Level8 Luggage Review (2024 Guide)

written by local expert Tom Rogers

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Are you on the hunt for fantastic luggage for your next trip? We help narrow down your options as we’ll share a detailed Level8 Luggage review for you to know if it’s worth investing in! 

We’ve all got the travel bug nowadays, especially with travel restrictions easing up from the COVID-19 pandemic. But before you book that ticket, you want to ensure you’re prepared with everything you need, especially your luggage.

Read on to learn more about the Level8 Luggage’s best features, as well as what I love (and didn’t like) about it. We also share a short review on the Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack if you’re in need of a smaller bag to travel with! 

Level8 Luggage Review

For those who aren’t familiar with Level8, it’s a New York-based luggage company that rolls out products with simple yet sleek styles and ergonomic designs. Not only do they offer luggage, but they also have backpacks, carry-ons, and travel accessories for any traveler.

While Level8 is a fairly new company that was established in 2008, they have risen in popularity with its products’ high-end look and feel without the expensive price. This article will take a look at the Level 8 Textured Checked 24’ and Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack.

Level8 Textured Checked 24’ Features

The Level8 Textured Checked 24’ is a piece of lightweight check-in luggage made of durable polycarbonate hard shell. It also has the following features:

  • Weight: 13.1 pounds
  • Maximum Dimensions (in): 17.5” L x 10.4” W x 26” H x 68” L
  • Main Material: Polycarbonate hard shell

After discovering Level8, I decided to check out what made their products so popular. When the luggage arrived, I was first impressed with its appearance. It had a sleek, modern design to it, which made it look all the more luxurious. My partner Anna has a Medium Sized Away which she loves so I wanted to get something similar in size. So far, I have taken my Level8 luggage on 2 flights (Lyon-Bari) and (Bari-Krakow) and in both flights, the luggage has held up beautifully.

The Textured Checked 24’ also offers many other features any traveler can benefit.

level8 luggage review

Lightweight Polycarbonate Hard Shell Material

As mentioned, the Level8 Luggage is made of durable yet lightweight polycarbonate hard shell. Not only does the material have a glossy finish, but the strength to withstand frequent use. 

However, the glossy outer shell may pick up fingerprints when touched and handled. This is a very minor issue as you can easily wipe it clean and it will look like new. I actually think that due to the textured shell finish, scratches and other marks aren’t as apparent. 

Another incredibly useful feature of the material is its waterproof feature. Sure, the luggage won’t withstand being submerged in water, but when faced with rain or other wet conditions, it stays dry and keeps the interior (and items) safe. 

I can see that this luggage is built to last for the long run and still maintain a modern aesthetic, looking stylish even in the years to come.

Other than the body, its telescopic handle is made of aluminum alloy. No need to worry about dents or damage as you roll your luggage around, holding the handle. 

For a suitcase weighing 13.1 pounds, it’s fairly light allowing you to pack more of what you need while still meeting airline requirements. It’s also sizable enough to comply with most airlines’ requirements, though I recommend checking with your airline’s specific rules on this to prevent any issues. 

Array of Colors

If you’re looking to travel in style, the Level8 Luggage is worth the investment because of its functionality and different color options. You can opt for sleek black and gray for professionalism, or even floral white to exude class. 

If you want something bright and different, there are other colors to choose from as well, such as navy blue, olive drab, light blue, and even pink!

Level8 Luggage Review Color Options

Telescopic Handle

A luggage handle is an underrated feature that people must focus on, too. The Level 8 Luggage has an aluminum alloy handle for sturdiness, which can smoothly extend to various heights for better comfort no matter your size. Moreover, the handle material is lightweight, so it won’t add weight to the luggage.

Other than the telescopic handle, you can also handle the baggage on the right-hand side. You have a comfortable grip and it’s strong enough to handle heavy weights. The handles won’t require any additional force as you pick it up or set it down. 

Locking System

The Level8 Luggage features a simple locking mechanism that keeps your belongings safe from being accidentally opened. It also comes with an instruction manual so you can easily set your combination. The locking system also has a big button you will press to open your luggage easily after locking in the combination.

