15 Photos that Prove Palawan is Paradise on Earth

There is something magical about Palawan which to us, makes it paradise on earth. I don’t know if its the enchanting limestone cliffs, the crystal clear water, or the warmth of the locals. It may also be the unending sea and islands to explore, or perhaps the easy laid back island vibe that it gives off. I don’t really know what it is but every time I go, I return even more in love with this beautiful place than before. Don’t believe me? Here are 15 photos that prove Palawan is paradise on earth.

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In Palawan we had beautiful white sand beaches to ourselvesA couple sitting on a bent palm treeA beat hut on the islands of PalawanA boat moored on the beach A man standing on a bent palm tree

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In Palawan we explored above and below the water

A man feeding giraffes

A long white pier extending into the seaClose up of the bow of a boat Rugged islands in turquoise water A diver with a school of fish Diving through shipwrecks

In Palawan we found incredible views from every angle

Upwards view of palm trees A couple looking at the islands

Palm trees on the beach at sunset

In Palawan we watched the sun paint the sky as it set over the sea

A boat at sea at sunset A boat at sea at sunset

With every turn, nook and cranny, Palawan amazed us with it’s stunning beauty. To us, it will always be a special place and our little slice of paradise

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Given the endless options on where to stay while in Paradise, we compiled some of our top  picks and recommendations. Everything from budget accommodations to luxury once in a lifetime experiences.

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We have proof that Palawan is paradise on earth! Here are 15 photos to get the wanderlust juices flowing

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41 thoughts on “15 Photos that Prove Palawan is Paradise on Earth”

  1. Fantastic photos!! I love that the beaches are totally empty. Who wouldn’t want a beach all to themselves. And I love the photo with the giraffe. Soo cool. 🙂

  2. Those colours are so gorgeous. I want to to try the stand up paddle boarding, always have wanted to give that a go! I would LOVE to visit here – looks so incredible!!

  3. Palawan is certainly stunning! Those sparkly waters are absolutely gorgeous. Wow! Maybe I need to head on down to Asia and add those countries to my bucket list.

  4. I’m a sucker for palm trees and turquoise waters. Stunning pictures! I especially love the covered boat. It’s calling my name.

  5. This place looks stunning! I always wanted to try stand up paddleboarding, maybe this will have to be the place I go to try it 🙂 Great photos!

  6. Your photos really are picture postcard perfect, I can see why you call this paradise. Looks pretty empty too, which we love when on vacation, or did you just time your shots right? The water is the perfect shade of blue and Im sure the paddle board would be a great way to take in the beauty of the area, plus get a little exercise.

  7. Oh wow, I remember reading another blog about Palawan and being enthralled, but your photos are just stunning. I can never resist anywhere with water that colour!

  8. It’s my favorite place on earth, I’ve been to Palawan thrice already but i can never get enough of it’s enchanting beauty.

  9. Guys Palawan does look amazing indeed!! Now to schedule it among the 1928028032 destinations that are already on our list…


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