Bungee Jump in Barcelona Review: The Epic Thrill of Bridge Jumping

written by local expert John Weedin V

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1… 2… 3… JUMP!

Along the northeastern reaches of Spain, Barcelona serves as a seaport in the autonomous community of Catalonia. This city of culture, art, and architecture is a must-visit while traveling through Spain.

Although not as well-known for adrenaline-seeking activities, you do not have to wander far from the city center to take part in your fair share. Activities off the coast include jetskiing, parasailing, surfing. You can also venture inland to try activities that take advantage of the varied terrain such as rock climbing, mountain biking, or maybe jumping off a bridge.

Let’s pause and reflect on that last one.

Have you ever said, “I’m going to jump off a bridge”?

You’d have to be in a crazed state of mind to say such a thing, or maybe you said it as a joke without serious consideration. Or you are a bit crazy and you live for the adrenaline-filled moments that let you know you are alive.

I fall into the latter category.

Bridge jumping in Barcelona is an affordable, highly stimulating activity that pushes you to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone.

In this review, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the activity, how to book it, and the company that puts it all together for those brave enough to take the jump. By the end, I will provide my Adventure Seeker verdict assessing the overall value of bridge jumping in Barcelona to help you determine if it’s worth seeking out or not.

Why Go Bridge Jumping in Barcelona 

The hustle and bustle of Barcelona can entrance travelers into their daily motions of city life without branching outside of the city’s normal sightseeing features. However, with convenient public transit, it is easy to access activities around and even outside of Barcelona itself.

A refreshing respite in the mountains due west of the city, the hardly humble 30-meter (98 feet) bridge jump in the small municipality of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia provides the opportunity to push yourself outside of your comfort zone while enjoying the fresh air and more scenic nature of the area to change up the pace of city life.

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My Experience: The Adrenaline Rush of Bridge Jumping in Barcelona

Preparation and Getting to the Bridge

I laughed to myself when I awoke, “I’m going to jump off a bridge today.”

Hardly able to contain my excitement, I quickly dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes — as recommended by Catalonia Adventures, the activity provider. With no previous experience required, all needed materials and gear would be provided at the jump site.

I departed on the Rodalies (R4) train from Plaça de Catalunya, headed northwest in the direction of Sant VicenÇ De Calders. Approximately 45 minutes and 11 stops later, I arrived at the Sant Sadurní­ D’anoia train station.

Sant Sadurní­ D'anoia train station
Arriving at Sant Sadurní­ D’anoia train station

Copying “Sant Sadurní­ D’anoia, 08770, Barcelona” into Google Maps will show you the closest station to depart from. Alternatively, you could, of course, drive to the destination.

Take a right from the train station parking lot, followed by a left at the fork. and within a 5-minute walk, you’re on the bridge that crosses over the Riera de Lavernó. With some coordinating with Catalonia Adventures, you could have them pick you up from the train station parking lot as well.

I arrived at 10:30am, with jumpers already taking the plunge to the depths below.  On either side of the road are a steel barricade and a meter-and-a-half of sidewalk before the fence that provides a barrier from the 30-meter drop to the ravine below.

Pau, a tall, friendly, young man in his 20s with good English, introduced himself and assured me I’d be up shortly.

After I watched a local couple jump tandem, Pau handed me a clipboard to “sign my life away.” Chuckling, Pau followed up with, “just a joke,” and highlighted that I was acknowledging that I don’t have any heart disease, back problems, epilepsy, am not pregnant, or have had previous limb dislocations.

From the other side of the road, Marià, Pau’s father who started Catalonia Adventures over 20 years ago, walked over to introduce himself as well.

After a brief banter with Marià, Pau gauged my nervousness by asking if I was scared.  Masking my minor anxieties with blind confidence, I quickly replied, “No, I’m excited. ¡Vamos!”

The Bridge Jump

Before I knew it, I was stepping into the harness. It wrapped around my legs and crotch area and went up over my shoulders to connect on my chest area with a carabiner.

Holding them together, Pau tightened the clasps while checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable and that nothing was too tight. Then he strapped on a helmet before explaining the process of the jump, which involves two dynamic (non-elastic) ropes.

Pau also asked how I would like to jump. He recommended a swan dive from the railing for the best angle with my GoPro camera.

Partly afraid of standing atop of the 5-centimeter (2-inch) thick railing, I asked if I could take a couple of steps to hurdle myself over the edge. Pau, taken aback, agreed as long as I was sure I could clear the railing which is approximately a meter high.

Marià, with ropes in hand, determining my fate in the upcoming jump, began tying a knot while conversing with me. Next thing I knew, he was slipping a noose knot around my neck, asking if I was ready. Before I had time to answer while laughing, he removed the knot while apologizing.

bridge jump in barcelona
Marià is full of jokes to keep the mood light

Then he swiftly went to work, tying the correct knots around the carabiner and locks near my chest and sternum area.

After double-checking everything was set up correctly, Marià headed over to the opposite side of the bridge. He secured the ropes that were hanging underneath the bridge and connected to the carabiner and locks.

Adventure Seeker Tip #1: For GoPro users, no need to bring a camera mount — just the attachment around the casing. They have a selfie stick, literally a stick, to attach the camera to.

