Best Fishing SUP: 10 Picks For Angling Pros And Novices [2024]

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When you think about fishing equipment, paddle boards might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but we’re here to recommend the best fishing SUP you can find in 2024.

Our choices offer the optimal blend of stability, sturdiness, and carrying capacity, and they can one-up a traditional fishing boat in a lot of ways.

Continue reading to get an idea of what to expect from the highest-quality fishing paddle boards on the market!

Quick Answer: Best Fishing SUP

10 Best Fishing SUPs

Here are the 10 finest SUP fishing boards you can get your hands on in 2024:

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 19.6 lbs | Length: 10′ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 275 lbs

Features: Triple bottom panel fins | Non-flip soft top deck | Complete accessory kit | 6 colors available

SereneLife have been steadily rising up in the ranks in recent years, and this particular model is one of the best fishing SUPs you can get your hands on.

The board is 10 feet long and 32 inches wide, giving you all the space you could possibly need for you and your potential catches. On that note, the board features a bungee cord for secure storage, and the non-slip soft deck is here to minimize the danger of nasty falls and injuries. You can load about 275 pounds onto the board (yourself included), allowing for a decently sized haul.

The bottom of the board features three fins, giving you some of the best maneuverability and handling you can hope to get at any price range, let alone from such an affordable product. Aside from that, you’ll get the full set of paddling essentials, including a storage bag, a solid pump, and the always-welcome repair kit.

TOWER Inflatable Paddle Board

Weight: 26lbs | Length: 10′ 4″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 350 lbs

Features: Military grade PVC & drop stitch construction | Non-slip soft to deck | Full accessory kit | Extremely durable

The best fishing SUPs combine amazing specifications with eye-catching designs to great effect, as is the case for this board.

Whether you opt for the gray, turquoise, or Yachtman variant, you’ll be turning heads all over the place with the TOWER board. The 6-inch thickness practically guarantees this thing won’t be getting punctured, and you’ll have well over 10 feet of space to work with too. The construction of the top deck is guaranteed to cushion even the nastiest of falls, although an average-weight paddle boarder should have little to no trouble balancing on this thing.

If you want to alter the performance of the board to better suit your style, the center fin can be conveniently removed, and it’s hard to complain about the bungee cord storage too. The real kicker here is the fiberglass paddle, which offers some above-average durability at the cost of weighing a bit more than a carbon fiber paddle.

Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 22 lbs | Length: 11′ 6″ | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity: 315 lbs

Features: Extra long and wide | Military-grade PVC w/ drop-stitch construction | Complete accessory kit (including inflatable PFD) | EVA foam deck pad | Bungee storage

Fishing paddle boards don’t get much better than this, especially not at such a reasonable price.

The main selling point of this board is the size – an 11-feet-by-33-inches design is ideal for fishing, especially when coupled with a lightweight, 19-pound construction. On top of that, the military-grade PVC build sets a serious precedent for the build quality of boards in this niche, and the rigid outer skin only makes things better. This is obviously good news if you encounter rougher waters, but it also means you can carry the board through some rough terrain without worrying about damaging it.

The board can carry up to 300 pounds, which is probably the ideal weight capacity for a beginner-to-intermediate fisherman and paddle boarder. Furthermore, the shape of the hull and triple-fin setup gives this thing some of the highest-end steering and navigation you could find at any price range, meaning this is a multi-purpose board if we’ve ever seen one!

Hippocamp SUP

Weight: Unknown | Length: 11′ 6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 450 lbs

Features: Soft-top foam deck | Fishing rod holders | Side fins | Carry handle | bungee straps | 11′ coiled leash | Double layered military-grade PVC

Ramping things up a bit in terms of pricing, this is one of the best fishing SUPs you could get if money isn’t a concern. 

A quick look at the full set of included accouterments is enough to let you know this bad boy means business. Besides the usual paddles, pump, and detachable fin, you can expect a fully removable seat in case you need to rest for a while, as well as side fins and convenient fishing rod holders.

The board can carry a staggering 450 pounds, which would be enough of a reason to consider it, even without the additional features. Add to that a length of over 11 feet, as well as a width of 32 inches, and there’s little you could add to this thing to make it any better. Furthermore, you have a double bungee cord setup (with storage in the front and back) to take full advantage of that amazing weight capacity.

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

Weight: 45 lbs | Length: 12′ 6″ | Width: 40″ | Max Capacity: 500 lbs

Features: Swivel seat fish rig | Multi-purpose storage box | Rod holders | Motor mount | One way air valves | Manual pump

You can think of this model as an enhanced, albeit more expensive version of our previous entry, which makes it one of the best fishing SUPs by proxy.