You also have the choice to not use the combination lock by snapping the zippers in place. The zippers are also just as sturdy, so your belongings are kept secure.

level8 luggage review

Textured Anti-Scratch Material

The luggage also features a micro-diamond textured design, hiding smudges or scuff marks. If you’re like me, this is an important feature because I’m a bit clumsy and sometimes bump or scratch my luggage accidentally!

You’ll also notice bumper feet on the side of the luggage, protecting the entire bag from any scuffs or scratches. It will prevent the luggage from directly touching the surface, so even after numerous trips, the luggage will still look its best.

360-Degree Spinner Wheels

A crucial yet often looked-over feature people forget about with luggage is the wheels. After all, you want it to move as freely and smoothly as possible to avoid looking like you’re dragging your luggage!

That’s where the Level8 Luggage also wins, as it features 360-degree spinner wheels. Like the luggage’s body and handle, it’s made of durable material to withstand most surfaces. Moreover, it’s designed to be very quiet, so you can roll it around cobbled streets or shiny airport floors without worrying about damage or creating much noise.

As you move the luggage, you’ll find that you have more control over where you want it to be. There’s no need to put in too much effort rolling it to wherever direction you’re going! It also has an anti-shock design for better movement with minimal resistance, with abrasion less than 2mm after going through a whopping 276,000 circles. 

Founder of this blog testing out the level8 luggage

Packing Capacity

While you can’t pack huge equipment to the Textured Checked 24’, it has a large compartment space where you can maximize its packing capacity. It has no exterior pockets so the interiors are yours to fill to your desire, provided it fits the airline’s weight requirements. 

The 68L packing capacity allows me to pack everything I own into this luggage, with the exception of a hiking backpack. I am a relatively light packer but have found packing cubes to be a huge lifesaver when it comes to luggage organization.

Fully Lined Interior Dividers

No matter how small or big luggage you’re looking for, the interiors are a priority. This is another feature I appreciate from the Level8 Luggage, as it has a spacious packing interior with fully-lined dividers. The interior design makes it so much easier to pack your things, even if you aren’t the most organized packer!

The left part of the luggage has a large, opaque zippered compartment and two smaller mesh-zippered pouches on top. The right sight has a single large mesh zippered compartment for your clothes, shoes, and whatnot. The four separate sections make it easier to keep belongings organized and they won’t break easily, which lessens the risk of your belongings shifting or mixing up together. 

Furthermore, the interior is lined with fabric, keeping your belongings safer and in good condition no matter where you are.

inside of the level8 bag

What I Don’t Love About the Level8 Luggage

I don’t want to keep rambling about the beauty of the Level8 Luggage without mentioning a few dislikes. While I approve of this luggage, there’s no such thing as a perfect product, unfortunately. 

For starters, the luggage is moderately-priced for something that looks luxurious and high-end. But this is considered a premium brand, so expect to shell out more than what you’d expect of luggage. You do get what you pay for (and more), as it’s made with excellent construction to function well and last for a long time. 

Moreover, there are a few features that the Level8 Luggage lacks, though they are no deal breakers. I wish that it had a laptop sleeve or pocket similar to the 20” carry-on bags. While I rarely check my laptop in, the extra pocket space is always appreciated when traveling.

Also, it would have been great if the Level8 Luggage came with packing cubes because of its price, though this is no game-changer.

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Level8 Luggage Warranty

Another huge perk about the Level8 Luggage is that the company offers a lifetime warranty. They will cover functional damage that occurred to the shell, handles, zippers, and wheels, among other parts that may negatively affect one’s use of their products. 

All Level8 products are tested before being sold to the public to ensure that they meet stringent standards. This is why Level8 offers the lifetime guarantee, though do note that they only cover manufacturing defects. They don’t cover damage caused by neglect, misuse, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, transport damage, or normal wear and tear. 

If the damage is covered under Level8’s warranty, the product is repaired for free and then returned to you. But if the product isn’t repairable and it’s still covered under warranty, there will be a comparable replacement for free. 

level8 textured 24 bag

Level8 Textured Sizes

The Level8 Luggage Textured product comes in four sizes:

  • Carry-On 20’: This has a capacity of 41L and weighs 10.6 pounds. Its dimensions (in) are 21.5L x 14.6W x 9.3H
  • Checked 24’: This has a capacity of 68L and weighs 13.1 pounds. Its dimensions (in) are 17.5L x 10.4W x 26H
  • Checked 26’: This has a capacity of 89L and weighs 14.9 pounds. Its dimensions (in) are 15.7L x 13.6W x 27.46H
  • Checked 28’: This has a capacity of 41L and weighs 10.6 pounds. Its dimensions (in) are 16.7L x 13.4W x 29.3H

The size you get will depend on your needs and the luggage requirements of the airline you usually travel with. If you need a carry-on for personal belongings to bring with you on the plane, then the carry-on 20’ is the suitable option.

