10 Best Snowboards For Kids (2024 Guide)

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Looking for a new board? Scroll down to see our list of the best snowboards for kids in 2024.

Just because winter has arrived and you can no longer take the family to the beach, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities to get your little ones outside having fun. Snowboarding is a perfect choice for those with energetic kids seeking adventure. 

Adults and children agree: snowboarding is a super fun way to experience a natural rush. Once they get the hang of it, your kids will want to hit the slopes every chance they get! 

Not only is it a good way to have family fun, snowboarding helps kids work on their balance, coordination, and is a healthy way to spend free time.  Adding these kinds of hobbies early on is a good way to make sure your child will grow into someone with healthy habits later on.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that you give kids a safe start with good quality gear to learn on. That doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy the most expensive snowboard. 

We researched the best kids snowboards and put together a list with the models that are easiest to learn on, plus boards that won’t break the bank!

Snowboards For Kids: Comparison Table

Best Snowboards for Kids

Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape with flat top bend

Bindings: Kids disc bindings (not included)

Features: Soft flex, convex base

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

For those looking to get their daughter into the sport of snowboarding, the Burton Chicklet board is a great introduction with beginner friendly features that take the edge off during the first few seasons. 

It has been designed with a variety of features that allow young riders to feel more confident and progress more naturally. It’s also covered in a bright and fun graphic that shows off a stylish and feminine flair.

For starters, the Chicklet board features Burton’s softest flex available. This means that lightweight riders will still be able to turn and carve easily, without needing to fight against a stiff base. 

Next, Burton designed the base of the board to be slightly convex, to further aid in flexion and carving as well as prevent the board from catching edges in the snow. Finally, the base is made of extruded fiberglass, which makes it slower (and therefore more easy to control) than other girls’ snowboards. 

Of course, the Chicklet is a progression friendly choice as well. Its symmetrical twin shape means that riders can learn how to ride switch once they feel confident enough. It has a tip to tail wooden core which provides great pop on park features. 

If you’re looking for a board that will allow your girl to get into the world of snow sports without being intimidating, the Burton Chicklet is a great pick. 

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Burton After School Special Snowboard With Bindings

Shape: Twin shape with flat top bend

Bindings: Kid disc bindings (included)

Features: Ready to ride, soft flex and convex base

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

Assembling a snowboard can be tough, especially if you are also a beginner and you don’t know which accessories will be best to help your kid learn the ropes. 

The After School Special package from Burton simplifies your life, as it pairs together a beginner friendly board with easy access bindings. 

Since the After School Special board and bindings come in a pack, you don’t need to worry about finding the right bindings to fit with the board. 

In fact, even the stance of the bindings is designed to maximize comfort and stability for young riders who are still learning balance.

The saucer shape of this board provides more surface area in front of and behind the feet, allowing for a more secure feel during turns and even when stopped.

Burton added a lot of kid friendly features to this board. The convex base makes for easy turning and less chance of falling when passing over edges made by skiers in the snow. A Fly 900G core and extruded base is both lightweight yet also limits max speed.

If you need to buy your son or daughter a snowboard but you don’t know much about different setups, the After School Special is a great package to get your family started. 

As a plus, it also works out to be a bit cheaper than buying a board and bindings separately.

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Emsco Group ESP Freeride Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Step in bindings (Included)

Features: Budget friendly, lightweight

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

Let’s face it. Not everyone starts their journey in the snow by going to a snowboard park. Buying season tickets, a full snowboard setup, and figuring out the logistics of transport to the resort are all big investments. Especially if your little one isn’t sure whether they want to commit to riding on snowboard or skis. 

Sometimes, a backyard or local hill is a great destination for them to test whether snowboarding will be right for them, and practice their balance and athletic skills. 

The Emsco Freeride Snowboard for kids is great for beginners or anyone who wants a board to practice with that is simple to use in a variety of contexts.

If snow is hard to find in your region, a desert sand dune can also work as a great place to take the kids for an exciting weekend or summer adventure. The ESP is also a great option for this kind of downhill riding. Just make sure you warm up on gentle and short slopes before going towards larger dunes.

For different riding styles, the bindings on this board adjust by swiveling the feet out to different angles.

The Emsco ESP Freeride board is a good place for a kid to try out snowboarding outside of a resort or park if it is too far away. The price point is also very accessible.

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Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Step in bindings (included) 

Features: Budget friendly, durable

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

Much like the previous board, the Sportssuff Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is a great budget friendly option for when the kids want to ride downhill close to home on hills and sand dunes. It has an appealing hardwood construction that is both durable and appealing to kids.

Being made of a layered hardwood, this board is perfect for riding down rougher surfaces or in unconventional situations, allowing your kids the freedom to experiment with different options.

One feature that this board has which many other casual snowboards with step-in-bindings don’t have is a velcro closure strap. This is great because it allows the rider to feel more attached to the board. This hardware is easily replaceable so it can be used for much longer in the long run.

For those looking for a more casual board for their kids, perhaps one that can be used to ride down sand and grass as well as snow, this is a great choice. 

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Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Step in bindings (Included)

Features: Durable, budget friendly

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

Another option for those looking for a casual snowboard that allows youngsters to familiarize themselves with snowboarding is the Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard.

It is made of a solid PE core, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to different elements, although it may get scratched it will not affect the performance overall. 

With an overall very approachable price point, this board provides a perfect casual entry point for newcomers to the sport. It doesn’t require any special footwear to access the step in bindings, which is also great for groups of friends or school activities.

This board is suitable for kids aged five to fifteen, younger toddlers will need to use a smaller board.

