Hostel One Prague | Personal Accommodation Review

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Hostel One Prague is the epitome of fun when it comes to the hostel world. As soon as we arrived, you could hear music playing, people socializing and having fun. The staff are all travelers themselves, giving the hostel a fun easy going vibe. So if you are looking to party and a good time, a stay in this hostel is a must!

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The Rooms in Hostel One Prague

The hostel dorm rooms are like converted apartments because each one has their own kitchenette equipped with a sink and oven. For safety reasons, they are disabled which didn’t really matter as the hostel had a large communal kitchen downstairs. We were staying in a 12 bed dorm for the first two nights and the room was large enough that it didn’t feel cramped up or small. I also liked the fact that there were two toilets within the room. This definitely made life easier! In your dorm bed, you are provided with a comforter and one small pillow during your stay. Again, another plus in our books is that every bed seemed to have an electric socket nearby which makes charging our electronic devices easy. (READ: How to Survive Europe on a Budget)

On our last evening, we transferred to a private room which actually took us by surprise! The room was huge and was essentially two rooms in one. It had its own living room with a small table and a bedroom area which closed off. The beds, although comfortable enough were a little too springy for our liking. We really liked the layout of our room and enjoyed the amount of space that we had.

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The Hostel Area

As mentioned, the vibe of Hostel One Prague was kick ass! Every night, the hostel had a free vegetarian dinner for their guests (subject to availability, of course) and an event going on. Hostel One Prague has its own bar which was aptly called The Rave Cave. Every night, after dinner the guests can head down to the Rave Cave to enjoy some pre-drinks before the staff rounds everyone up to head to one of the clubs. In the Rave Cave, drinking games such as beer pong are encouraged. Partying aside, the hostel had great facilities including a large TV room where everyone can watch movies, a computer room, a loft area lounge, and as mentioned, a large kitchen. The internet wasn’t too bad either, with an exception to some dorm rooms in the 4th floor where signal was a bit sparse. (READ: What Type of Traveler are You?)

Although it was too cold when we were there, they also had a large outdoor area which must be great during the summers! The hostel itself wasn’t too far from the main train station (about 15 minutes walking) and 1 tram stop away which made it quite convenient. It wasn’t too much of a walk from the main town square either. (RELATED: The Best Ways to Travel Around Europe) kitchen hostel one prague

The Activities at Hostel One Prague

Every night, the hostel has different activities going on, making it much easier to interact and get to know one another. They also offered alternative walking tours, beer brewery tastings, hostel pub crawls, and of course, free dinners and nights out at the rave cave.

The hostel also gives you a wristband which gives you a 10% discount in neighbouring establishments. This was super useful as we hit the kebab joint nearby almost every day! The wristband also has the address of Hostel One Prague written down which definitely comes in handy when you’re trying to find your way home. (READ: Top 10 Adventure Playgrounds in Europe) hostel one prague

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Our Experience

Overall, we found Hostel One Prague to be a great base as we explore the sights and sounds around the city. However on the day that we moved rooms, we were asked to check out of our dorm room at 10:30am and couldn’t check in to our private room until 3pm. Although it wasn’t a big deal, this could have been organized a bit better so we could have got into our room quicker (the fact that we had a killer hangover during this day didn’t help!). On the three nights that we were there, we also enjoyed some vegetarian couscous and a bowl of vegetarian soup as part of the free dinner. Overall we enjoyed our time at Hostel One Prague and met some really interesting people along the way.

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Please note that some services  from Hostel One Prague were complimentary, however, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.

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  1. Met you guys in the hostel and totally forgot to ask for your blog 🙂 Really loving reading it and wished we had more time to hang out! Will be following your adventures 🙂


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