Best Palau Liveaboards: The Best Dive Boats for 2024

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Palau is a dream destination for many divers all over the world. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the best Palau liveaboards plus a few more tips for those planning a trip!

Between its warm tropical waters, fantastic sea walls covered in corals, drop-offs boasting of a variety of animals, and a plethora of large pelagics and sharks, it is no wonder people flock here every year to enjoy some of the best diving in the world.

Palau, or Belau, is a 100-mile long archipelago located southeast of the Philippines. This island country in Micronesia is made up of 250 islands, and boasts of some of the best marine life imaginable.

Due to the vast number of islands and the remote locations of dive sites, exploring the area by liveaboard is the most popular (and best) option.

To help you choose the best option for you, we’ve put together this list of Palau liveaboard reviews as well as information on diving in Palau and its popular dive sites.

Editor’s Top Palau Liveaboard Picks

Best Value Liveaboard in Palau


Max Divers: 20

Rooms: 10 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 13

Best Luxury Liveaboard in Palau

Palau Siren

Max Divers: 16

Rooms: 8 /AC

Best Liveaboard for Extended Diving Itineraries in Palau

Truk Master

Max Divers: 16

Rooms: 8 /AC

Bathrooms: 8

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Best Palau Liveaboards Comparison Table

Boat NamePriceGuestsShared CabinsPhotography StationExtended ItinerariesReviews
No Divebooker
Solitude One$$22
No Divebooker
Rock Island Aggresor$18
No Divebooker
Palau Aggresor II$18
No Divebooker
Truk Master$$8
Yes Divebooker
Ocean Hunter III$$$16
Yes Divebooker
Palau Siren$$$16
Yes Divebooker

Palau Liveaboard Reviews


Max. Divers: 20 guests

Rooms: 10 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 13

Explore the best of the Truk Lagoon in Micronesia aboard the 58m SS Thorfinn. The ship is equipped with 10 air-conditioned cabins with TV and DVD players, four decks to lounge on, and a spacious salon.

The ship itself is large and spacious, giving guests the freedom to roam and relax after their dives. The spa deck also has a 12-person outdoor jacuzzi where you can unwind after a full day of diving.

For your scuba diving needs, the liveaboard has ample storage space, camera maintenance, and charging areas. The crew is attentive and helpful, giving you the best possible level of service possible.

The best part about this liveaboard is that it includes free dive equipment rental as well as free Nitrox.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Transfers/pickups from Airport, diving gear, Tanks, Weights, Belts, Divemaster Services, All Meals, Free Nitrox

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for the Thorfinn

Solitude One

Max. Divers: 22 guests

Rooms: 10 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 10

When it’s not sailing and doing liveaboard trips in the Philippines, this beautiful boat takes guests to some of the best dive sites in Micronesia.

Renovated in 2013, this vessel is outfitted with 10 luxurious cabins with en-suite bathrooms, giving you one of the most luxurious diving holiday experiences possible.

The boat has numerous decks, and even a hot tub for the ultimate relaxing end to your day. With fine cuisine, beach BBQ, and buffet-style meals, you’ll be well-fed throughout your entire trip.

Dive groups are kept small and are expertly led by seasoned divers and professionals.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Complimentary toiletries, Transfers/pickups from airport, Tanks, Weights, Belts, Divemaster services, All meals, Possible fuel surcharge, Towels Provided

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for Solitude One

Rock Islands Aggressor

Max. Divers: 18 guests

Rooms: 9 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 10

The M/V Rock is part of the Aggressor fleet of liveaboards, and it is a luxury liveaboard that runs all-year-round in the beautiful waters of Palau. Explore channels, walls teeming with marine life, caves, and caverns as you enjoy up to five action-packed dives a day.

The boat is spacious, and has 9 cabins equipped for maximum comfort. When you’re not diving, you can relax on the sun deck complete with loungers and chairs.

The onboard chef prepares daily local and American food, and your meals are topped with complimentary beer, wine, and other beverages.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Complimentary Toiletries, Tanks, Weights, Belts, All Meals, Alcoholic Beverages

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for the Rock Islands Aggressor

Palau Aggressor II

Max. Divers: 18 guests

Rooms: 9 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 10

As part of the Aggressor fleet, the Palau Aggressor is a world-class liveaboard boat which sails around Palau all-year-round.

Offering up to five dives a day, guests are pampered with luxurious cabins, and the best international and local cuisines. Complimentary wine, beer, and other beverages are also extended to guests throughout your stay.

When you’re not diving, make the most out of the boat’s spacious sun deck, bar service, and lounge.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Complimentary Toiletries, Tanks, Weights, Belts, All Meals, Alcoholic Beverages

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for the Palau Aggressor

Truk Master

Max. Divers: 16 guests

Rooms: 8 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 8

Running all-year-round, the Truk Master takes you to some of the best wrecks in the Truk Lagoon. With over 60 wrecks, you will be spoilt for choice as you explore supply vessels, planes, and even submarines, providing you with an unreal and unforgettable scuba diving experience.

The 37m boat has 8 cabins and an indoor lounge area with an attached entertainment system.

