The JakRak Review: Never Carry Your Coat Again!

written by local expert Becky Rogers

Becky is an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast and is now living in France as an expat. When she is not writing about travel gear and various destinations she has visited during her travels, you can find her playing with her two dogs.

I’ve always said that I’m a reptile. For the life of me, I just can’t control my own body temperature like a normal mammal should! I’m the type of girl that wears shorts and a jumper in summer and carries a jacket everywhere, just in case I need to remove or add layers. It’s a hard life and takes a lot of planning! Although carrying around a jacket all the time might not seem too much of an issue, it does get frustrating after a while. I mean “what do I do with it?” Should I tie it around my waist? Even if it ruins the sleeves and falls down after a while. Should I drape it over a chair? Well, there’s not always a chair around. To my coat carrying arm’s delight, I discovered the JakRak.

The JakRak is a new product created exactly for this issue, and don’t we all love a product that makes our life just that little bit easier! It’s a really simple ‘jacket rack’ that attaches to the inside of your jacket via three clips, so you can remove it and have it hang on your shoulders. Designed for the traveler, adventurer and moments in daily life, this is a pretty cool solution to carrying your coat on the go. Obviously, with my tendency to remove and put on my jacket multiple times a day, I was pretty excited to see if this new product lived up to my expectations.

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The JakRak: Is It Practical?

When I first saw the product it didn’t look like much, but that’s the beauty of it. Long story short, even after only a couple of uses I realized it was a very practical product. Its practicality comes down to four features:

  • It’s really simple to use – the three clips attach to the neckline and under the arms of the inside of your jacket/coat. The clips are adjustable to your height, really secure and covered in silicone so you don’t damage the fabric. It’s actually very impressive how heavy a coat they can hold.
  • It’s incredibly lightweight and portable – this makes it perfect for traveling! It is light and comfortable when you’re wearing it, and doesn’t weigh much if you’re carrying it in your bag. If you’re really pushed for space, you can even clip it on the outside of your backpack.
  • You don’t actually see it – as you wear it on the inside, it’s completely out-of-sight when you’re wearing your jacket.
  • You can wear it in 3 different ways – depending on which way you find the most comfortable. This is great depending on what activity you’re doing. I found that having the jacket hang from your shoulders was perfect for hiking, as you could take it off and put it on quickly and with ease.  The other way which was great, especially for the ladies, was carrying it over-one-shoulder like a handbag. The third way to wear it was across the body diagonally.

jak-rak holder

JakRak: When Would You Use It?

I personally found this product perfect for hiking! You know the feeling, when you’re trudging uphill and have to remove your jacket cause you’re too hot, only to have to put it back on cause the air is getting colder and colder. It gets to the point where you have to decide whether to overheat or freeze to death. The JakRak might not solve this problem completely, but it made the whole transition between jacket on and off a whole lot quicker.

I also found the JakRak pretty handy when I was traveling on a city break for the weekend or just a day in town. These times are usually when I carry a jacket with me ‘just in case.’ By wearing the JakRak to carry my jacket over-one-shoulder, my hands were free to take pictures of the sights on my travels or carry shopping bags with ease.

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The JakRak: My Impressions and Final Verdict

So did the JakRak make my life easier? Absolutely. Would I use it in everyday life? Probably not, but I definitely think it’s a convenient product for specific events or moments where you find yourself needing your hands-free. The thing I loved most about this product was its ease of use and that is what I think makes it a valuable commodity for certain sports and mini-travel breaks. Although I haven’t yet used it in other aspects of my life, such as at concerts and festivals, I can imagine that it would be very useful. I don’t know how many times I’ve sacrificed taking my coat to a concert as it’s so hot inside, but immediately regretting it afterward when I leave the venue! Overall, I thought the JakRak was a pretty different and cool product. I’m looking forward to using it for different reasons in the future, to see if it will become an essential gadget. sprigs logo

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