Meininger Hotel in Munich, Germany | Full Accommodation Review

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Being that Meininger Hotels is such a popular hostel branch, we were excited to stay there to experience some of the good things that we’ve heard from this hostel chain. I have previously stayed with their hostel branch in Brussels and had a great time so I was definitely looking forward.

With our backpacks in tow, we arrived at Meininger Munich a little bit tired from the walk (about 15 minutes from the train station) but were happily greeted by the person in the reception. The check-in procedure was easy, painless and soon, we were given directions on how to get to our room.

Meininger Room

We stayed in one of the double private rooms which was really more of a hotel room rather than your standard hostel room. They were spacious and well designed, making sure that every part of the room had a practical use. I immediately noticed the abundance of electric sockets by the bedside table which is a rarity in hostels
meininger munich Apart from the well thought of room layout, the beds were very comfortable which quite frankly, makes or breaks a hostel. The room was equipped with a heater and a flat screen television, which unfortunately did not take USB sticks to play movies. Small details such as hooks to hang up your towel, a welcome basket with some fruit and wine, complimentary soap and shower, were all definitely appreciated.

I also got a sneak peak of the dorm rooms which were very clean and well maintained. Lockers and storage spaces were assigned to every bunk bed which made securing your things easy and convenient.

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dorm room meininger
Photo Source: Meininger Hostel

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The Facilities

The hostel itself had a bar as well as a lounge area where people could play pool, foosball, or darts. Although you needed to pay coins to use those, the costs were very minimal. The hostel wifi was great, making it easy for us to work during our stay there. Although there was music coming from the bar at night, a sound system in the common lounge area wouldn’t be a bad suggestion to help create a friendlier atmosphere and to encourage backpackers to drink there longer.

Apart from that, the hostel was also equipped with a common kitchen which is a big plus in my books as cooking in is a great way to save money while traveling! Although we went during Autumn/Winter, we saw that the hostel also had an outside patio available for guests to use during warmer evenings. The hostel itself was rather large and had a constant array of groups coming in and out of the place.

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The Breakfast

The breakfast selection was surprisingly good and in my opinion is good value for money. With a wide selection of cereal, granola, yogurt, bread, cheese, and various sliced hams and meat, having breakfast there was definitely one of my favourite things about our stay!

There was a good variety of bread, pretzels, spreads, and jams, as well as some fruit and hard boiled eggs. As a backpacker, having a good hostel breakfast is important so you can explore a place without getting constant hunger pangs-trust me, I know the feeling! So every day, we loaded up on or selection of breakfast choices before we began our day of exploration.

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Our experience in Meininger Munich was short but sweet. Although it wasn’t particularly near the train station, it wasn’t far either (without your backpacks in tow, the walk was actually quite pleasant!) This made traveling around the city rather easy and convenient as the main train station had connections everywhere. The rooms were efficient and clean, making it the perfect home base while we explored around the city.

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Please note that some services from Meininger Munich were complimentary, however, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.

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