10 Best Paddle Boards For Yoga: Best Picks For 2024

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Looking for the best paddle boards for yoga? You’ve come to the right place. The Adventure in You team lives and breathes spending time outdoors and can often be found testing out new equipment.

Over the last few years, yoga on paddle boards have picked up in popularity. Matched with the popularity of inflatable stand up paddles, you have the perfect combination, allowing you to take your practice to either the sea or a lake.

Our favorite stand up paddle board picks offer everything you could want for this particular activity. What they all have in common is a sturdy build and a level of stability that can support all sorts of yoga positions.

Be sure to read on until the very end to find the best yoga paddle board for you!

Comparison Table for Best Paddle Boards for Yoga

Editor’s Picks on Paddle Boards for Yoga

Best Rated Paddle Board

Dama Paddle Board

Pros: Beautiful finishing, stablity

Cons: Tricky inflation process

Affordable Paddle Board

FB Sport

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Confusing manual

Best Rated Snowboard

Highpi Inflatable

Pros: Certified, Military Grade Material

Cons: Pump isn’t that great

10 Best Paddle Boards for Yoga

For our money, these are the 10 best paddle boards for yoga you can get your hands on in 2024:

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1. SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board

Weight: 19.6 lbs | Length: 10′ 6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 275 lbs

Features: 3 bottom panel fins | Foldable paddle | Manual pump | Safety leash & storage bag | No-slip soft top deck

Starting off our list of the best paddle boards for yoga is the SereneLife Inflatable Board, and what an opener it is!

Well over 10 feet long and 32 inches wide, this paddle board gives you all the room you could possibly need to do some yoga. The top deck is extremely soft and comfortable, and if slipping is a major concern for you, the anti-slip design is here to break your fall.

Even if paddling isn’t your strong suit, the three fins at the bottom of the board make steering this thing easy and intuitive. It also helps that the board is inflatable, letting you stick it in the back of your car and take it anywhere, and it comes with a carry bag, a pump, and an aluminum paddle for good measure.

This is one of the most affordable options on our list, so it’s a good pick if you’re not too sure if you want to commit to water yoga long-term. The ankle cuff is extremely nifty too, as even if you lose your balance in rough water and fall off, you can rest assured your board won’t be going anywhere. 

2. HiPhi Inflatable Stand Up

Weight: 20 lbs | Length: 11′ | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity: 350 lbs

Features: Ultra lightweight | Double Action Pump | SGC Quality Certificate

The Highpi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect choice for yoga enthusiasts looking to take their practice to the water. The board’s inflatable design makes it easy to transport and store, while its sturdy construction and non-slip surface provide a stable platform for all types of yoga poses.

This stand up paddle board is 11″ long x 33” wide x 6” thick. It comes in two fantastic finishings, making a beautiful stand up paddle design. This paddle board is designed to provide a comfortable and stable experience on the water. It’s made of durable military-grade PVC material and features multiple air chambers for added safety.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or new to the practice, the Highpi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great choice for anyone looking to take their practice to the water.

This inflatable stand-up paddle board, designed for stability and durability, can be used for various water activities, for example, stand-up paddle yoga, fitness and recreation. It’s a perfect way to experience the peace of the water while getting a full-body workout.

3. ANCHEER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 28 lbs | Length: 11′ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 350 lbs

Features: Extra long design | Anti-slip soft EVA deck | 3 grip handles | 4 D-rings | Bungee tie-downs | Adjustable paddle, safety leash, double action pump, removable center fin, waterproof phone bag

Although our previous entry is a tough one to beat, this ANCHEER marvel is one of the best paddle boards for yoga you could hope to find.

The board can carry a staggering 350 pounds despite weighing under 30 itself, and as far as durability goes, this thing is definitely up there. The combination of a drop-stitch inside and double PVC layers makes this board very difficult to damage or sink, and although we hope you won’t be needing it, we don’t even need to tell you how useful the anti-slip deck can be.

