11 Things to Do in Koh Rong That You Can’t Miss

written by local expert Crystal Egan

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This jungley, beachy paradise is the perfect dreamy getaway for backpackers and resort-goers alike. I didn’t wear shoes for the whole three weeks on this picturesque island. I loved my time on Koh Rong Island so much that I got quite depressed when I left and immediately made plans to go back within a month.

If relaxation is what you’re after, Koh Rong has it. If you’re more the party type, the main beach can cater for you most nights of the week. If you want adventure (and I know you want adventure!) here’s a list of some of the best things to do on Koh Rong Island.

Trek through the Jungle to Sok San / Long Beach

From the main beach (Koh Toch) trek for 50 minutes through the dense jungle and emerge onto a pristine, endless beach containing only other beachgoers and a couple of vendors selling cold drinks. This is Sok San Beach and it’s where the 32nd series of Survivor was filmed. Sok San is long (7km actually), the sand pure white and the water crystal clear. Now, enjoy having almost the entire beach to yourself to laze on for the rest of the day!

To find the trail to Sok San Beach, head towards the local housing area on the south end of the main beach then turn right when you see a gap between the buildings. Follow the sand track through the jungle for about 50 minutes until you pop out on the South end of Sok San Beach. crystal-koh-rong

Do the Blob Jump

Brave revellers can jump from a height of four or six meters onto a giant blow up “blob” on the water. You’ll then move to the opposite end where a friend can bounce you back up in the air and into the nearby water. Safe? Who knows…?

The Blob Jump is located on the far north end of Sok San Beach on a wooden pier. If you’re walking from the south end, you’ve got 7 more kilometers of white sand to traipse. Otherwise, if you’re done with all the walking just grab one of the local boats.

Cost: $3 per person

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Go Snorkeling

There are many beautiful snorkeling points around Koh Rong and heaps of fish to discover. Try your hand at spotting any of the sergeant fish, seahorses, parrot fish, diamond fish, jumping fish, squid, yellow boxfish, diamond fish, needlefish, blue-spotted ribbon tail rays and goatfish in the waters around the island. You can either walk to nearby rocky ocean areas from where you stay or take one of the snorkeling day trips with Adventure Adam Tours.

Cost: $25- See full tour here

Take the Boat Back from Sok San to Koh Toch Beach at Sunset

The best way to get back from Sok San Beach is to take one of the local fishing-turned-tour boats. Doing it at sunset means you get premium unobstructed ocean sunset views that you just don’t get on the inhabited parts of the island. Once the colours begin to light up the sky, wave down one of the boats sure to be waiting near the shore and in 45 minutes you’ll be back on the main beach.

Cost: Prices change depending on the boat operator. Barter for around $15

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Go Diving with Koh Rong Dive Center

Koh Rong Dive Center offer fun dives as well as PADI training courses from the island. The prices are cheap but the visibility around the island isn’t the best. BUT, if you go at the right time of year there’s a chance you could spot a whale shark! Koh Rong Dive Center is located on the ferry pier on Koh Toch main beach.

Cost: $80 (2 fun dives) – $380 (Open Water Certificate)

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Kayak over to Koh Toch Island

Koh Toch (or Small Island) is also sometimes known as Pagoda Island because the island consists only of a pagoda, a couple of monks and a small walking track. But being in such close proximity to Koh Toch Beach in the main area of Koh Rong, this island is a great little day trip in a kayak. You can also try kayaking to some of the other beaches on Koh Rong, but keep in mind that the island is too big to get around entirely in one day. Kayaks can be rented from the beachfront restaurants on Koh Toch main beach.

Cost: $5 per hour, $12 per day

Insider’s Tip: Heading to Cambodia Soon? Check out Crystal’s Guide to Doing Cambodia on the Cheap for awesome tips. koh-rong-boat

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Ziplines and Ropewalks at High Point Adventure Park

Gone are the days where there was nothing to do on Koh Rong! This new Russian-owned rope adventure park will have you clambering among the treetops on ropewalks, ziplines, and other height-related obstacles. Plus the views from the top are amazing! Everyone who’s been has reported that the park is serious about safety, so this is must for adventurous families! To find High Point Rope Park just walk south along Koh Toch Beach towards Police Beach until you find a clearing at the end. Look out for the signs.

Cost: $25 low season, $35 high season

Go for a Night Swim with the Glowing Plankton

Perhaps one of the coolest things to do on Koh Rong Island is swim with the bioluminescent plankton. Because this is what the island is famous for! The best plankton viewing/swimming is done from beaches with no light pollution, as this makes it much easier to see the Plankton’s glow.

Try heading to Long Set Beach, Lonely Beach or Coconut Beach on a dark moonless night. Alternatively, take the snorkeling day tour mentioned above and your last stop will be to swim with the plankton on one of the deserted beaches.

See Plankton Tours koh-rong-plankton

Visit the “Jungle Zoo”

This adventure is one for the people who just love something quirky! The Jungle Zoo is a garden built by an enthusiastic Russian lady who’s escaped the daily grind to build her own oasis. Her zoo, nestled amongst a beautiful garden of native plants, is made up of a collection of exotic birds, butterflies, and other wildlife like civets, a monitor lizard, a sugar glider and a surprisingly tame bat. Just drop in and she’ll happily show you around. Plus, she’ll even let you touch some of the animals! Find Olga’s Jungle Zoo just south of Police Beach, near the pier. 5 minutes walk.

Cost: $5 including tea/coffee and a tour

Have a “Happy Cookie” and Relax in a Hammock

Yep! Koh Rong is pretty famous for these cookies actually. They can be bought for $5 from some of the bars along the beach front (you’ll see signs). But, I’m just going to let you know that drugs are illegal in Cambodia even though the rules on this island seem to be pretty relaxed. Cookie or no cookie, the beachfront is adorned with lounge chairs and hammocks for all to use. Enjoy your stay!

Eat at the Amazing Soup Lady’s Shack

One of the best Cambodian soup’s I had in the entire country was from this lady’s little shop on Koh Rong Island. When I was there the soups were $1. I expect they are still probably the cheapest place to eat on the island. Their chicken soup is legendary-make sure you try it! To find her stand, just walk south. She is near the main pier right next to the fruit juice lady.

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Transportation Around Cambodia

Transportation: We recommend using Bookaway or 12Go website to view bus, boat, and train schedules ahead of time. We’ve used these websites all over Asia and it saves us the hassle of lining up in travel agencies or bus stations.

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