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I’ve said it once, but I will say it again, Pai is definitely one of my favorite places in Northern Thailand. Whenever we get the chance, we hop on a motorbike and drive up to Pai to enjoy the refreshing air and the chilled vibe that Pai is so well known for.

Given that we travel here quite a lot, here are just a few of our personal recommendations on where to stay in Pai.

Best Budget Places to Stay in Pai

Darling View Point Bungalow

Room Type: Bungalows | Dorms

WI-FI: Yes

Near: Within walking distance to Pai town

Price Range: $5-14 a night

We stayed in Darling View Point Bungalow, which is a bit further away from town but also a lot quieter. Nestled in nature, this location is great for a relaxing stay while still making it easy for you to access Pai’s main sights.

For the budget traveler, the dorms rooms are a good budget pick. But if you’d like a bit more privacy, they also offer private bungalows which overlook the rice fields. Regardless of which type of accommodation you choose, you can be assured that everything is just spick and span.

The amenities are very basic but it also has everything that you need for a comfortable stay. And at this low price point, this is a deal that can’t be beaten!

Check prices and read reviews: Agoda

Jungle Zone

Room Type: Dorms | Bungalows

WI-FI: Yes

Near: 5.9 km from Pai Night Market

Price Range: $7 a night

This lovely hostel is the epitome of chilled out! The Jungle Zone is surrounded by nature and it is the perfect place for travelers who want to enjoy some quiet time and meet some cool people.

At Jungle Zone, you’ll find a restaurant, a garden, a bar and if you want to, the staff can even organize a BBQ gathering for you and your friends. The rooms are very basic but are clean and comfortable. It is located a bit far from the main town but if you are renting motorbike, it isn’t a problem!

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Baan Kati Sod

Room Type: Private Rooms

WI-FI: Yes

Near: 2km from Pai’s Walking Street

Price Range: $11 a night for two people

We recently spent one night here as a quick stopover and would recommend it!

Located a short drive away from town, this little hippie haven has small rooms and a large grassy common area. Bean bags, hammocks, and even a campfire can be found on the premises. The rooms at Baan Kati Sod are clean, quirky, and comfortable.

While the rooms are pretty basic, the ambience of the place makes up for it. Oh, they also serve free coffee and tea all day. Once a year, the hostel also throws its own chilled out music festival! Definitely worth checking out.

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Pai Circus School & Resort

Room Type: Dorms | Private Single | Bungalow

WI-FI: Yes

Near: Within walking distance from town

Price Range: $5-20 a night for two people

If you’re looking for a unique experience, try staying in Pai Circus School & Resort.

The rooms are basic but the atmosphere and vibe is great! This hostel is the perfect place to meet other travelers and backpackers. They constantly have bonfire nights, BBQs, treasure hunts, and other fun activities.  They also have a pool which is pretty awesome during the summer.

For more privacy, opt the private single room or the bungalow which sleeps two.

Another plus point: they offer free pickups from the bus station if you reserve and call ahead.

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

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Best Mid-Range Places to Stay in Pai

Pai Loess Resort

Room Type: Private Rooms

WI-FI: Yes

Near: Right across the bridge from Walking Street

Price Range: $34 a night for two people

Pai Loess Resort is a real gem!

Located right across the river opposite the walking street,this resort offers villa-style accommodation without breaking the bank. While the villas are fairly basic, they clean, modern, and well-maintained. Plus, you’ll have your own private balcony with a hammock — perfect for a day of relaxing with a book or for watching the sunset.

Every time we head to Pai, this is our go-to place!

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Soi One Boutique Bedrooms

Room Type: Private Rooms

WI-FI: Yes

Near: Right by Pai’s Walking Street

Price Range: $31 a night for two people

Soi One Boutique is strategically placed near the Pai Walking Street, the bus terminal, and the Night Market. So basically, you are right in the middle of all the action!

The carefree and friendly atmosphere makes it an ideal place to stay, matched with the lovely well-decorated rooms which are extremely comfortable! For the price you are paying, this place is definitely a good bargain.

