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Two men skydiving

Skydiving in Interlaken Review: The Ultimate Bucket List

It doesn’t matter that more and more people are jumping out of a plane every day, skydiving is still a high adrenaline adventure that most would never dream of doing. Interlaken, Switzerland is known for its outdoor and adrenaline-filled adventures. So when we saw a photo of someone skydiving wit...

Thai Sky Adventures Review | Best Skydiving in Thailand

If you are one of the millions of adventurous souls that travels to South-East Asia each year, then you may be interested in going skydiving. And after all, why wouldn't you want to jump from a perfectly working plane? It is surely one of the ultimate adventure thrills to get some adrenaline pumping...
Two men skydiving

Epic Skydiving in Sydney with Sydney Skydivers | Review

On the face of it, skydiving is ludicrous. You fly up in a plane only to jump out of it again and end in the exact same point you started. Why not just stay where you are? Well there’s something very appealing about it, as there are in all extreme adventures, because it’s something you’re physically...

Skydiving in Sta. Cruz, California with Sky Dive Surf City

Being the little thrill seeker that I am, I woke up on my birthday, deciding I wanted to jump out of a plane. You know how other girls want to have a big party with friends, or go on a shopping spree, or even a spa day? No, not me. I wanted to spend my 26th birthday jumping of an airplane to skydive...