Axe Throwing Bangkok: Experiencing The First Ever Axe Throwing Spot in Thailand

written by local expert Rob and Eve

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It’s not every day that someone hands you over a 12-inch hatchet and asks you to throw it against a board but that is precisely what the sport of axe throwing is. Although only established a few years ago in North America, axe throwing is growing to a more and more popular sport in many places around the world. And we had the opportunity to experience Thailand’s very first axe throwing venue – The Golden Axe Throw Club. If you’re looking for something peculiar and odd to do while in Bangkok, we’ve got you covered!

New To Thailand

The Golden Axe Throw Club is the very first axe throwing venue in Bangkok (and Thailand at the time when we first wrote this). Located in the Lat Phrao area a little away from the city center. The venue is a huge warehouse building that features rows of caged lanes, wooden crates and a huge homemade bar. Of course the venue was still slowly being developed but there will also be a space dedicated to knife throwing and mobile targets.

The kind owner, Nelson brought the sport over from Toronto, Canada where he was active in it for quite some time. His plan is to begin the very first, local axe throwing league in Thailand and with over 3,000 supporters worldwide, there are surely more to come soon.

As mentioned, this is one of our weird and wacky suggestions for things to do in Bangkok! As locals in Bangkok, we love the variety of things to do in this city from playing tourist, checking out the rooftop bars, and now axe throwing! Axe Throwing in Bangkok Thailand

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Throwing Axes, Really?

It may sound dangerous and crazy, as the only time we’ve seen people wielding axes is either as lumberjacks or killers in horror movies but this thrilling sport gets competitive. You basically throw an axe at a target, aiming to hit as close as possible to the bullseye. Of course, it is not that easy but that is where technique and practice come along.

Throwers stand in a lane about 6 meters away from the target and take turns throwing their axe to achieve the most points. Similar to darts (with the possibility of losing fingers of course), the competitor with the most points wins the game.

Then there is the badass tie-breaker where if the points are tied, the winner is decided by throwing an even larger axe. Funny enough, this large axe was half the size of Eve so we had to let her test it out.For those who are more creative and experiences, there are some trick-shots and special ways of throwing the axe.

There is also two small green dots called the “clutch,” which is worth the highest number of points and you have to call it out. We were all thinking how to translate “clutch” into Thai but left that to Nelson and his team. The best part is rubbing in a last-minute victory, clutch or no clutch beating them by just one or two points.

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Axe Throwing: Experience & Your Safety

Before you start throwing anything, you sign a safety waiver stating that if you lose any fingers, it was probably because you did something stupid. Then you are taken to a lane where you are explained the safety elements to avoid any danger.

Lastly, you are shown how to hold the axe and the necessary footwork to make sure your axe sticks in the target. It sounds simple enough, but even after the first ten throws, our axes were still bouncing off the target rather than cutting in nicely. Adjusting the footing, putting your leg up or even flicking the wrist; it takes some time to get in the motion.

When we visited the Golden Axe Throwing Club, a few lanes were open and Nelson still had more plans with the rest of the venue. The location will be a wonderful spot for some weekend entertainment or even team-building in a few months when it is fully functional. It won’t be too long where you will see axe throwing championships and tournaments in Thailand.
Axe throwing Venue bangkok

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Where Is It & How Much?

Axe throwing is only available to anyone over the age of 17. The Golden Axe Club is located down Lat Phrao Wang Hin 67 Alley off of Lad Prao Wanghin Road and across from Paediatric Dentist. Click here to open in Google Maps

It is open weekdays from 16:00 to 23:00 (Friday it opens from 11:00) and on weekends from 10:00 to 23:00. At the moment of writing this, the club had a discounted walk-in price of THB 350 per hour from the regular rate of THB 500.

For private sessions, the rate is THB 800 where you can throw as much as you like. It is not located around any BTS or Airport Link stations so your best bet is taking a taxi or application Uber or Grab. For any more questions, visit their website or drop a quick mail.

We’ve always wanted to experience axe throwing and now anyone can in Bangkok with the Golden Axe Throwing Club. Have fun!

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