You’ll have all the space in the world for yoga (11 feet by 32 inches), and the two bungee storage compartments allow you to carry a lot more equipment than the average paddle board. This might not be particularly necessary for yoga, but you can easily convert this into a fishing board by sticking a seat into the D-rings if need be. 

You’re also getting some amazing value for money here – besides the paddle, pump, and carry bag that are commonly included, you’ll also get an extra removable fin and a waterproof cell phone carrier.

4. FB SPORT Premium Inflatable Paddle Board

Weight: 30 lbs | Length: 10′ 6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 280 lbs

Features: Tons of color choices | Military grade material & extremely durable | Non-slip soft top deck | Triple bottom panel fins | Complete accessory kit

Besides being one of the best paddle boards for yoga across any parameter, these FBSPORT beauties boast some of the most stylish designs out there.

The board comes in two different sizes, although when it comes to doing yoga, we’d recommend the large, which is 10-and-a-half feet long and 31 inches wide. Although this thing is practically feather-weight, it’s built of a high-caliber, military-grade material that won’t be getting punctured any time soon. 

Paddling is a relatively minor component of the water yoga experience, but the inclusion of a high-quality paddle that floats is a welcome one for sure. The triple-fin setup makes the board very responsive as far as steering goes, and you can take off the master fin if you prefer the maneuverability that gives you. 

Last but not least, the non-slip soft-top deck is here to catch you if (or should we say when) you wind up losing your balance. Either way, the ankle cuff is here to keep your boat in check, so if you’re fairly experienced, you could get away with using this board in slightly riskier waters.

5. DAMA Inflatable 11″

Weight: 22.5 lbs | Length: 11′ | Width: 33” | Max Capacity: 352lbs

Features: 3-fins system | Ergonomic Carry Handle | Inflation Valve

On this list, we’re featuring two DAMA paddle boards as they are one of the most affordable paddle board brands!

The DAMA Inflatable 11″ Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect choice for yoga enthusiasts looking for a stable and durable option for their practice on the water.

Measuring 11 feet by 33 inches by 6 inches, this board offers ample space for even the most demanding yoga poses, offering a ton of stability. The inflatable design makes it easy to transport and store, while the high-quality construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of regular use.

With its non-slip deck and comfortable grip handle, the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect tool for taking your yoga practice on the water to the next level.

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6. Swonder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 21.6 lbs | Length: 11′ 6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 300 lbs

Features: Military-grade PVC w/ drop-stitch | Non-slip soft deck | Front bungee | Paddle, removable fin, pump, coil leash & carry bag

When it comes to the best paddle boards for yoga, this SUP form Swonder is right on the mark.

With 11 and a half feet of space for your practice, you’ll find this long board plenty spacious for all of your yoga poses. What’s more, the soft non-slip deck makes this board suitable even for beginners hoping to get out on the water.

While it’s an inflatable board, it holds up just as well compared to rigid boards (it’s extra firm), and boasts a weight capacity of 300 lbs, while barely weighing more than 20 pounds, itself. You can even take your kiddo out with you, if you’d like as there will be plenty of room for both of you.

This all around adventure companion gets top marks in stability and comes complete with a paddle, high-pressure hand pump, removable fin, coil leash and even a travel backpack. Trust me, once you try out this board, there’s no going back!

7. PEXMOR Inflatable Paddle Board

Weight: 19.6 lbs | Length: 10′ 6″ | Width: 30″ | Max Capacity: 551 lbs

Features: 2 layers of military grade PVC & drop stitch inner structure | No-slip soft deck | D-ring | Front bungee | Triple bottom panel fins

Don’t have a lot of money to spend this vacation season? What if we told you you could get one of the best paddle boards for yoga at a negligible price?

Despite being extremely budget-friendly, this board is made of military-grade PVC, ensuring a long lifespan and a safe day out in the water. Also included is a carry bag for all your supplies, as well as a bungee cord for keeping everything high and dry.

Although it weighs under 20 pounds, this beauty can carry a mind-bending 550 pounds – although it’s an inflatable, the PEXMOR feels like a regular board, and it sure performs like one. It’s hard to complain about the anti-slip deck too, as it’ll definitely be coming into play at some point during your yoga exercises.