The dimensions on this puppy are truly staggering – you’ll have no shortage of movement space along this 12-and-a-half-foot board, and the 40 inches of width are nothing to scoff at either. The board can carry up to 500 pounds, which equates to two people and a decent amount of fish as well. 

What’s really impressive here is how quick the board is to set up, as this monster will be ready to hit the water after less than 10 minutes of pumping. The cherry on top is the drop-stitch build, which gives this large-and-in-charge specimen some of the best durability you could ever hope for from an inflatable. In addition, you can stick a motor in the back to give yourself that extra bit of mobility if paddling isn’t your strong suit. 

Murtisol Pro

Weight: 35 lbs | Length:  10′ 6″ | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity: 280 lbs

Features: Triple panel bottom fins | Military-grade PVC | Anti-slip top deck | Full accessory kit | Bungee storage

If you’ve been keeping tabs on our other paddle board articles, it should come as no surprise that we consider the Murtisol Pro to be one of the best fishing SUPs on the market.

This board is the definition of sturdy, owing to the military-grade PVC build, and the 33 inches of width allow for unrestricted movement to help you reel in those trickier catches. The 3 fins at the bottom do wonders for the board’s stability too, not to mention its maneuverability in the hands of a proficient paddler.

The anti-slip top deck is one of the best we’ve come across, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the extremely competitive price. The fact that you can get this thing so cheap along with a full set of add-ons and accessories makes it easy to recommend the Murtisol Pro to anyone who’s looking to save a buck without compromising on the quality of their board.

FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 18.5 lbs | Length: 11′ | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity: 330 lbs

Features: Bungee storage | 3 removable fins | Full accessory kit | D-rings | Grab handle | EVA deck pad

SUP fishing boards should ideally tick a very specific set of requirements, and this particular board covers virtually all of them.

It’s hard to put together a paddle board that’s 11 feet long and 18.5 pounds in weight without trading off some durability, but the FunWater board manages to pull it off, all while letting you carry up to 330 pounds of weight. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the PVC build that defines many of the best SUP boards is also present here, and it’s beautifully accented by that 6-inch thickness we all know and love.

The countless accessories his thing comes with are included with any paddle board worth its salt, but it’s hard to get a full package at such a fair price. What’s especially impressive is that this isn’t just a fishing board – the three removable fins give you some truly superior balance and movement control.

PEXMOR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 19.6 lbs | Length: 10′ 6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 551 lbs

Features: 2 layers of military-grade PVC & drop stitch construction | No-slip soft deck | D-ring | Bungee storage | Triple bottom panel fins

Try not to get dissuaded by the shockingly low price tag on this thing – this is genuinely one of the best fishing SUPs you could hope to find.

Weighing under 20 pounds when fully deflated, this board is as portable as portable gets. Believe it or not, this 10-something-foot wonder can carry upwards of 500 pounds, allowing a professional fisherman to bring even the fanciest of equipment on board. The list of surprises doesn’t end there, though – the drop-stitch build is to die for, and it ensures the board will be staying afloat and damage-free for years to come.

The detachable fins make this thing suited for any body of water and offer it some high-caliber maneuverability to boot. There’s also the always-convenient bungee cord for storage, and although this is more of a footnote than anything, the board comes in a variety of eye-catching colors to match anyone’s style.

ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 24 lbs | Length: 10′ 6″ | Width: 34″ | Max Capacity: 285 lbs

Features: Front & back bungee storage | Grab handles | Military-grade PVC | Full accessory pack | EVA traction deck pad | Triple panel bottom fins

Stability is the name of the game when it comes to picking out a suitable fishing paddle board, and the Isle Pioneer has it in spades.

You might not think an extra few inches of width can make that much of a difference, but the fact that this thing is 34 inches wide gives it the kind of stability you don’t see every day. Another feature that helps distinguish this board as one of ISLE’s most iconic products is its amazing rigidity, which makes it so you really have to try in order to damage it. 

When fully inflated, the board weighs under 25 pounds, another in a long list of impressive specifications. The EVA traction deck pad can be used as a storage area, or even a place for your dog to rest while you’re reeling in your dinner. Although we’ve had some heavy hitters on this list already, 285 pounds of carrying capacity is perfectly serviceable, even if you bring your furry friend along with you.

AKSPORT Paddle Board

Weight: 17 lbs | Length: 10′ 6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 300 lbs

Features: Premium accessory kit | Non-slip soft top deck | Front bungee storage | Triple panel bottom fins

If none of these options so far have appeared to you, our final choice combines affordability and quality of build to create one of the very best fishing SUPs out there.

