A Trendy Staycation at the W Hotel Bangkok

As soon as we entered the hotel, music was playing, the vibe was trendy yet tasteful, playful yet luxurious. This was the W Hotel for us in a nutshell. After having been in Bangkok for a couple of days, we were looking for a comfortable place to hunker down and get some work done…well that was the plan at least.

However, the minute we stepped into our room, suddenly, the million and one things we had to do disappeared. All we could see was the bright and beautiful bay window that overlooked the city and the huge comfortable bed that looked way too inviting.

When wandering around the hotel, everything we saw was so immaculately designed. Their dining room areas, outdoor terraces, down to their popular restaurant, The House on Sathorn.whotelbangkok

The Rooms at W Hotel

As most of their brands spread in some of the most vibrant cities in the world, the W Hotel is a trendsetter in contemporary designs. It was no surprise that the rooms are very modern and tastefully designed. A Bose surround system, a large 40-inch television, and a large tub in the middle of the bathroom.

I wasn’t kidding when I said we hardly got any work done! What we loved the most about the room were the carefully thought of small touches.w hotel bangkok hotel room

Wine glasses and a corkscrew. A full bar complete with a shaker and mixers and by far the most impressive line of hotel grooming products I have encountered.

From facial scrubs to refreshing body buttercreams all the way down to a makeup touch up kit. I mean really…who thinks of that? From this alone, you can tell that the team at W Hotel mean business.

The room that we had overlooked the beautiful Bangkok skyline through a large bay window was well used and kept us constantly captivated. T

he two nights that we spent there was nothing short of relaxing and pleasant. During one particular afternoon, the heavens were pouring down and we snuggled up in our bathrobes and curled up with a lovely cup of tea (compliments of the room) and watched the rain fall down over the city skyline.w hotel bangkok hotel room view

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The Food

During our stay there, we availed of the breakfast buffet at The Kitchen Table which was plentiful, delicious, and varied. They literally had almost everything in the buffet. A large selection of bread and pastries, cheeses and imported hams and cured meat welcomed you to be followed by an endless myriad of other breakfast fares.

They had a good balance between Asian and Western dishes which were delicious. For the more health conscious, they also had a large selection of granola, fruits, and various vegetable and fruit juices. The buffet was heavenly and was worth every penny! Definitely worth indulging on while staying at The W Hotel.

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The Facilities at W Hotel

Being the hip and trendy hotel brand that they are, the W Hotel had no shortage of luxurious amenities for their guests. They had a swimming pool, the Wet Deck which was open 24 hours, complete with a DJ and an impressive underwater speaker system.

Naturally, one cannot resist taking a dip in their glorious pool as after all, you are in Bangkok and one of the only ways to cool off from the intense heat is by taking a dip in their pool. Apart from this, they also had a fitness center which like the pool area, was open 24/7. Take that health buffs! w hotel pool facilities

Naturally, in true W Hotel style, they also had a bar which was located by the hotel lobby. Specially mixed cocktails and trendy beats, this place was hip and happening.

Having been to the bar in the W Hotel in LA, a few drinks by the WOOBAR was reminiscent of the carefully curated music and deliciously concocted drinks that W Hotel bars is known for.w hotel bangkok

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The Service at the W Hotel Bangkok

The staff were warm and friendly, going above and beyond their roles. Everyone from the front desk, the W Insider, all the way to the bellhop.

They asked us questions, were friendly and nonintrusive and gave a personal feel and touch which most large hotel chains lacked. It was refreshing to see a fantastic level of professionalism carried throughout the whole hotel.

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Our Overall Experience at the W Hotel Bangkok

Overall, our three days flew by like a breeze. What initially was supposed to be a weekend of catching up with work became a relaxing staycation. Staying at the W Hotel was conflicting for us because instead of going out and exploring what Bangkok had to offer, we found ourselves leisurely hanging out around the hotel, which again wasn’t such a bad thing!

Everything from the staff who welcomed us, to the W Insider who gives you all the juicy details of the best things to do around the area. The attention to detail and overall modern and sleek design instantly got us hooked to their brand.  So would we stay at the W Hotel in Bangkok again? 100% yes! It is definitely a place we cannot recommend enough.

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Please note that some services from W Hotel were complimentary, however, as always, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.

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