Vision Global Wifi Review: Does it Really Work?

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

Want to know a crazy fact? My partner Tom and I travel for a living.

While this sounds insane to some, we’ve been doing this for the last four years and have no intentions of stopping any time soon. Although we might slow down from time to time and get a base, we love the freedom of moving around hopping from one destination to the next.

Being that we also work on the go (yep, we’re not trust fund babies!), having decent internet is a must for us.

In fact, before we even rent an Airbnb for a month, the number one question I ask is “what’s your wifi speed?” As much as we love being outdoors and going on digital detoxes, being online is a massive part of our businesses.

Whether we are emailing clients, interacting with students in our blogging school, or even something as simple as being active on social media or being able to use google maps as we move around is crucial. For most people, having a mobile internet plan will solve this problem but being that we move around all the time, we have to rely on wifi and getting local sim cards.

Vision Global Wifi: International Pocket Wifi

To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical when I was ordering this device. I knew that there were other wifi roaming devices out there but I never bothered to look into it as I was convinced that they didn’t work.

For the longest time, we would rely on wifi in the places we were staying in or will resort to buying local sim cards wherever we are. On months that we move a lot (we once did 5 countries in 5 days), this isn’t feasible nor is it practical as we end up wasting a lot of money buying sim cards that we will only be using for a few weeks.

I decided to bite the bullet and give Vision Global Wifi a shot.


Wifi Devices: What Are They and Why Use it?

Essentially, a wifi device is a box that will connect to local mobile providers, allowing you to access 3g or 4g data so you can use the internet. This means that instead of buying a mobile sim card or relying on public wifi, you have your own device that will allow you to connect your mobile phone, computer, or iPad to surf the internet.

In theory, having your own Wifi device can be a godsend as you no longer have to rely on spotty public wifi! This means that whenever you turn on your device, you can instantly connect your phone and use the internet.

Because there is also two of us, ideally we could just get one wifi device that would support both our mobile devices and computers.

If you’re looking for another way to stay connected while traveling, you could also consider an eSim such as the Nomad App.

How Does it Work?

Global Vision covers more than 130 counties, giving you a flat rate fee per area at a fixed rate. As soon as you order your device, this gets delivered to your doorstep, just in time for your trip. Depending on the package that you decide to use, your device will be preloaded with this plan.

All you have to do is turn it on and you can instantly connect to any type of device within seconds. In fact, this was one of the things I loved most about it (coming from someone who hates fiddling with techy stuff. As soon as we got our device, I was able to connect my phone and computer instantly.

No long complicated configurations needed!

As soon as you’re done with it, you can simply mail it back to them with their pre-paid mailing envelopes.

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What’s in the Box?

As soon as we open our box, we find one wifi box, a standard charger, and a universal adaptor which I thought was a great touch. All the equipment come in a little pouch, making it easy to carry around when needed. Global vision review

The Key Features

While there are other wifi devices similar to this, here are a few key features which made Global Vision Wifi stand out:

  • No Set Up Required
  • Can Connect Up to 5 Devices (The Japan devices are able to connect 10)
  • Cost Efficient (no more wasting money on expensive roaming charges or sim cards)
  • Reliable Service

While all of this sounds good on paper, I really wanted to test this product out and to see if it actually works.

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To check the pricing, all you have to do is input the countries that you are planning to visit and the length of your trip. They also have long-term rental plans which allow you to travel across various counties (this is what we did for our Europe trip!) For some countries, it can run as low as $5 a day.

All in all, you have to weigh out the costs based on where you are going and the convenience of having wifi at all times. For us, being that we work on the road, having good internet connection is important. Global vision has three main plans:

  • Unlimited MAX  – Fully unlimited 4G-LTE no slowdowns, only offered in select countries( Japan, USA, Korea )
  • Unlimited Advance – 1GB of 4G-LTE per day then will slow down to 2G speeds. Data usage will reset daily at UK midnight time.
  • Unlimited Basic – 500mb of 4G-LTE per day then will slow down to 2G speeds. Data usage will reset daily at UK midnight time.

We had the Unlimited Advance and it worked perfectly, giving us 1GB of data per day which was more than enough when we were traveling.

Click Here to Check Pricing pricing-plan global vision

Our Global Vision Wifi Experience

We had our wifi box delivered in Europe. As Tom and I were hopping around so much, they sent it to Tom’s sister in Poland who brought it to us when we met in Croatia. As mentioned, as soon as I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use.

No long-winded manuals with techy explanations. It simply gave me the wifi name and password. At that time, we were in an Airbnb in Dubrovnik with Tom’s family. As there were 5 of us in the house (all who were working in our computers and phones, the Wifi was understandably slow.)

If we were on just on holiday, it would have been fine but Tom and I were actually uploading videos on YouTube as we were finishing up a few funnels. This was a struggle. Without thinking too much, I decided to try out our wifi device. uploading-videos global vision

While I had originally just intended to use it as a wifi device on the go (just for social media stuff, accessing google maps, etc.), to my surprise, as soon as I connected my computer to our wifi box, our videos started uploading fast.

I even ran a speed check as I couldn’t believe it. So far, I was impressed. It also remained pretty consistent until I reached my plan’s limit.

During our time in Europe, I was easily able to access the internet at almost any given time as long as there is mobile signal. It allowed us to easily call Uber’s and access Google Maps to help us figure out where we are going. global-vision-pocket-wifi

After we left Europe, I actually took it with me to Asia and was pleasantly surprised at the fact that I got to use it in Dubai during a layover and in the Philippines where internet generally sucks!

Although I didn’t expect much from the brand, I was genuinely impressed at what we got. The only con that I can think of is I would much rather pay a flat fee to purchase the device than send it back.

However, this is coming from a full-time travelers perspective as ideally, I would just love to “reload it” during the months that I plan on using it.

We will definitely be using Global Vision’s services again when we head to other destinations whose wifi is known to be unreliable. What are your thoughts on this? Have you tried a portable wifi box before?

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