is stunning, nothing compares to the beauty inside. Remarkable stained glass, soaring ceilings and seemingly endless worship halls… There’s no wonder it’s on every Mallorca itinerary

In the early 20th century, Antoni Gaudi (most well-known for his work on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona) redid much of the cathedral’s interior, giving it an even more lavish feel than what was already there.

Before visiting, purchase skip-the-line tickets so that you can bypass all other tourists when you’re in Palma!

Castillo de Bellver

Another architectural feat in Palma is Castillo de Bellver, or the Bellver Castle. Located just three kilometers from the historic center of the city, it once housed the royals of Mallorca. 

While the castle was built in the 13th century, the architecture here still has a strong Eastern influence with the circular layout. There’s a giant courtyard with dozens of arcades leading off on the side, as well as splendid lookout points with some of the best views of the city below.

Santa Catalina Market

Now for what you’re really here for: the food.

One of the best places to find local delicacies in Mallorca is Santa Catalina Market in Palma. Built in 1920, it’s the oldest food market in the city. Today, it still remains the main supplier for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and even yachts in Palma!

The best part about Mercat de Santa Catalina is it’s big enough to have everything you could dream of but not so massive that you’re overwhelmed and lost the entire time. 

Find things like fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese, local seafood, bakery items, and even flowers! If walking through the aisles of food is enough to build up an appetite, settle down on a bar stool at one of the market eateries and feast on fresh tapas served on the spot.

Tapas Tour

If you’re looking for more tastes of Mallorca after Santa Catalina Market (I mean, who can blame you), take a tapas tour to try some of the best bites in the city! 

On this culinary tour, you’ll have a local guide who’ll take you through the historic center of Palma for some good eats. You’ll have a wine tasting, followed by a tasting of olive oil, and finally, a tapas and wine pairing. 

Then you’ll make your way to a traditional tapas bar where the feasting will continue with traditional Mallorcan recipes! How much better can a food tour get?

Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro

Palma is a great place to dip your toes into the Spanish contemporary art scene, namely at Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miró, a museum completely dedicated to Joan Miró. 

Joan Miró was a prominent Spanish artist who rose to great fame for his quirky modern works. This collection holds more than 6,000 pieces from Miró and his studio, which was used until the 1950s, is also part of the museum.

Palma’s Beaches

beach with buildings behind and umbrellas and young chairs

This Mallorcan city is home to some of the most awesome beaches on the island. 

Cala Major is just next to the Miró Foundation and makes a great place for an afternoon lounge in the sun. Other beaches in the city include Playa de Palma and Playa del Arenal. You’ll find each beach has warm water, white sand, and is lined with towering palm trees, making for the perfect tropical getaway.

Palma Aquarium

As it’s sitting right on the sea, it’s no wonder Palma has an insanely cool aquarium. Perfect for a rainy day activity, the Palma Aquarium holds more than 8,000 animals of over 700 different species!

See marine life such as sharks, turtles, live corals, and more fish than you could ever imagine swimming around before your eyes. There are also great shows and special exhibitions held throughout the year.

You can buy tickets online to save some time. During peak season- this place can get packed!

Snorkel or Dive in Marine Reserve

If you’d rather experience the marine life of the Balearic Islands first-hand, take a snorkeling or diving expedition off the coast of Palma to discover all that lies below the surface. 

The snorkeling expedition includes all necessary equipment but you can always bring your own instead of using what’s provided. It doesn’t take any previous experience – all you need to know is how to swim!

For the diving expedition, no prior experience is necessary as conditions are clear and calm. This is a great place to take your first dive if this is something you’re interested in as you’ll be in a small group with at least 2 professional guides. Plus there’s plenty to see underwater!

The area where both of these activities takes place is the Cala Delta Bay which is a vibrant marine reserve with a bright natural ecosystem.

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Hit the Road to Sa Calobra

winding road going through mountains in spain

Besides visiting different cities and beaches in Mallorca, taking a drive to Sa Calobra is probably the most popular thing to do on the island. 

13 kilometers of road winds through the mountains, with no guardrails and no dividing line in the center. It’s a thrilling drive with hairpin turns all the way and 720 meters of elevation gain through the most gorgeous scenery ever. I’m talking mountain views, sea views, animal views, the works! There are rivers and lakes and rock formations that will blow your mind. 

And finally, you’ll end up at Port Sa Calobra and Torrente de Pareis, filled with the bluest water you’ve ever laid eyes on, completely empty pebble beaches, and caves just waiting to be explored. 