Pau stood beside me, with others awaiting the jump watching from a few meters away.  Once again reviewing the steps, Pau confirmed I was ready and understood the jump process, with no concerns or worries.

From the other side of the bridge, Marià yelled, “Ready, John?”  I held up my hand in an A-okay sign as I held down the butterflies in my stomach, and Marià continued, “1 … 2 … Jump, GO!”

ready, set, jump!
No going back now

Time stopped and there was no space for fear.

With my right hand holding the GoPro, I took a power step with a big leap, propelling myself over the fence and using my left hand as a guide making sure I cleared the ledge.

Accidentally, albeit somewhat gracefully, I ended up front flipping over the edge, sending myself into the abyss below.

Less than a second passed and the inertia of the fall hastily jerked my momentum into an arcing motion under the bridge.  Adrenaline peaking on the initial upswing, my head flooded with dopamine, happy to be swinging in a pendulum motion rather than a face-first splat onto the ground below.

Back and forth several swings as Marià slowly eased more rope loose, leading me down to level-ground.

after the bridge jump
Swinging at peace

Adventure Seeker Tip #2:  Try to jump as far from the edge as possible as this leads to the smoothest arcing motion of the rope.  I hardly leapt out from the ledge, leading to minor whiplash from the point of freefall to down swinging motion.

On the ground, I met Pilar, Pau’s mom and Marià’s wife, who checked to make sure I was okay. She then directed me up the path leading back to the bridge above.

Not a strenuous hike, but it was a bit of its own adventure. The hike includes a ladder made of steel wiring embedded into the rock foundation under the bridge.

the hike back up to the bridge after the jump
Rope and ladder to help assist jumpers back up to the bridge

Cheers rang from Pau and the others as I crossed the threshold back onto the bridge. I still could feel the adrenaline flowing through me as Pau confirmed I was alright and had a good time.

Our Overall Review of Bridge Jumping in Barcelona

If you’re into adrenaline-fueled activities, then I have no doubt you would enjoy this bridge jump by Catalonia Adventures. The set-up and jump itself took no more than 45 minutes but I stuck around to hang and chat with Pau and Marià.

The views from the bridge are not on a national park or write-home-to-mom scale, but not forgetting that you’re less than 50km from the city, it is a beautifully scenic area with a tranquil feel.

Surrounding vineyards add to the serenity of the setting.

It is not every day (and maybe only once in a lifetime experience!) that you can jump off a bridge that undoubtedly accredits a certain WOW factor.

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As far as value, I think it is worth every penny for the price.  Bungee jumps and similar activities are often priced double of the costs of this activity. Not to mention, you get better rates for choosing two jumps or a tandem jump with a partner.

The activity’s challenge level all depends on you.

I’m not particularly afraid of heights so I didn’t hesitate to fling myself over the 30-meter edge, but I think everyone else I witnessed let out a yelp or two upon jumping.

Catalonia Adventures recommends you be at least 14 years of age and suggests you contact them beforehand if you weigh over 100 kg (220 lbs). For reference, a 150 kg (330 lbs) person completed the jump.

Taking in the camaraderie of the family, assuring their customers have the best time possible with the jump, and the rush of adrenaline and dopamine, I would highly recommend this experience to all adventure seekers.

Our Review: Bridge Jumping in Barcelona

The superb value of this highly stimulating activity, along with the peaceful escape from Barcelona’s hectic city pace, makes this bridge jump a must-do activity just outside of Barcelona.

No previous experience required
Gear included
Great value for money
Minor whiplash due to not jumping far enough from bridge

Check Buying Options

after bridge jump in barcelona
Pau and I post-jump. Todo bien!

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Booking a Bridge Jump in Barcelona: What You Need to Know

I booked the activity through Adrenaline Hunter which a website that lists adventure activities all around the world. The booking process for the bridge jump was very straightforward and easy.

Check out the bridge jump on Adrenaline Hunter, where they have 41 reviews with a 4.9/5 star rating (at the time of writing).

Catalonia Adventures hosts the jump every day of the year, except for New Year’s Day, from approximately 9.00am to 2.00pm. Marià estimates an average of 20 jumpers every day.

jump from this bridge!

Adventure Seeker Tip #3:  Pau and Marià both chose canyoning as their favorite activity they offer.  If you come during canyoning season and you’ve got the time, definitely consider this option as well.

The activity costs 35 euros for one jump. It’s 55 euros for two jumps (solo) or also 55 euros for a tandem jump. This includes all the equipment needed for the activity, with no additional costs to complete the jump.

Have trust in Pau and Marià who’ll ensure you have a fun and safe jump. Marià started the company over 22 years ago and has helped guests safely execute 35,000+ jumps with zero accidents. A perfect record also for Pau who guesstimates he has led more than 3,000 jumps in his seven years of working with his dad.

Knowing that the jump is led by a small, family-run operation, founded by the character that is Marià in June 1997 after he couldn’t stand working for someone else in a structured job, has made this experience all the more cherishable and unforgettable.

Bridge jumping is definitely one of the best things you can do in Barcelona!

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