Where to Stay in Málaga, Spain: Neighborhood Guide + Top Accommodation Picks!

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Located way on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula lies Málaga, eagerly awaiting visitors from all over the globe drawn in by the magnificent art, rich history, and lively culture that has led it to be one of the most outstanding places to visit in Spain.

You get it all in this lovely place: cobblestone streets reminiscent of a time long ago, large city centers with high-end shopping, and best of all: endless strips of beach for a dose of the warm Mediterranean!

view of malaga, spain

No matter what you’re coming to Málaga for, you’ll need a place to stay, which is why we’ve broken down the city by neighborhood to help you get a feel for the place. We’ve also picked out specific accommodation options based on a range of budgets. No matter how much you’re willing to spend, you’re sure to have a cozy place to call your own for your stay in Málaga.

Where to Stay in Málaga, Spain: Neighborhood Guide

Málaga has several distinct neighborhoods, each offering visitors a different piece of the city. Here’s a breakdown of each neighborhood so you can get a sense of the city and understand what each one has in store!

Málaga Centro

Málaga Centro, or Old Town, is the center of the city and where you can find most of the historic buildings, narrow streets, and plenty of museums.

Those who are looking to experience a little bit of everything while in Málaga will be best suited to a stay in Centro. On a stroll along the medieval streets of Old Town, you’ll get to experience remains from Roman and Phoenician times, churches built in both a Baroque and Renaissance-style, and the massive Málaga Cathedral, a divine centerpiece for this southern city.

large cathedral in malaga spain

Centro is also filled to the brim with art and culture, from the Art Deco palaces from a time long ago to the “Art Mile,” along which you can find the Picasso museums, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Museum of Music, the Museum of Arts and Popular Culture, and my personal favorite, the Wine Museum.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the fortress palace, Alcazaba as well as the Gibralfaro Castle which create the perfect setting for wandering along narrow, cobble-stoned streets.

Besides all of the attractions that make Old Town such a special place to visit, you can also find loads of tapas bars, shops, small galleries, and poppin’ nightlight. There’s a huge range of accommodation options in this area as well, making it an ideal place to stay on a trip to Málaga.

Calle Marques de Larios

If you’re looking for an area a bit more recent than medieval times, Calle Larios is the place to be. The centerpiece of this area is Larios Street, a giant pedestrian-only street that’s famous throughout Spain for its beauty and high-end shopping.

This is certainly a more commercial district than Old Town. But you’ll find yourself being swept away by the 19th century architecture inspired by Chicago, with curved walls and floors that rise high above the streets.

Calle Larios is a posh place to stay (or hang out in). There are tons of fancy cocktail bars, high-end shops, and five-star restaurants. But besides all of the glitz and glamour that makes up this neighborhood, it’s also super central which means that those staying in the area will be able to get around the rest of the city on foot with total ease.


Similar to most SoHos throughout the world, this is probably the most hip area in Málaga. It came to life as a revival project for the area south of Alameda, and has turned into a total cultural hub that combines business, leisure, and commerce into one area. Pretty cool, right?

SoHo is a great place to escape the old-time feel of Málaga and instead immerse yourself in modernity.

It’s the best spot in the city for contemporary, modern, and street art, which is evident as soon as you set foot in the district. There’s tons of graffiti by famed street artists. Plus, SoHo is home to the Contemporary Art Center which not only has some out-of-this-world exhibitions, but runs events and workshops as well!

While SoHo isn’t in the heart of Málaga, it’s easy to get around as there are many bus lines that service SoHo and can take you around the rest of the city and beyond.

La Malagueta

For those looking to stay on the beach, La Malagueta is the place for you!

La Malagueta is the old industrial and fishing district of Málaga. It still retains some of this old-timey charm, combined with contemporary elements that make this a hip place for anyone looking to hang out by the beach.

strip of sand, city and ocean at malaga beach

La Malagueta is the most popular beach in Málaga, with more than a kilometer of sandy areas for sunbathers. It is also one of the most famous urban beaches in all of Spain. Even if you aren’t staying in the area, it’s worth visiting to see what all the hype is about.

This neighborhood sits to the east of the center of the city. It’s filled with restaurants, beach bars, and Paseo de la Carola, a long pedestrian street filled with things to do with amazing sea views.

Don’t forget to try pescaito frito while you’re down there – it’s a local specialty!

Transit Area

A final Málaga neighborhood for your consideration is the transit area, which is a huge hub for trains and buses. It’s an ideal location for business travelers who are visiting the city.

