Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort Boracay Review

written by local expert Charlie and Charlotte

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Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort is the only hostel on Boracay that should be on the lips of travelers up and down the isle! A haven for partygoers and adventure lovers alike, it really does have travelers at the forefront of its mind and is a far cry from the serene rice terraces in the north where we just came from. Located in a perfect position between the sandy stretches of White Beach and Bulabog Beach, a world-renowned paradise for kite surfers, the hostel really does take pole position.

With adventure at the heart of the whole resort, whether you have come to kite surf at one of the best locations in the world, mountain bike through the rich jungles and local villages, cliff jump from Magic Island or share a beer with a new nationality on one of the hostels infamous booze cruises, there really is something for everyone.

The Staff

The hostel is run and owned by charismatic Canadian D’Arcy and his Filipino wife, creating the perfect lively and welcoming atmosphere of East meets West. Heck, even their six-year-old daughter Tia has a say in how the hostel is run, “Free shots on a Monday night for cooking your BBQ Tia’s way?” You had us at free!

Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort has perfected the art of partying through the night and getting your adrenaline fix the next morning. D’Arcy’s team are vivacious and their personalities infectious, leaving them feeling more like friends as opposed to staff.

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Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort Facilities

Phased across three levels, each floor of the hostel offers its own vibe to quench the thirst of the guests. On the ground, the billiards and beer pong tables certainly keeps everyone entertained, if not to mention a little merry! The Fusion Sports Bar brings the passion out of its guests as they tune in to watching the likes of the NFL, NBA, UFC and the Premier League over an ice-cold beer (or five!) And for those wanting to chill out, The Swingers Club is tucked away on the rooftop equipped with hammocks, shisha pipes, bean bags and carefully crafted swinging seats made from recycled kiteboards ensuring that every aspect of the hostel is built with adventure at its core. jeepney-beach

Jeepney Hostel Room Types

When we say there is something for everyone, this even includes the room types. Whether you are traveling with friends and want to share a large room together, hoping to meet others in one the hostel’s many dorm rooms or prefer a romantic setting overlooking the beach in one of the private suites, Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort has covered all bases! For those looking to chill out closer to home, hammocks hang outside the rooms meaning you don’t have to trek too far to relax. Although we do admit to spending a few afternoons playing with our drones in the stunning White Beach.

Although the rooms are affordable, no expense has been spared on furnishings. Each is fitted with a flat screen TV, ample storage space, a large locker (in which you need your own lock), hot showers and saving the best until last, air conditioning! Something you will definitely need while in the Philippines due to the humidity. I think part of the reason why we enjoyed our time in the Batad rice terraces so much was due to the slightly cooler weather.

Photo Source: Jeepney Hostel

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Entertainment & Food

Aside from the adrenaline-fuelled fixes on offer, Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort know how to throw a party!  One of the highlights of our stay was the bamboo DJ booth which sits proudly aloft the center of the resort with the dance floor down below. Several nights a week, island revelers are bound for Jeepney in search of the ultimate island rave! D’Arcy sauces the freshest new talent on Boracay, which certainly draws in a crowd. Although it comes at his own expense, it’s the price he pays for putting on some of the best nightlife on the island. Imagine Ibiza East Side and you’re pretty much there!

The nights are helped along with the numerous drink offers at play. P50 for a beer and only P35 pesos for a rum and coke and it’s safe to say we’re felt at home during our entire stay. Unfortunately, most hostels nowadays don’t offer the full package, and by full package, we mean a plentiful food menu. With delicacies from the East and comfort food from the West, your taste buds will certainly be tingling with food, drinks, and adventures galore while staying at the Jeepney Hostel.

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Our Overall Experience

Overall, Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort is an action packed, larger than life, thriving community which should be at the top of every travelers accommodation list, catering for people of all interests, passions, and nationalities. D’Arcy, his family, and team run the place to perfection making you feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome as soon as you step foot inside. Like many other travelers, it was almost impossible to say goodbye and it’s no surprise that extended stays are almost always on the cards.

For more information on Jeepney Hostel Boracay, you can check out their website below

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