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Take a Boat Tour

If you don’t have a car, another great way to explore Mallorca is by boat. Surrounded by water on all sides and with tons of tiny islands dotting the sealine, there’s plenty to explore by ship! 

On this full-day boat tour, you’ll get to explore Mallorca by land and by sea. Your first stop will be Puerto Pollensa, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in all of Mallorca and a hub for water activities. 

Then you’ll travel to Ses Caleta for swimming and snorkeling before heading to Cabo Formentor for cliff views. You’ll hit a few more spots before lunchtime and a final sail back to Puerto Pollensa around 4.00pm.

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Go Dolphin Watching

A tour of a different kind, this boat trip will be spent spotting dolphins! During this activity, you’ll get to spend two and a half hours looking for dolphins in Ria Formosa Natural Park and along the Mallorca coastline. 

You’re likely to see multiple species of dolphins like the short-beaked and bottlenose dolphins, as well as other creatures like flying fish and possibly even a sea turtle!

Discover Coves and Caves

There are so many hidden coves and caves in and around Mallorca, exploring them is definitely one of the best things to do while on the island! You can find these hidden spots on both land and at sea, so keep your eyes peeled while wandering the beaches or out on a bat.

The most popular caves in Mallorca are Coves dels Hams and Coves del Dranch, both in the eastern part of the island near Porto Cristo. Tours run daily, leaving from both Palma and Porto Cristo so you’re able to explore the dark and mysterious spaces with the help of a knowledgeable guide. 

A little bit further up in the northern region of Mallorca, you’ll find the Cova del Vell Mari, or the Blue Cave, a true jewel of the island.

Take a boat trip up the coast to the cave where you’ll get to snorkel and swim in the breathtaking turquoise waters. You’re bound to see some cool marine life as tons of different aquatic species live here!

Wander Around Alcudia

old buildings and street with plants

Besides Palma, Alcudia is one of the most popular towns to visit in Mallorca. 

Considered Mallorca’s Old Town, spend days strolling through the streets of this medieval, walled village. Brimming with important historic monuments, it’s certainly one of the most scenic spots on the island. But it also has the comforts of a resort town with charming boutiques, delicious restaurants, and luxury hotels.

Alcudia is filled with churches, the most notable being Santa Ana, Sant Jaume, and Sant Crist, a Baroque chapel with a famous image of Christ from the 15th century. It also has plenty of sites that are of archaeological interest as the village was built where an ancient Roman settlement once stood. 

Sit by the Sea in Puerto Alcudia 

Also near the town of Alcudia is Puerto Alcudia, a lovely seaside spot with a cushy beach, expansive water, and lengthy promenade filled with glamorous restaurants and small shops. 

As Alcudia was built far from the sea for protective measures (against pirates, of course), this is the closest beach if you’re staying in the village! 

Puerto Alcudia is also a major hub for water sports, so hit the beach here if you’re interested in renting a stand up paddleboard, taking to the sea on a kayak or going for windsurfing lessons!

Enjoy Nature at La Albufera Natural Park

If you make your way a little bit further out from Alcudia, you’ll find yourself amidst lush greenery, rolling hills, and towering pines. La Albufera Natural Park makes up a great deal of this natural place, and it’s a great spot to visit for bird sightings. 

There are said to be more than 200 species that come throughout the year, attracted by the nearby bay. It’s a great place to visit to get something different from the city, town, and beach, so swing by to enjoy some good old-fashioned nature!

Hike through Mondrago Natural Park

turquoise water surrounded by rocky mountains

Another natural park that absolutely has to be on your list of things to do in Mallorca is Mondrago. 

Mondrago National Park, which sits on the coast, is a completely protected area full of beaches, trails, cliffs, wetlands and more. It gives visitors a little bit of everything during a day here so if you’re looking to spend time outside, look no further.

Mondrago is best enjoyed in the spring when the weather is mild. This means more hiking, better conditions, and sunny days that won’t kill you from the heat! There are plenty of trails to be traversed, all ranging in distance and difficulty. 

Take one and who knows where you’ll end up! A hidden beach? A wild grove? The edge of a cliff? The possibilities are endless!

Have a Coasteering Adventure

One of the best water sports you can do while in Mallorca is coasteering. 

Coasteering is a fairly new adventure activity that combines cliff jumping, swimming, abseiling, climbing, and rock scrambling all into one! It’s not for the faint-hearted, but rather for the most adventurous who aren’t afraid of getting a little wet.

This coasteering expedition lasts half a day, and you’ll be taken to Muntanya canyon, which is an excellent initiation canyon. No previous experience is necessary (although you must be able to swim), so throw on your swimwear and get going! 

