5 Things to Do in Mumbai during the Monsoon Season

written by local expert Aaron Farrell

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The monsoon season brings about change and vibrancy to a place. While some cities come to a standstill, Mumbai has developed a love-hate relationship with the season where although it is inconvenient, there are still a few things to see and do.

Despite the fact that travel becomes a lot harder during the monsoons, Mumbai showers are surely something that should not be missed. The fact that the city and its residents adapt to the season so beautifully makes it even more remarkable.

The vibe of Mumbai at the time of the monsoon season is pretty admirable despite the numerous problems such as traffic jams, constant humidity, water clogging and delay in travel. Only a spectator can rightfully describe how everything falls into pattern despite all hindrances.

The list is given below highlights all the places that must be on the go-to list of anyone who is planning to take a trip to Mumbai during the rainy season.

Go for a Marine Drive

Most righteously known as the pearl necklace of the ever-so-fast pacing city of Mumbai, Marine Drive is a landmark which resonates with the name of the city in its truest form. It is the first thing that comes to the mind when I think of Mumbai.

In times of monsoon and high tide, it is the best place to catch a glimpse and take a sigh of relief and rejuvenate. The roaring winds and rain showers across the Marine Drive offer an unparalleled sense of calmness. For some, it is a place to stroll and for others, it is the most appropriate place to have a warm cup of chai. During the sunny days (like the photo below) the Marine Walk is a great place to stroll and explore but during the monsoon season, I recommend you find a nearby restaurant and park yourself by the windowsill to enjoy the view. marine-walk

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Stroll Along Carter Road, Bandra

Overlooking the sea, Carter Road is a place that sees a lot of hustle bustle throughout the day. Carter Road gained popularity among locals as well as tourists due to its seaside restaurants and cafes. Most places on Carter Road are open way past midnight and mainly attract a younger crowd. It is the perfect romantic setting for anyone who wishes to enjoy a beautiful evening.

Take a Drive to Lonavala

Lonavala is a hill station around 2 hours away from Mumbai. Lonavala has now become a very famous tourist spot due to its beautifully carved roads and picturesque views. The most popular place is the Tiger Point. Most people like to visit the point early in the morning to watch a spectacular sunrise. The place has a few tea stalls and snack shops which serve tea, coffee, eggs and various variants of Maggi.

If you’re looking for a more (adventurous) ways to see the city, you can also check out our article on the Rickshaw Run in India. lonavala-india

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Admire the Gateway of India

Located amidst the water body along the Apollo Bunder area, the Gateway of India monument marks the ancient history of the city. Most people visit the Gateway of India to admire its brilliant architectural design and experience the tell-tales of the city by local guides available at the monument. There are photographers who provide instant pictures of travelers to keep as a souvenir. During the monsoon, expect fierce waves which you can see during high tide.

Take a Ferry to Elephanta Caves

Located in Gharapuri, these caves are a very popular tourist attraction. The only way to reach these caves is through a ferry which starts from the Gateway of India and takes about 40 minutes to reach the island. The caves are recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. The cave-temples embody a number of carvings and statues dedicated to Lord Shiva.

These are a list of only a few worthwhile excursions to enjoy in monsoon. Other than this, whether it is eating the popular pao bhaji at Juhu beach or visiting Colaba for a glance at the history of the city, there is so much to do in this city of dreams.

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Being a firsthand witness to Mumbai’s rainy season for 2 consecutive years, I have ascertained that whether it is the watching the sunset at the beach or a picturesque view of the whole city from the 34th floor Aer Lounge, Four Seasons in Worli, the city seems to give a fresh outlook at the time of monsoons, which is nothing less than spectacular.

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