20 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Travel to Myanmar

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Myanmar is one of those countries you’ll talk about in 10 years time as you smugly brag “I was there before it was popular.”  As a country on the rise, it offers some incredible sites for travelers while retaining its authenticity and culture. Check out these 20 photos that will make you want to immediately pack your bags and plan a visit to Myanmar.

Travel to Myanmar to see the beautiful temples and pagodas of Bagan.

If you only have time to visit one place in Myanmar, I highly recommend that you head to Bagan. This beautiful town is full of ancient pagodas and stupas which will wow you! If you’re looking for a complete guide to the best temples in Bagan, take a look at our article.
Temples of Bagan Myanmar Bagan sun rise 20-photos-myanmar_Bagan pagoda

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Marvel at them from every corner, including from up above. Watching the sun rise across the horizon makes for an unforgettable travel moment.

While there are heaps of these archeological wonders to explore, one of the best ways to do so is by hot air balloon as the view from above is like no other. Waking up early to see this view will be the highlight of your trip which is why it is such a popular activity amongst travelers.

There are loads of companies offering this service and if you want to compare prices, we recommend checking out hot air balloon rides with Flymya who has listings for all companies in Bagan who operate in different parts of the country.

20-photos-myanmar_hot air balloons 20-photos-myanmar_balloons

Travel to Myanmar to bear witness to its incredible natural beauty.

The U-bein Bridge is believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. Although there are now longer teakwood bridges, it is still an impressive sight. While the architecture is a sight to see in itself, the best thing about this bridge is being able to observe the local life around you. Going there at dawn or during sunset is a fantastic photo opportunity and is something that I highly recommend.

u-bein bridge sunset u-bein bridge

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Travel to places like Inle Lake to get an insight into their unique and simple way of life.

Up to this day,  one of the fondest travel experiences that my partner Tom is his trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake. The local experience matched with beautiful scenery is a must for outdoor explorers. When in Inle Lake, seeing the local fishermen and their unique way of catching fish is a must do.

inle lake inle lake myanmar myanmar inle lake

Travel to Myanmar to meet amazing people who have so much to share about their country.

The people in Myanmar are honestly some of the kindest and most genuine people that you will meet. Although English is not as widely spoken compared to other Southeast Asian countries, a smile will take you a long way. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation and ask the locals about their country as it is always interesting to hear their responses and how they have adopted towards the new boom in their tourism.

myanmar people people burmese myanmar myanmar people burmese people smiling myanmar kids

While you’re at it, travel to Myanmar to bear witness to some of the most stunning temples in Asia

While the temples in Bagan take lead role, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the country doesn’t have anything to offer. I can honestly safely say that there is so much more to this country than just Bagan. If you have time (and I suggest you make time!), travel around Yangon and Mandalay to see some more incredible sights.

temples myanmar temple myanmar

As well as to understand their rich culture and history.

culture myanmar myanmar culture

However, don’t just look at these photos. Instead, take my advice and travel to Myanmar so you can see and marvel at this stunning country yourself.

Hopefully, these photos have convinced you to book a trip to this incredible country. For more travel tips for Myanmar, check out our full guide, including our article should I visit Myanmar which was inspired by the recent events happening in the country.

buddha myanmar

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