Coming in at a mere 17 pounds, this board is about as heavy as your average high school bookbag. Despite that, the AKSPORT can carry an impressive 300 pounds, allowing for a pretty sizable haul if you get lucky out on the water. The PVC tarpaulin construction is worth a mention too, since it gives the board the kind of durability you’d usually expect from a high-end SUP. 

The less time you spend setting up your paddle board, the more time you’ll have for fishing, so you’ll be delighted to know you can prep this board in a matter of minutes. The non-slip soft top deck is always a welcome addition, especially if you’re still in the early stages of learning how to fish and/or paddle board. Finally, aside from the usual gear that’s included, you’ll also get a safely leash to ensure your board doesn’t get away should you fall in the water.

Why Use a SUP for Fishing

You might be wondering what the benefit of a SUP fishing board over a regular boat could possibly be – after all, what could be better than kicking back in a comfy seat and waiting for your food to come to you?

For starters, having to stand while catching lets you see a whole lot more. Besides just being able to make out the surrounding fish better, you’ll be a lot less likely to get your rod tangled up in grass or algae, and you’ll have a much easier time telling if a runaway fish took your bait with it.

Then, there’s the entertainment factor. Fishing can get old after a while, especially if you don’t catch anything, and rowing a boat might not be your idea of a good time either. When the going gets rough, a paddle board lets you shake things up by turning your fishing trip into a recreational SUP session, perfect for building stamina and extremely fulfilling to boot!

But above all else, a paddle board is much more convenient to store and transport than the average fishing boat. Even if you’re comparing inflatables, a board is quicker to set up, easier to load onto a vehicle, and a breeze to haul out of the water along with your gear and potential fishing spoils.

A man in white on paddle board with fishing gear

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How to Choose the Best Fishing Paddle Board

There’s plenty of merit to each of the options on our list, but there are some situation-specific factors you’ll want to look out for, depending on what you’re after.

Inflatable vs Solid SUP

The first and most obvious dilemma is whether you should go for an inflatable or a solid paddle board. 

The list of pros and cons here is fairly straightforward – inflatables are lighter and significantly cheaper, whereas hard boards are sturdier and offer more stability. There’s no real reason to overthink this if you’re still dipping your toes in the world of fishing or paddling, though, as you can just get an inflatable to start with and upscale in accordance with your skill and interest level.

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best fishing SUP

Weight Capacity

Another obvious thing to keep in mind is the board’s weight capacity. Between yourself, your rod and gear, your portable cooler full of food, and a net full of fish, you wouldn’t want your SUP to literally crumble under the pressure. 

You can generally rely on online listings to give you a good estimate of a board’s carrying capacity, but try not to take it too literally by attempting to squeeze those extra couple of pounds on there.


Next up is making sure your fishing paddle board has a storage compartment. Whether this comes in the form of an enclosed container or a simple bungee cord, you’ll definitely want a place you can put your gear, fish, and whatever else you may have on you. 

The good news here is, plenty of modern-day paddle boards feature a bungee cord, so something like a yoga SUP can double as a beginner fisherman’s board in a pinch. 

Length & Width

Finally, you have to think about the shape and dimensions of your SUP. You’ll definitely want a board that’s at least 10 (but preferably 11) feet in length for storage and stability purposes, and you should aim for a width of at least 32 inches if you can help it. 

We’d also advise against SUPs primarily intended for surfing, as their pointed fronts can really do a number on your balance. 

Fishing SUP on the shore

SUP Fishing Tips 

If it’s your first time hitting the water on a fishing SUP, here are a few tips to help get you started:

Practice Stability

Before you can even begin to fish from atop a paddle board, you’ll want to learn to stand on it first – in short, walk before you can run.

Take your fishing SUP out for a spin without any gear to get a feel for it on the water. Start by kneeling on your board and slowly practice standing up. 

Once you get the hang of basic paddling, you can start to incorporate your fishing equipment. Try casting in shallow water to start, before heading out into deeper waters.

Mind Your Center of Gravity

When you start to fish from your paddle board and feel like you’re about to lose your balance, bend your knees and shift your center of gravity downwards to avoid taking a dip.

Pack Light

Although fishing SUPs are distinct in that they were built to carry fishing gear and other accouterments, you have to consider the possibility that you come back with loads of fish, which could potentially overload your board. 

Obey the Law

Just because you don’t need a license for a SUP, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye out for region-specific regulations when it comes to catching fish. Always double check the local fishing laws before heading out for a day on the water. 

And that’s a wrap on our list of the best fishing SUPs. We hope we’ve helped you find the fishing paddle board of your dreams, or that you’ll take our safety tips into consideration, at the very least. Either way, have yourself a successful day on the water!

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