However, if you need bigger pieces of luggage to check in and fit all your clothes and other items, then you can choose between the textured checked 24’ to 28’. As I said, you will want to check with your airline to see what maximum checked baggage size they allow. 

If you’re still deciding which is best for you, here are what to consider:

  • Carry-On: These are best when carrying small items and personal belongings for a flight. They are also suitable for a short overnight trip, 2-day business trip, or to pack small items for children. This also has a laptop compartment making it ideal for those traveling with tech.
  • Checked Luggage: These are suitable for a week-long trip for 1-2 people, or a family during a short weekend trip.
  • Large Checked Luggage: These are best for trips lasting 1-2 weeks long for up to two people. They also work as a family suitcase for a 5-day trip. 

Overall Thoughts on Level8

Overall, I have a lot of great comments about the Level8 Textured Checked 24’ luggage. It’s an excellent purchase if you’re looking for a lightweight, stylish, and strong suitcase to travel with anywhere you go. The suitcase is made of excellent construction and can withstand any trip while still looking sleek, so you get great value with it. 

As for the Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack, you receive a spacious bag that can fit your electronics and other needs if you plan to travel light. With multiple organizer pockets and a large capacity, it doesn’t only work when traveling, but on your morning commute to work! 

We hope that our Level8 Luggage review helped you choose the travel essentials you need. You may check out more reviews on our website to weigh your options.

Our Review: Level8 Textured Check In

Overall, we're pretty impressed by Level8 luggage. The bag looks like it is well-made and durable. It is very lightweight which is super important for full-time travelers like us. Both the Level 8 textured check in and the Level8 Atlas backpack are great additions to your travel gear arsenal.

Variety of colors
No laptop sleeve
Lock system was fiddly when setting up

Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack Review

Whether you’re a very light packer when traveling or need a reliable backpack for work and the daily commute, Level8 also has an Atlas laptop backpack for you. It’s a workhorse backpack that can carry your laptop and additional belongings in style, no matter where you go. It’s TSA-approved so you can take it with you in airports or take it to work with you, keeping your items safe and secure.

Atlas Laptop Backpack Features

Weight: 3.33 pounds

Maximum dimensions (in): 12.6L x 16.5W x 18.6H

Main material: Water Repelled Polyester Fabric

atlas backpack review

26 Multiple Organizer Pockets

You get to organize all your belongings neatly with the whopping 26 pockets the backpack features. It also has side pockets to fit a small water bottle and umbrella, so you stay prepared wherever you go. 

Laptop Compartment

The laptop compartment is made with 3D EVA foam to protect your laptop. The padding also has reliable shock absorption properties, so it can withstand bumps and accidents when on the go. Note that it can fit laptops measuring 13-16 inches, working for many laptop brands. Not only is it heavily padded, but the backpack features breathable back panels for your comfort while still protecting your laptop. 


If you have eyewear, snacks, or items you need to easily grab at a moment’s notice, the bag offers a top-loading pocket. 

Large Capacity

This backpack has a 31L storage capacity, so you can expect to fit all your necessities and more. It won’t fit huge equipment, but you can store your laptop, personal belongings, a few clothes, documents, and other necessary items when on a trip. It’s enough for a weekend trip!

Besides that, the backpack is made of strong 1680D polyester fabric, so you can expect it to last in the long run. It’s also weather-resistant, holding up to rain and heat. It also prioritizes comfort with its padded, adjustable shoulder pads. You can expect the backpack to last for years of trips and daily commutes.

Level8 Atlas Warranty for Backpacks

All Level8 backpacks come with a 1-year warranty. However, the Level8 Atlas laptop backpack is an exception! It holds a lifetime warranty similar to the Level8 luggage products.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by this brand and can’t wait to order a few Level8 Carry-On luggages to match my check in bag.

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