5 Most Beautiful Sailing Spots on the Amalfi Coast

written by local expert Becky Rogers

Becky is an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast and is now living in France as an expat. When she is not writing about travel gear and various destinations she has visited during her travels, you can find her playing with her two dogs.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is known all over the world for being a favourite sailing destination. It’s no wonder that people flock to this stunning coast line as it has 24 islands, countless marinas and some of the most famous towns all in proximity. The coastline is filled with a labyrinth of whitewashed houses, stairways and narrow alleys, so what better place to view it in its entirety than your own little bubble in the sea?

Why Go Sailing in the Amalfi Coast and When?

Apart from the obvious that sailing is a really fun past time, there are a lot of important reasons why many people try it here in Amalfi. With the coast being crazy busy in the summer months (mainly July and August) I recommend May, June or September.

  • The sailing conditions are perfect – especially good for first time sailers
  • The climate is ideal
  • The views and stunning landscape can’t be seen like this anywhere else
  • Countless beautiful coves and bays to anchor to as you go snorkelling
  •  To get away from the crowds and crazy Italian drivers
  • The freedom to explore and see more untouched beauty your own way.

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The Top 5 Sailing Locations on the Amalfi Coast

Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the Amalfi coast has so much preserved beauty it is hard to choose where to go and what to see so you’re not missing out on anything you’ll regret as soon as you get home. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I did my research and after quite a while, it was obvious that these 5 spots were not to be missed. I sure know I won’t when I start planning my next Eurotrip.sailing italy amalfi


Perched upon the clifftop overlooking the Bay of Naples is the pretty coastal town Sorrento. Probably best known for its extraordinary landscapes, Sorrento sits between the border of where sea meets mountain, among deep valleys and hills covered in dense citrus groves and vineyards. Basically if you smell orange-blossom, you’re in the right place. With a serious lack of beach, this town is a place to visit for the architecturally curious and the historical depth of the Renaissance palazzi and Romanesque churches.

Places of note to see:

  • Piazza Tasso
  • Marina Grande – Antico Borgo Marinaro
  • Cattedrale di Sorrento
  • Chiostro di San Francesco – St Francis Church

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Located between Cape Misano and Ischia, off the coast of Naples is the smallest island of Procida. Often overshadowed by Capri and Ischia, Procida is known for its untouched, idyllic beauty (oh and because it’s not flocked by tourists!). This island is continuously referred to as ‘refreshingly real,’  which is probably due to its population of 10,000 residents, as it naturally oozes a very authentic ‘lived-in’ vibe. This island doesn’t have many particular sites of interest, hence the lack of travelers, so it is a place to go just to appreciate the shabby chic charm of its streets and the stunning views it offers.

Places of note to see:

  • The Port of Corricella
  • Terra Murata – a medieval village on the highest point of the island
  • Spiaggia del Pozzo Vecchio 

sailing amalfi coast italy


The largest of the Partenopean islands Ischia is dominated by the peak of Mount Epomeo, the volcano which it is made from. One of the most popular tourist destinations on the Amalfi Coast, people come here to enjoy the fruits of the island’s volcanic activity, namely the natural hot springs and volcanic mud. As you can guess, the island is made up of spa towns and abundant gardens and forests, but also offers buried necropolises, picturesque small towns and stunning scenery.  It has also been said that this island has the ‘best beaches’ on the whole coast.

Places of note to see:

  • Castello Aragonese
  • La Montella Gardens
  • Museo Archeologico Pithecusae


The most popular island to visit, Capri exudes splendor from its high-end shops to its upper-class villas and beach resorts. The coast of Capri has dozens of caves and grottos to explore but the main natural site to visit is the Grotta Azzurra ‘The Blue Grotto.’ In this mysteriously dark cavern the sea glows an unnatural electric blue due to the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave below. This surreal sight is unique to Capri and cannot be missed.

Places of note to see:

  • Gardens of Augustus
  • The Certosa di San Giacomo – a Carthusian monastery
  • Villa Jovis – the ancient residence of Emperor Tiberiuscapri italy


Situated at the foot of Monte Cerreto is the coastal town of Amalfi. Multi-coloured houses cling to the rock and curl around the mountain into the centre of the town, where cafes and shops and the Cathedral of St Andrew make up the main square. Being the oldest Maritime Republic in Italy, Amalfi is full of rich history such as the origin for production of the famed Limoncello Liqueur! Definitely a place for the culture junkies.

Places of note to see:

  • Duomo di Sant’Andrea – Amalfi Cathedral
  • Chiostro del Paradiso – a magnificent building that houses the tombs of Amalfi’s most prominent citizens
  • Gli Arsenali della Repubblica – Arsenal of the maritime Republic
  • Museo della Carta – Museum of Handmade Paper

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Click Image to see the full infographic on reasons to sail around Italy. 

Sailing Amalfi Coast infographic
Photo source: zizoo.com

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Doesn’t this just make you want to sail from village to village and island to island? I quite like the sound of my own yacht to take me where ever I want and explore every nook and cranny of the Amalfi Coast.

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