Oh and while you’re there, you should definitely try the breakfast; we heard it’s the best one in Pai.

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

The Oia Pai Resort

Room Type: Suites | Villas | Honeymoon Room

WI-FI: Yes

Near: A bit far from main town but hotel offers free shuttles

Price Range: $67 a night for two people

Get a taste of Greece at the Oia Pai Resort! This Mediterranean-style resort is well-designed, spacious and immaculately decorated.

The Oia Pai Resort is a great place for travelers who want to spend time away from the city, lay back and enjoy the peaceful scenery. As for activities, you can ride a bicycle (it’s free), have a massage, or read a book from the hotel’s library. There are also free shuttles that will take you to Pai’s main sights.

The hotel is surrounded by a saltwater lake, where you can kayak around to get to the different areas within the resort compound.

This is definitely one of the best places to stay in Pai!

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Montis Resort

Room Type: Deluxe | Suites | Villas

WI-FI: Yes

Near: A bit far from the main town but hotel offers free shuttles

Price Range: $68 a night for two people

Between the high-speed internet, heated pool, and the luxurious rooms, Montis Resort is one of the best places to stay in Pai.

The rooms here are modern and well-decorated, allowing you to relax in luxury during your stay. The resort itself has great facilities including a small fitness center for those that are interested in getting a workout during your holiday. The hotel also offers a shuttle service to the town center which is a great plus!

For a true indulgence, opt for their suite or villa. You’ll get excellent bang for your buck at the Montis Resort!

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Best Luxurious Places to Stay in Pai

Puripai Villas

Room Type: Twin Rooms | Villas

WI-FI: Yes

Near: 10-minute ride from Walking Street

Price Range: $80 a night for two people

If you’re looking for a tranquil getaway, you’ve come to the right place. Puripai Villas boasts of the most amazing views overlooking Pai as you make use of their many luxurious amenities.

While they do offer rooms here, for a true treat, choose one of their villas with either a private pool of a mountain view. On top of a spacious bedroom, you’ll also have a living area and a full-equipped kitchen. Best of all: you’ll be able to enjoy the peace and solitude!

The rooms are well-decorated, the staff are warm and friendly, and the food in their restaurant is great. Even if you’re not staying here, consider checking out their bar, The Barn, as the view from there is pretty incredible.

We cannot recommend this place enough for those than are looking for a peaceful getaway to treat yourselves. Read our full review of our experience: Puripai Villas: The Perfect Getaway

Check prices and read reviews: Agoda

Pai Island Resort

Room Type: Villas

WI-FI: Yes

Near: 5-minute drive to Pai Airport

Price Range: $104 a night for two people

If you want a peaceful getaway, Pai Island Resort is the right place for you.

Surrounded by lush greenery and ponds, this resort is a top pick in Pai for a reason. The rooms are well-decorated and luxurious, giving out a relaxing feel as soon as you step in. Oh, did I mention that the rooms come with an outdoor bathtub?

You also have your own private patio and garden. Just imagine having a cold drink while looking out to a tropical garden before you spend time in their jacuzzi. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Reverie Siam

Room Type: Twin Rooms | Double Rooms | Adjoining Rooms | Villas | Family Villas

WI-FI: Yes

Near: 5-minute ride from Pai Walking Street

Price Range: $116 a night for two people

The five-star Reverie Siam is designed for an indulgent stay.

The traditional furniture, central location, and friendly service are some of the things that make Reverie Sam such an exceptional place to stay. Rest and relax in their accommodations that are a charming mix of Thai and colonial influences. What’s more, the mountain view from the rooms are simply breathtaking!

If you can tear yourself away from your rooms, you can spend the day soaking up the sun at their two outdoor pools or take an organized trip to the Pai river. Don’t miss out on their on-site restaurant which serves top-notch contemporary Thai cuisine!

Check prices and read reviews: | Agoda

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Whether you’re looking to stay somewhere on a budget or you’re looking to go all out and splurge, Pai has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodations! Hopefully, this article has helped you find a place to stay while you’re in Pai.

If you’re looking for things to do in Pai, check out some of our guides!

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