Málaga is home to Maria Zambrano, one of the most important train stations in all of Spain. From this station, you can catch trains that run around the region, as well as throughout the rest of Spain. It’s home to the AVE high-speed train which will get you to Madrid in two and a half hours and Barcelona in five and a half hours. You can also catch a train to the airport here, which is convenient if you’ve just come for a quick stay.

Besides the bustling station, this area also has tons of hotels and plenty of restaurants. This makes it an appealing option for anyone looking for a quick Malaga stay, with easy access to everywhere else in Spain!

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What’s the Best Area to Stay in Málaga?

The best area to stay in on a trip to Málaga is totally subjective and depends on what you’re looking for.

In my opinion, staying in Old Town or Centro is best because you’re right in the middle of things.

You’re steps away from some of the city’s most famous attractions and tons of amazing museums, all while getting to experience an old-time charm that you can’t really find anywhere else in the city. It’s a great way to transport yourself to medieval times while still enjoying modern accommodations, delicious food, and life after the sun goes down.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to see Málaga off the beaten path, a stay in SoHo may suit you better. While many people may take a trip to SoHo during their time in the city, it’s definitely not the most popular place to stay, but has a charm that you don’t get anywhere else (except for maybe New York City).

Waking up in the morning and seeing art as soon as you look outside your window is ideal for lots of people, especially for those looking for more budget accommodations!

aerial view of malaga

If you’ve made it all the way south for the beach, it’s obvious that a stay in La Malagueta is the best place for you. And if you’re traveling for business, or simply visiting just for a quick look around, you’ll probably find staying near the AVE station the most appealing option.

However, no matter which area you choose to stay in, you’re looking at paying pretty much the same price year-round.

Because Málaga is located so far south, it receives visitors throughout the year instead of just during Spain’s peak season. Due to this, you can expect to pay the same during the winter as you would in the summer. Just keep in mind that the times when prices do spike are around Christmas, Easter, and during major sporting events (the Spanish do love their futbol, after all!).

Best Budget Accommodations in Málaga, Spain

If you’re balling on a budget, there are plenty of places for you to stay in Málaga. Whether you’re on the hunt for a hostel or searching for a great deal on a low priced hotel, here are some of our top picks to get you started!

Malaga Stop Hostel AB

Quick Info

Room Type: 6/8-bed female dorm | 6/8-bed mixed dorm | Family room | Double room

Pool: No

Location: Málaga Centro

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $15 – $120 per night

If you’re a serious budget traveler, you already know that hostels are the way to go. In terms of staying in Málaga, the Stop Hostel AB should definitely be a top pick.

The place is chic, clean, and right on the edge of Centro, making it the perfect location for visiting all of the city’s attractions as well as going out at night.

The beds are super comfortable with lockers for each bunk. And there’s even air conditioning for when the days are too hot to handle. This is a great place to stay if you’re interested in meeting other travelers and being right in the thick of things.

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Alcazaba Premium Hostel

Quick Info

Room Type: Double room | Superior double room with balcony | Large family room

Pool: No

Location: Málaga Centro

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $55 – $90 per night

Another crazy cool hostel that attracts folks from far and wide is the Alcazaba Premium Hostel, sitting just under the famed fortress palace.

From the hostel’s terrace lounge, you have insane medieval views due to the structure behind you and gorgeous sights of the city in front. Seriously, it’s one of the best viewpoints in Málaga, so if this is what you’re seeking, stay here!

Besides the gorgeous vantage points you get here, the room choices cannot be beaten. You’ve got your choice of a family room (great for traveling with friends, too!), with shared bathrooms and plenty of common spaces where you can meet other travelers. The hostel also offers double rooms with private balconies (at a crazy reasonable price) for those looking for a little more privacy.

As far as budget accommodation goes, this is definitely one of your best options in Málaga.

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Hotel Don Curro

Quick Info

Room Type: Twin room | Double room | Triple room | Quadruple room |  Junior suite | Family room

Pool: No

Location: Málaga Centro

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $95 – $165 per night

If you’re traveling with friends or family and are looking for a total steal when it comes to accommodation, Hotel Don Curro has tons of options catered to those traveling in groups.

They offer standard twin and double rooms, but go above and beyond with triples, quadruples, junior suites, and family rooms, with beds for between 3 to 8 people! Forget the roll away cot, at Don Curro, you’ll be sleeping in comfort, no matter how many people there are.

This hotel is just next to Málaga Cathedral, making it an ideal place to stay for sightseeing. Plus, it’s only a 15-minute walk from the beach!

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Málaga

Vacations are about splurging sometimes, and a mid-range budget goes a long way in Málaga. Hotels that are priced between $100 – $200 a night are typically gorgeous, in an ideal location, and come with great meals, too!