Size-wise, this board is exactly as big as it needs to be, both in terms of length and width. It also comes with every accouterment you need to set everything up, although what really sells this thing are the three fins at the bottom, which give you some top-of-the-line mobility.

8. DAMA Yoga Board 9’6″

Weight: 22.5 lbs | Length: 11′ | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity:  350 lbs

Features: Sport camera mount | 8 D-rings | Anti-slip EVA layer | Front bungee | Multiple carry handles | Removable balance fin | Fast-inflating valve | Full accessory pack

Yet another in a long list of affordable options, the DAMA board is one of the best paddle boards for yoga boards to come out in recent years.

The board comes in a few different sizes, but the best for yoga is definitely the one that hits the 11 foot mark. Drop-stitch fabric is great by anyone’s standards, as it offers the perfect blend of durability and stability on the water. 

If you’re looking to do a joint yoga session with your friend, you can take advantage of the steel D-rings to connect two paddle boards and exercise side by side. The set of additional equipment that comes with the paddle board is one of the most expansive we’ve seen, even featuring the always-welcome ankle leash and waterproof phone bag.

One of the best things about this board happens to be the paddle itself. Although paddling is hardly the focus of anyone who’s looking to do yoga in the water, this paddle is significantly lighter than what normally comes prepackaged with a board, making it easy to handle and giving it an added bit of buoyancy if you happen to drop it.

9. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana Paddle Boa

Weight: 27.7 lbs | Length: 10′ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 209 lbs

Features: Convertible to kayak (includes kayak seat) | Extremely rigid | 3 ply core with 2 layers of PVC | 3 modeled fins | Non-slip bad | Full accessory kit

SUP yoga boards need to cover a specific set of requirements, and the Bestway Oceana touches base on just about all of them.

To start with, this thing is a low-to-mid ranger as far as pricing goes, and it doubles down on that with some impressive specifications. 33 inches is about as good as you can do in terms of width without making the board too hard to maneuver, and 10 feet makes for an ideal length too. The cherry on top is the above-average thickness and a weight capacity of over 240 pounds.

The traction pad is a staple among yoga boards, and it’s on full display here too. Although the Oceana is technically a paddle board by default, you can set up the detachable seat and convert it into a kayak if you want. 

What sets this particular piece apart from its competitors is its superior stability – the two side fins go a long way in preventing the board from flipping over, even if you make a mistake or two while paddling. 

10. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 17.5 lbs | Length: 10′ | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity: 300 lbs

Features: Durable military grade materials | Extra wide design | Highly versatile | Multiple color options | Full accessory kit

Last, but certainly not least, the Roc Paddle Board is a strong contender for the best paddle board for yoga.

We wouldn’t want to overfocus on aesthetics, but the sheer number of color variants you can choose from can’t go unmentioned, especially since some colors are significantly cheaper than others. That aside, being 33 inches wide and 6 inches thick puts the Roc in the upper echelon of paddle boards in terms of stability.

It’s worth mentioning that this is likely the lightest paddle board you can get today, yoga-focused or otherwise – the fact that it’s only 17.5 pounds is especially impressive when you consider it can hold up to 300! In addition, you have your obligatory aluminum paddle and waterproof bag, as well as a safety leash for that extra layer of security. 

Once you’re done with yoga for the day and you want to amp up the board’s performance, you can stick a fin to it and improve its maneuverability by leaps and bounds.

How to Choose the Best SUP Yoga Board

As you might expect, there are some subtle differences between paddle boards for yoga and their surfing and fishing counterparts. Even if you opt against all of our picks, here are a few of the things you’ll want to consider before making a purchase:

A woman practicing yoga on a paddle board


Although the exact figures will obviously vary depending on your height and weight, there are some general rules of thumb you’ll want to adhere to. For starters, you’ll definitely want your board to be at least 10 feet in length to allow for some of the more out-there stretches that define the wonderful world of yoga. 

