Mad Monkey Boracay Review: The Ultimate Party Hostel

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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As soon as our tricycle (tuk tuk) stopped, the first thing we saw was a sign post saying three things. Beer, pool, and food- which in our opinion, is everything anyone needs when you get to a new place. After seeing those three words, we instantly knew we had gone to the right place. Mad Monkey, a popular hostel chain in Cambodia was going to be our home for a couple of days while we were in the beautiful sandy shores of Boracay Island.  A match made in heaven really, the ultimate party hostel meets the ultimate party island in the Philippines. mad monkey boracay bar

Go Mad at Mad Monkey

After we were easily lured in by the promise of beer, pool, and food, we made our way to the entrance of the hostel. After an easy and pleasant check in, we felt like we stepped in a little bubble. A tiki bar, an enticing pool, bamboo lounge chairs, and a beer pong table were in clear view. Despite spending almost 10 days sailing in a paraw, because of the heat, our first thoughts were to dump our bags, grab a beer, and head straight to the pool.

Around the place were countless backpackers hanging out, chilling, and just having a good time. If there is anything that Mad Monkey gets right, it is setting the right vibe. We’ve seen it across their hostels in Cambodia, and they have done it again here. Every night, the bar has something going on. Whether it’s a pool party, a booze cruise, or a chilled out BBQ night, they definitely know how to keep their guests entertained and happy.

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The Rooms at Mad Monkey Boracay

The private rooms in Boracay were small, clean, yet insanely comfortable. The bed mattress was super soft which was a real surprise as most hostels in the Philippines are often outfitted with paper thin mattresses. As this was a party hostel, naturally, there was always music blasting from the bar and although the music was loud, we couldn’t really hear it from our room which was on the second floor. madmonkey rooms

The dorm beds are small and cozy with only 4 bunks in every room which really makes a difference. Each room is equipped with a AC and an ensuite bathroom and lockers where you can store your valuables. The doors s are painted in a bright distressed blue which adds to the playfulness of the place. Outside every floor was a native hammock, perfect for reading a book and chilling- that’s if you’re not lounging by the pool. rooms at mad monkey boracay

The Facilities at Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey is conveniently located in Bulabog Beach, and is a five minute walk away from the kiteboarding action. In Bulabog, you can also find find a few restaurants and bars if you want to stay away from the busy crowds. If you go the opposite direction, you’re right by White Beach, in the heart of it all.

As mentioned, Mad Monkey takes pride in setting the right vibe for their guests. They have a large common area where you can meet people, a pool where they often throw pool parties, and a bar. Although I am no newbie to party hostels, Mad Monkey sure takes it to the next level. Every couple of hours, no matter where you are in the hostel, you will just hear a resounding unified shout of eager backpackers yelling “free shots at the bar”. After that, you will hear running, some giggling, and maybe some light shoving as everyone heads to the bar to get free shots. Music is playing continuously and everyone is having fun. Whether it’s 9 in the morning or late at night, I guarantee you will see someone holding a beer. Apart from the bar and pool area, they also have a beer pong table which as you can imagine is always put to good use. The food at Mad Monkey is also quite good with basic meals ranging from $3-5.

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mad monkey boracay bar

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Not Just A Party Hostel: Mad Monkey Gives Back

What we love most about the Mad Monkey brand is that they make sure they are socially responsible and that they always give back. They give out fair wages to their employees, and make sure they have opportunities to progress and grow. In Cambodia, Mad Monkey is committed to supporting various local schools, art projects, and building clean water wells across Siem Reap. Everything they do has a social benefit so don’t be surprised if you find them throwing a huge fundraising party for a cause. The story of how the Mad Monkey Hostel Group got together is awesome, but their dedication to becoming a socially responsible brand is even more admirable. mad monkey boracay

Our Overall Experience at Mad Monkey

So…would we stay there again? If we were heading back to Boracay for a few days of partying (which happens quite frequently, 100% yes! It’s an extremely social place and is a great way to meet other travelers. If you are traveling alone, check in here and I guarantee you will leave with a group of people who you might even end up traveling with for the rest of your Southeast Asian trip. Be warned though, it is a party hostel so don’t expect to get a lot of peace and quiet while you’re here. This is something that Mad Monkey emphasizes to their guests checking in. However, if you’re looking for a fun, social, and affordable place to spend your time in Boracay, this is definitely one of our picks!

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