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Gnu Young Money Kids Snowboard

Shape: Twin magne-traction shape

Bindings: Kids disc bindings (not included)

Features: Cambered construction, eco friendly pain sublimation

Skill level: Intermediate[/column]

If you want your kid to have the ability for fast progression in the park, or if your kid is already riding with a high level of confidence and you want them to feel more response from their board, the Young Money from Gnu is an excellent choice. 

For a kid’s snowboard, this is a surprisingly capable and adaptive design that allows for more complex intermediate level tricks in the park. The elliptical cambered contour of the board with a central rocker allows for lots of pop and big jumps. 

This board’s magne-traction shape also increases the surface area of pressure exerted downward onto the snow, which gives more float and better control when your kids are testing the limits of their riding ability.

Another great thing about the Young Money is the eco-friendly paint sublimation and wood core. Riding on a board made consciously always feels nice.

For any serious young boarder, this is a great pick that will allow them to fine tune their skills and advance further as an athlete.

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Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Kids disc bindings (not included)

Features: Super soft flew, concave shape

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

Young riders need snowboards that are both playful and super stable. The Chopper board from Burton has a lot of flex and the edges are upturned to prevent them from catching in the snow. 

Bringing the youngest along is much easier if you pair this board with Burton’s Riglet accessory so that it can be attached and hauled from in front by a parent.

The Chopper is made with an extruded base which keeps speed from reaching unwanted levels and also requires very little maintenance compared to other boards. 

It has a symmetrical flex which provides some pop but also makes the board much more reliable underneath those who are still practicing balance in all areas of life and improving their basic coordination abilities. 

For a first snowboard, the Chopper can’t be beat, providing an entry level experience that’s still able to take you to the park and resort.

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Grizzly Snow Deluxe Kids Beginner Freeride Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Plastic zip tie with rear heel cup

Features: Durable, budget friendly

Skill level: Beginner[/column]

This is another option for riding outside of park and resort snowboarding situations. The Grizzly Snow Deluxe Freeride Snowboard is built for riding down backyard slopes and on more consolidated snow where kids can play and practice basic snowboarding technique.

One thing that sets this board apart from other casual boards not meant for park use is the binding system. It can be closed from the front using a band that zips shut and keeps the foot locked into a rear heel cup. This style is closer to the style used on park and resort boards, and will help kids get used to the systems used on those boards. 

Whether your kids are riding on neighborhood snow, sand, or even mud the durable single piece construction will hold up to any reasonable riding surface without breaking. The board is designed for riders aged four to seven, and can accommodate snowboard boots up to 6Y.

If you want to buy a snowboard that you won’t worry about when the kids take it to the local park or the hill down the block, this is another great option. 

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Salomon Grail Kids Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Kids disc bindings (not included) 

Features: Flat profile, concave base

Skill level: Intermediate[/column]

Salomon made the Grail snowboard so that little tykes can have a great introduction to the world of snowboarding that also allows for progression and a lot of experimentation. 

The Grail features a super soft flex, like many other kids boards. This makes it easier for young ones to execute turns, lean and feel the ground beneath them.

It comes with an admirable list of features that any respectable snowboard should come with. The wooden core is made of aspen, which is supple and responsive. 

The extruded base is extra durable in case your kid steers into rocky territory, and also doesn’t slide so fast that it could cause a serious accident. 

The Grail is best for all mountain use. Its concave bottom works well on runs where skis have cut many edges into the snow and can potentially catch snowboarders as they come into contact with them. 

For those looking for a reasonably priced yet capable board for their kids, the Grail from Salomon is a good choice with lots of helpful features.

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Capita Jess Kimura Mini Girls Snowboard

Shape: Twin shape

Bindings: Kids bindings (not included)

Features: Cambered construction, soft flex

Skill level: Intermediate[/column]

The Jess Kimura Mini and Micro Mini boards are another great option that puts a lot of technology from adult snowboards into kids models that can handle more challenging slopes while still staying fun and flexible.

This board features a cool pink graphic, as does the rest of the Jess Kimura line. Youngsters who look up to the pro athlete will be happy to rock her signature board as they go to the park to learn and advance their own skills.

As far as construction goes, this board features a cambered core made from reforestation friendly wood, as well as an extruded base made with durability in mind. 

It also uses Capita’s Magic Bean resin to provide the extra flexibility needed for more lightweight riders.

If you want your child to get into snowboarding, this is another good choice that provides ample opportunity for progression through the sport.

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How to Choose a Kids Snowboard

How you choose a kids snowboard will vary greatly on what your expectations are for it. If you are looking for something that the kids can take out after school and on weekends to explore hills around the neighborhood, it doesn’t make much sense to spend all the money you would on a park ready setup. 

On the other hand, if you are keen to bring your kid along to the resort it makes sense for them to have something that will do well on those runs. Perhaps if you are an aspiring snowboarder yourself, you may want to learn alongside your kids together.

Kids like to pick out items that they feel represent them, so if you have the opportunity to let them choose the graphic on their board, that is also a consideration. 

Kids snowboarding


Snowboards vary in length in order to fit different sized riders. If you get too big of a board, your child’s feet will be too far spaced apart and they won’t be able to properly use the board. 

Make sure you measure your kids height and check the manufacturer’s notes to get the correct sized board. This can make all the difference!


In this article we covered two main types of kids snowboards: Those which have locking bindings and are intended for park use and others which have step-in bindings and are more suited to casual use on local hills and in sand dunes. 

Whichever style of riding you plan on getting your kid into, make sure you research the size of the board so that you can get something that will help your kid learn more quickly.

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Best Snowboard for Kids: Overall Thoughts

That does it for our round up of the best kids snowboards in 2024. Whether they are just beginning or learning to hit jumps and do tricks, we’ve done the research on the best options available to help make the decision easier for you.

Overall, when it comes to choosing the right gear, comfort, price, and its overall usability have to be considered. Hopefully, we gave you enough options to help you have the best time outdoors with your kids!

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