Kick Back at a Beach

Mallorca is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, and possibly the entire world, so making your way to one (or several) is a must

Calo Des Moro is often considered the prettiest beach on the island. It requires some hiking but once you arrive, you’re in a complete oasis. The bluest water imaginable with soft white sand and surrounded by cliffs… You’ll feel like you’re dreaming at Calo Des Moro! Since this is one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca, it definitely has a fair amount of crowds.

If Calo Des Moro is too busy, hop over to the neighboring Cala S’Almunia for another stunning beach!

Cala Santanyi is another great beach to hit, especially if you’re near Cala Figuera (which doesn’t have a beach of its own). Just four kilometers away, at Cala Santanyi you’ll find the clearest water in a little bay surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Back behind the beach is a full-blown resort town, so Santanyi is a great place to stay if you’re looking for luxury accommodation right on the ocean.

aerial view of beach with sand and water

Cala Mesquida, one of the largest beaches on the island, is found in northeast Mallorca near Capdepera and Cala Ratjada. There’s plenty of sand for sunbathing and the water is shallow, perfect for splashing around in. Feast on snackbar food or spring for a meal at the single restaurant on the beach!

One last beach that’s well worth a visit is Es Trenc, on the south coast of Mallorca. It’s also another island hot spot and is generally pretty crowded — you’ll understand why when you get there!

There are two full kilometers of sandy stretches full of lounge chairs, umbrellas, and lifeguard stands. The beach has awesome facilities, with showers and toilets scattered throughout, as well as tons of restaurants, bars and little stores. It’s by no means secluded but beautiful nonetheless.

Indulge in Seafood in Cala Figuera

Besides just the beach, villages and towns by the sea make a great place to visit in Mallorca and even an awesome place to spend the night! Cala Figuera is one such place. 

As a chilled out, sleepy fishing village, you’ll find a super laid-back vibe here with picturesque views. Whitewashed houses sit atop a hill overlooking the harbor, with flowers practically spilling out of every window box. 

As you make your way closer to the water, you’ll find dozens of small restaurants and eateries serving up some of the freshest seafood on the island.

Take a Trip to Cap de Formentor 

The Formentor Lighthouse is one of the most stunning places on the island of Mallorca. Sitting in the north of the island atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, visitors are able to access the lighthouse and soak in breathtaking views of the surrounding bay. 

To get to the lighthouse, follow the winding road from Port de Pollenca. It’s best to visit at dawn or dusk when the sun hits the lighthouse and makes it glow!

Before (or after) visiting the lighthouse, you can also make your way to Playa de Formentor and enjoy the beautiful beach. 

Get Lost in History in Valldemossa

very old city street in spain

In stark contrast to the towns sitting oceanside, Valldemossa is in a rural part of Mallorca amid the Tramuntana mountains. Instead of the endless ocean, the surroundings here are lush olive groves and roads that wind through the hilly towns. 

Valldemossa is worth visiting to check out the historic monuments that stand here, as well as take in views of a completely different island backdrop. The town itself is full of narrow cobblestone streets, sandstone buildings, and sprawling gardens that seem a world away from the island’s capital city of Palma. 

In this lovely historic town, take a tour of the Real Cartuja de Valldemossa, a truly massive 14th century monastery sitting on the grounds of an ancient Moorish Alcazar. The serene setting provided a peaceful atmosphere for monks living at the monastery and offered inspiration to famed guests such as the pianist Frederic Chopin and novelist George Sand. 

Once you’ve made your way through the historic part of town, take a gander down the hill to the Port of Valldemossa which has an atmosphere comparable to that of a small fishing village. 

Visit Mirador Es Colomer for the Best Views

Mallorca is nothing short of a natural wonder, combining dramatic elements like sensational cliffs, an endless ocean, and the lushest greenery you’ve ever seen. 

The best place to take in the best views of Mallorca is the Mirador Es Colomer, a lookout with views spanning as far as the eye can see. 

The panoramic views here are nothing short of mesmerizing as you look out over the rocky cliffs and deep, blue ocean. It’s a must-do in Mallorca, but just keep in mind it’s a super popular activity and often times very crowded.

Trek Up Puig de Massanella

person trekking through rocky mountains in spain

Another stunning lookout point is the top of Puig de Massanella. While it’s not the tallest peak on Mallorca, it’s the easiest to get to and offers some of the best views. 

Puig de Massanella sits in the Tramuntana mountain range, and is a decent 1,364 meters in height. Summiting the peak is challenging but so long as you have good weather it’ll be completely worth it and rather pleasant. But be prepared for other hikers seeking stellar sights!

