Cabin Zero Bag Review: Is It Adventure Proof?

written by local expert Chris Whittaker

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Travelers are practical people. We like everything to be multi-functional, compact, light-weight, easy to move around with but also durable and sturdy. And it’s got to look good. Oh yeah, it’s got to look good. There are a lot of boxes to tick for an item to earn its place by your side, to gain the honor of joining you on your global adventure. Every item must prove its worth. We keep it simple and we keep things moving. If that’s the way we treat the contents of our luggage, then let’s start at the very beginning, the luggage itself. And that is where CabinZero steps in.

CabinZero is an ethically conscious, traveller-focused bag company keeping a close eye on their environmental impact. The high-quality production ensures long life and durability, creating a bag you can depend upon. The name CabinZero is derived from ‘Cabin Sized – Zero Hassles’. The point is that this backpack never has to leave your side. It doesn’t need to be checked in. You save money, you save time and you also save your belongings from being punted 5 meters by a pissed off baggage handler having a bad day. cabinzerobag

Cabin Zero Features


When traveling, I prefer to go as minimal as possible, so I may be slightly biased here, but I think they nailed the size. 44 liters allow you to keep things light, whether you are heading out for a few weeks, months or years; you can still fit a lot in. And with the Military bag weighing just 960g, there is no burden for your back. Larger than a day-pack and smaller than a hiking bag, it makes a happy medium for all that you need.


Every bag comes with a 10-year warranty. Not only that but if you ‘like’ CabinZero on Facebook, they’ll bump it to 25-years. That is a lot of years.

Tracking System

CabinZero also boasts the Okoban lost and found tracking system. Each bag has a unique code which can be registered online. If your bag is lost or stolen, this system dramatically improves your chances of getting it back and returned to you.


Cabin Zero Bag Specs

Military Lightweight Cabin Bag – £80.00

Quick Info
Volume: 44L
Weight: 950 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Composition, Outer: Military Spec Nylon, Lining: Polyester 

Classic Cabin Cubes Set – £45.00

Large Packing Cube
Volume: 11L
Weight: 150 grams (approx)
Dimensions: 25cm x 35cm x 8cm
Composition, Outer: Nylon Lining: Polyester
Medium Packing Cube
Volume: 5.5L
Weight: 100 grams (approx)
Dimensions: 25cm x 17.5cm x 8cm
Composition, Outer: Nylon Lining: Polyester

The purpose of the cubes is to easily separate and organize the contents of your bag. When you come to unload at your temporary place of residence, there’s a lot less faffing around. It makes unpacking and repacking a much smoother operation; an area where we could all use some help. The cubes come individually or as a set of 3 (1 Large 11L and 2 Medium 5.5L), also equipped with Okoban tracking, grab handles and a nylon outer with polyester lining.

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Testing It Out: Is it Adventure Proof?

These words all sound nice and lovely, but they are just words. I wanted to take one of these bad boys out for a spin. I went for the Military 44L bag along with the Classic Cabin Cubes Set, kitted it with some essentials and went on an adventure.

There is one main compartment with lockable zips for the cubes to stack up into, with two inner pocket sections for easy access to smaller loose items, and a large, laptop sized front pouch for, well… a laptop I guess. Black webbing loops run across the front and sides, perfect for clipping on climbing shoes and any other gear. The bag is spacious. Much more space than I needed for my short escapade, even with camera equipment. This means it is probably the right amount for an extended trip. The material feels hard wearing and durable, with padded back and shoulder support. There is also a waist and chest belt, taking the weight off of your back and onto your hips – this stuff is important people, look after yourselves.

After a week of gallivanting around, I feel that the CabinZero Military pack is bomber and I will definitely continue to use it as my go-to adventure bag. It doesn’t look out of place in the city, beach or forest. I can fit all of my stuff in there with ease and thanks to the inner lining, I even felt confident that my camera gear and electronics were safe during some light rain (this pack is not fully waterproof, though so chuck in a dry bag) while you’re at it. Overall, pretty pleased with this all around bag! So is it adventure proof? Yeah, I think so…but don’t just take my word for it. Grab one for yourself and take it out- that’s what they’re there for.

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Disclaimer: Although these packs were sponsored by Cabin Zero, our opinions ALWAYS remained unbiased and are completely ours.

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