Mariposa Hotel

Quick Info

Room Type: Standard | Executive | Double superior | Suite standard | Suite

Pool: No

Location: SoHo

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $128 – $180 per night

For a swanky SoHo stay, Mariposa Hotel does the trick. A super solid mid-range option, when you arrive at this cool hotel, you’ll be greeted by terracotta warriors sitting out front and friendly staff ready to help you with whatever you need.

Despite the reasonable price, you can expect four-star service here in the form of plush rooms, a rooftop restaurant, and a spa for your comfort. There’s even a fitness center if walking around the city isn’t enough for you!

The Mariposa is just steps from some of SoHo’s most noteworthy attractions and is a quick walk or ride into Centro. If you don’t want to break the bank but are looking to stay in luxury, this is a perfect option.

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Hotel Barceló Malaga

Quick Info

Room Type: Double | Superior | Triple | Deluxe | Junior suite | Junior suite family

Pool: Yes

Location: Maria Zambrano Railway Station

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $100 – $200 per night

For perhaps the “hippest” stay in Málaga, book a room at Hotel Barceló! The property features modern and colorful decor that’s as cozy as it is stylish. And it has top-of-the-line facilities that will keep you well looked after for the duration of your stay.

The rooms boast city views so you can feel like you’re in the thick of things even when you’re chilling out. It’s extra easy to get around as the hotel is just next to public transport and the railway that takes you all over Spain.

Besides the spacious rooms, this hotel has an awesome rooftop pool and lounge area, perfect for relaxing in between city excursions. Take advantage of the fitness center and sauna, and fuel up for your day with the delicious breakfast provided.

This is an awesome option for those who aren’t looking to spend a ton but want to be well-taken care of while in Málaga.

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Hotel MS Maestranza

Quick Info

Room Type: Standard | Double | Twin | Superior double

Pool: No

Location: La Malagueta

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $119 – $180 per night

Here’s one last mid-range options for all of the beach bums headed to Málaga for some sunshine. Hotel Maestranza is less than 300 meters to La Malagueta!

The high rise tower that makes up the hotel has magnificent views of the entire city, ocean, and surrounding mountains, creating the perfect setting for any Malaga trip. But with the hot tub, spa, steam room, and fitness center that round the place out, you may find yourself never wanting to leave!

Besides the awesome rooms and extra facilities, this hotel is a great place to kick back for a drink at the bar or a delicious local meal at the restaurant in between beaching and sightseeing. Hotel Maestranza has it all!

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Luxury Málaga Hotels

Finally, for those seeking some serious five-star treatment, here are a couple of luxury hotels in Málaga that should definitely be considered if you like to stay in style.

Ilunion Malaga

Quick Info

Room Type: Standard double | Standard twin | Triple | Junior suite | Two connecting double rooms

Pool: Yes

Location: Málaga Centro

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $248 – $380 per night

Right in the city center, this luxury stay is seriously something of dreams. Ilunion Malaga is a massive complex, with state-of-the-art facilities and gorgeous places to relax or enjoy a meal.

With a fitness center, spa, sauna, swimming pool, bar, and several restaurants, it seems like there’s nothing lacking at this lovely hotel. The rooms are beyond spacious and as plush as can be. Kick back on your giant, cloud-like bed, take in views of the city right from your window, and splurge for some room service… you know you want to!

With tons of different options to choose from, you’re sure to find a room here that suits your vacation needs if you don’t mind spending on it.

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

Hotel Soho Bahia

Quick Info

Room Type: Standard double | Standard triple | Double | Twin | Junior suite

Pool: No

Location: SoHo

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $500 – $585 per night

If you’re looking for a true splurge when it comes to accommodation in Málaga, Hotel Soho Bahia definitely has you covered.

Situated right in the heart of SoHo, you get the trendy atmosphere at this hotel with a true luxury component. Each room features modern amenities, with ultimate comfort in the fluffy towels and robes.

But what really stands out are the common spaces here.

The roof terrace is a perfect place to hang out and get a feel for Málaga. Enjoy a meal, bask in the sun and catch up with friends over a drink. You’ll love spending time looking out over the city and being surrounded by mountains.

Rooms here come at quite the steep price tag, but talk about perfect vacation vibes!

Compare prices and check availability: Booking.com | Agoda

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Now that you know all the great deals on hotels in Málaga, are you ready for your trip?

Being such a special place in Spain, any trip here deserves equally special accommodation. No matter your budget or where you’d like to stay, there are plenty of options, most of which are walking distance to major attractions.

Finding somewhere to stay while in Málaga shouldn’t be challenging, and hopefully this list brought you a little closer to the hotel of your dreams!

PS: Before you leave on your trip, be sure you’ve got everything you need — check out our Europe Packing List.

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