The entire hike takes between seven and nine hours. It can be quite strenuous so be sure to bring lots of water and wear good shoes.

Insider Tip: It’s best to hike up Puig de Massanella in the spring or fall when the weather is mild. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself melting from the heat if you choose to hike in the summer!

Take a Hot Air Balloon Flight

After you’ve made it to the lookout points, you may be aching to see Mallorca from all the way above. The way to get the most ideal panoramic views of the island is on a hot air balloon ride

Float over all of Mallorca, while being surrounded by clouds, in a hot air balloon. Peaceful and exhilarating all wrapped into one, this is the perfect activity to really enjoy the sights of city, ocean, mountains, and other nearby Balearic islands. 

Dance All Night in Malaguf

While slightly quieter than neighboring Ibiza, Mallorca still knows how to throw a great party.

If you’re looking for drinking, dancing, and a whole lot of fun on this island, head to Malaguf where there’s always something going on. The main street of this area is clad with more than 50 bars, dozens of nightclubs, fast food spots, and drunken tourists wandering around with beers in their hands. 

Think loud music, strobe lights and tons of neon… What more could you want from a night out in Spain? 

Tour Mallorca’s Vineyards

vineyard with house and mountains behind

If you’re looking to drink while on Mallorca but with a bit more class, tour one of the many wineries on the island! That way you can still drink, but in style. 

There are more than 70 local wine producers which each offer tastings and tours, and you’ll find that the grapes vary greatly depending on which part of the island they’re grown on! 

Mallorca can be divided into 5 “zones” which all have different climates, leading to different-tasting grapes and wines. The zones are: Sierra Tramuntana, El Raiguer, El Pla, Serra de Llevant, an El Mijorn. 

A vineyard to have on your radar is Bodega Ribas which is the oldest winery on Mallorca with a family that’s been producing wine for more than 300 years! The vineyard has a colossal range of grape varieties, some of which are quite rare and create delicate and delectable wines. While you have to make an appointment to visit this winery, it’s well worth it to tour the property and sample some wines. 

If you’re an even bigger wine buff, head to Bodega Can Majoral, an organic winery, where you can put your name on a waiting list to come and volunteer for an annual grape harvest during a full moon!

For a more general winery tour, Bodegas Macia Batle offers a great day of tasting, snacking, and touring. 

Want to visit lots of different vineyards? Grab a ticket for the Wine Express Train which takes you to multiple wineries throughout Mallorca!

Spend a Day Cycling

Believe it or not, Mallorca is actually one of the largest cycling destinations in the entire world.

Because there’s so little rain, you can expect good cycling weather for more than 300 days of the year, which is why this is such an appealing stop for avid bike riders. There are tons of different routes for cycling, all ranging in difficulty. 

Bike through cities, villages, countryside and mountains… There’s a path for everyone! Rent a bike and cycle around the island, there’s no better way to enjoy some fresh air and see the sights. 

Zip Around on a Scooter

Biking isn’t for everyone, which is why there are scooters! Scooters are definitely my preference when it comes to exploring a new place because they give you the freedom to get from Point A to Point B, with the wind in your hair and awesome scenery the entire time. 

You can rent a scooter from this company at five different locations throughout the island. The scooters are high quality, reliable, and insured to give you some peace of mind while zipping around the island.

Island Hop!

golden hour in ibiza port with boats, water and sun hitting mountains

One last thing to do on a vacation to Mallorca is explore the surrounding islands! Hit other big Balearic babies like Ibiza for parties, Menorca for culture, and Formentera for a small town feel. 

Or you can make your way to smaller islands off the coast of Mallorca like Cabrera, Dragonera, and S’Espalmador! No matter where you end up, you can bet on glorious beaches, warm Mediterranean waters, and food that’s to die for. 

Get your tan on, because you’re off on an island vacay!

As far as Spanish islands go, are you now convinced that Mallorca is one of the best?

There’s so much to do on just a single area of land; it’s mind boggling. Spend your morning in the mountains, your afternoon exploring historic monuments, and make your way to the beach for dinner… You can have it all in Mallorca!

Hopefully, after reading this list you see all that this lovely island has to offer and understand that there’s truly no shortage of things to do in Mallorca!

And if you need suggestions on accommodations, check out our guide to where to stay in Mallorca.

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Things to Do in Mallorca | A true gem of the Balearic Islands, there's so much to do in Mallorca your head will spin! Here are the best things to do to make the most of your island vacation.

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