Lost In Paradise: Baan Sujipuri Review

written by local expert Rob and Eve

Robert and Eve are world travelers who have lived in Thailand and other parts of the world. Between Robert’s background in travel and tourism combined with Eve’s mind-blowing perspective on photography makes them the perfect team of conquerors.

Everyone wants to escape sometimes. And whether you are suffering from drapetomania (the urge to run away) or simply grabbing a bag and venturing off, escape is a natural part of adventuring that sometimes lands you in the most amazing locations.

Imagine escaping from Bangkok to a beautiful view of rocky cliffs on one side and a never-ending field of Toi Tong (Thai yellow flowers) on the other. You’re slowly bouncing your way over a rocky road that is still wet from last night’s rain. The odd motorbike drives by waving a friendly hello as you swerve to avoid the crater pot-holes slowing you down. You’ve been driving for the last 20 minutes and you lightly rattle the GPS as it indicates nothing but fields for the last 10 kilometers. Praying that the tires are still intact, your turn into a small side street and drive up to a series of wooden cabins hiding in the forest. You park and are immediately greeted by Yoshi, Sumo, and Nina, the canine guests of honor that will be checking you in. Relieved (and a bit confused), you’ve just arrived at Baan Sujipuri.

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Getting Lost In Paradise

With nothing but an active Facebook page highlighting their three special friends, Baan Sujipuri is an escapist’s paradise.There are six traditional Thai “houses” built out of simple materials to stay in that don’t have air conditioning or TV but include a bathroom with hot water and a proper toilet (always important). Apart from that, there is a fan in the room as well as a few basic amenities. Wifi is only accessed at a special pavilion outside of the house. You are surrounded by the sounds of a stable next door and a temple in the distance who bangs a drum once in awhile to signify mealtimes.

There is a small little stream to go swimming in alongside with a homemade water slide. Alternatively, you can also grab one of the bikes and just go for a ride around. Once you are worn out take a nap in any one of the pavilions to the sounds of birds and horses. When you get hungry there is a mini restaurant and bar that you can just walk up to. The family-owned resort serves easy fare with fried rice or delicious vegetables as their staple. But it won’t be long into your meal where you are interrupted by any one of the Baan Sujipuri dogs.

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Three Dogs, Three Different Personalities

The resort is famous for its three Golden Retrievers consisting of two boys (Yoshi and Sumo) and one girl (Nina). Just as you arrive and step out of the car, Yoshi and Nina are there with their noses inviting you to play. You will know which one is Yoshi as he always carries a tennis ball wherever he goes. Sumo doesn’t always greet you but you can hear him barking by the stream waiting for someone to throw a branch into the water so that he can pounce on it and bring it back. Yoshi_Jacket

The three dogs have different personalities that consist of fun, friendly and friendlier. Between their charm and patience, it only takes minutes to fall in love with. What is even more stunning is their intellect. Yoshi has taught himself to roll the ball down the slide, chase it and bring it back. Usually with Nina behind him trying to grab his leg or tail. After a few hours you would think they would be exhausted (you definitely are), but with the fresh air, cool water, and great company, they are bursting with energy until it gets dark. The resort is (obviously) pet-friendly so you can also bring your own four-legged family member. Eve-with-Nina

Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere

Baan Sujipuri is located in the area of Pak Chong in Thailand about three hours away from Bangkok. Driving there is an adventure on its own as the road loops you in different directions. The GPS will guide you through odd roads but use these coordinates for the most accuracy. A warning though for huge potholes as you are really in the rural area of the province. At night, there are no lights on the roads. The good news is that you are very close to the 2090 highway going to Khao Yai which is packed full of activities from go-karting, strawberry picking, winery tours and even a chocolate factory. dogs thailand

So how much does paradise cost? Not much in fact. Depending on how large of a house you want to get the range will be THB 1,000 to 3,000 a night. That will include a simple Thai breakfast of rice porridge and a hot cup of coffee. Oh, and of course the great four-legged company. So if you are looking for an escape or (know someone who needs one), visit Baan Sujipuri for even a weekend you won’t forget.

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