Also, you’d be wise to pick a board that’s at least 32 inches wide. This width is more or less an industry standard for SUP boards, but it’s worth remembering that you’re less likely to flip over with a wider paddle board. Either way, try not to go too overboard with the width, as you don’t want to struggle to even reach the water with your paddles – use your best judgment and the length of your arms to decide on the perfect dimensions. 

Another thing to keep in mind here is the thickness of the board, as this closely corresponds to its carrying capacity. Generally speaking, you’ll either want a board that’s 5 or 6 inches thick. The former type is a bit more stable, as it trades some buoyancy for reduced wobble, while the latter tends to be sturdier.

In a lot of ways, the dimensions are the main determining factor in figuring out whether a paddle board is suited for yoga. It’s not the add-ons that place a board in the “fit for yoga” bracket – what matters most is having enough space and making sure your board can support your weight. 

Inflatable vs Hard Board

More often than not, you’ll want an inflatable paddle board for yoga over a regular, “hard” one. On top of being much easier to transport, inflatable boards are a lot more comfortable in general, courtesy of their softer build and solid chafe protection. 


When it comes to fins, you may need to make some compromises depending on what you’re after. While some paddle boards can have up to 3 fixed fins (or a mixture of fixed and removable), there are those which feature a full set of removable ones. 

Your safest bet is to go for a board with removable fins, or at the very least one where the only fins are on the side – if the bottom of your paddle board is flat, it can double as a yoga mat on dry land too.


Although this is a bit of a no-brainer, you’ll want to make sure your paddle board of choice has some kind of anti-slip mechanism at the front. On top of reducing your chances of falling off, a softened deck can really cushion an otherwise painful fall and ensure you don’t get any unnecessary bruises on your knees and elbows.

Tips for Paddle Board Yoga

Doing yoga on dry land is one thing, but the thought of doing it in the water for the first time may sound a little scary. Here are a few of the barriers (mostly psychological ones) you’ll want to overcome if you’re serious about paddle board yoga:

An athletic woman practicing various yoga poses on a paddle board

Don’t get intimidated by the water

Believe it or not, falling off your paddle board is hardly anything to be afraid of, even if you don’t know the first thing about yoga. One way to think about it is, if you were to lose your balance doing a tricky pose, where would you rather fall: on a hard concrete floor or the ocean bed? Unless you can’t swim (in which case you probably shouldn’t be doing yoga on the water anyway), the choice is pretty obvious!

If you do happen to fall off, welcome to the club! You can make your way back on top within a matter of seconds, and if your board features an ankle cuff, there’s zero danger of the waves carrying it away, even if it’s windy. 

Look straight

When it comes to doing yoga on the water, the keyword is stability. Constantly turning your head to see if anyone’s watching or to check if you’ve positioned yourself right is a quick way to fall right off your board. 

Whether it’s a boat over the horizon or a distant cloud, find something in front of you to focus your gaze on and try not to make any sudden moves that might result in a wipeout. 

Avoid standing positions in the beginning

A good way to get comfortable with paddle board yoga is to stick as close to the surface of the water as possible. Standing up shifts your center of gravity upwards, making it significantly more difficult to maintain your balance. We’d recommend incorporating your shins and knees into your water yoga routine as much as you can before graduating to standing poses. 

Get a feel for the surface of the board

If you took our advice and got your hands on an anti-slip board, you’re already on the right track. With that said, a bad pair of shoes can make all the difference, so before setting sail, try getting your board wet and walking on it to make sure your soles can jive with the surface without you slipping off. 

Stay centered

Finally, if you’re going to land in the water, you might as well make sure it’s not due to shoddy positioning. Make sure both of your legs are equidistant from the edges of their respective sides, as there’s nothing more frustrating than getting in the groove of your yoga session and falling off because you accidentally tilted the board to the side.

And that’s a wrap on our list of the best paddle boards for yoga! There really is nothing like turning off your mind as you listen to the soothing sounds of the water, so we hope you’ll heed our advice and get your hands on one of these puppies. If not, at least take our safety tips into consideration before going zen!

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