For your diving needs, it is equipped with a large dive deck, personal storage area, camera station, as well as rinse tanks. For underwater photographers, enjoy a dedicated indoor setup area for all your gear.

The staff on the Truk Master will help you make the most out of your dive holiday by ensuring that you are well-supported during every dive.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Transfers/pickups from Airport, Tanks, Weights, Belts, Divemaster Services, All Meals, Towels

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for the Truk Master

Ocean Hunter III

Max. Divers: 16 guests

Rooms: 8 cabins / AC

Bathrooms: 8

Designed with comfort in mind, the M/V Ocean Hunter III is a great choice for divers who want to cruise Palau in style.

This 29m liveaboard has 8 private cabins and has a large TV and entertainment system in the salon. The deck has two jacuzzis, perfect for those who want to unwind with a cold beer after an afternoon of diving.

For underwater photographers, there is a large work station where you can process your photos after every dive. The spacious dive platform on board allows you to gear up with ease.

Due to the small guest capacity, the staff works with guests to create custom dive itineraries and can provide personal help while underwater.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Transfers/pickups from Airport, Tanks, Weights, Belts, Divemaster Services, All Meals, Towels Provided

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for the Ocean Hunter III

Palau Siren

Max. Divers: 16 guests

Rooms: 8 cabins / AC

This 40m beauty was designed to help guests make the most out of their Palau liveaboard holiday. From the attentive 12-man crew to the large spacious decks and salons, the Palau Siren is designed to please.

The luxurious cabins are well-designed and planned out while the lounge area is equipped with a 42″ TV and entertainment system. Guests can lounge in the various outdoor decks and dining areas as well as get daily massages on the sun deck.

The best part about the Palau Siren is that they offer their guests free use of their dive equipment and free Nitrox at no additional charge.

What’s Included: VAT, Accommodation, Complimentary Toiletries, Transfers/pickups from Airport, Diving Gear, Tanks, Weights, Belts, All Meals, Free Nitrox, Towels

Click the button below to learn more and check the prices and availability for the Palau Siren

FAQ on Diving in Palau

Is Palau good for diving?

Palau offers some of the best diving in the world and is often a site frequented by divers from all over the world. It is famous for drift dives where you can see a ton of sharks, large pelagics, and colorful fish.

The best part about diving in Palau is how remote it is. This means, a lot of destinations are virtually untouched which is why we recommend going on a liveaboard as it is truly the best way to see the many dive spots in the area.

What is the best time to dive in Palau?

Generally speaking, Palau has two seasons: rainy and dry. However, despite the two seasons, diving is generally available all-year-round.

Rainy season is from June to August, when the trade winds shift, bringing about more rain. During this time, visibility underwater ranges from 20 to 40 meters (on good days!).

The best time to dive in Palau would be around November to May, when you have the best weather and an increase in the number of pelagics.

If you want to see manta rays, they are seen in the area all-year-round while sharks are best seen during the month of March.

Palau liveaboard diving runs throughout the whole year. Thanks to various schedules and itineraries, it’s a diving destination you can enjoy year-round.

What makes Palau famous?

While there are plenty of reasons to go diving in Palau, it is known for its WWII wreck dives as well as for the infamous Jellyfish Lake where you can snorkel with thousands of stingless jellyfish.

Are there whale sharks in Palau?

Due to the remoteness of Palau, it is surrounded by deep waters and strong currents which make it a huge playground for large pelagics. Divers can enjoy swimming with whale sharks, dolphins, whales, manta rays, sharks, and other large creatures. Keep reading the section below to find out which dive sites we recommend visiting to see these majestic creatures.

Palau Liveaboard Diving Highlights

Home to many spectacular world-recognized dive sites, Palau is an ideal place to go on a diving holiday. Teeming with marine life, large pelagics, amazing wrecks, and top-notch dive sites, you’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring some of the most pristine reefs available.

Home to over 1,500 fish species and 700 species of coral, this area is at the center of marine biodiversity. Expect to see large gorgonian fans, soft corals, sharks, manta rays, and other large pelagics.

Apart from the vibrant marine life, a peculiar jellyfish lake makes Palau an interesting destination. Located on an uninhabited island off the coast of Koror in Palau is this unnatural phenomenon that provides guests with such a unique experience.

Swim through a lake full of stingless jellyfish that have lost their sting due to the lack of predators. However, please note that diving in the lake is not allowed to help preserve this unique ecosystem.

Some studies have shown that climate change has been affecting the jellyfish in the area, causing massive drops in their population, so seeing them while you can is a must!

Wreck dives are also a huge reason why Palau is so popular with divers.

Sites like the Iro Maru or the Amatsu Maru which is the largest wreck in Micronesia are all fun to explore. Swim through the many holes and crevices, exploring how ocean life has adapted themselves to the ship.

Another interesting site to dive is Jake Seaplane where you can see the wreckage of a seaplane at just 15 meters.


Palau Diving: What You Need to Know

Palau Diving Safety

Palau’s waters are more or less 90% protected by a marine sanctuary, ensuring the best conditions for your dives.

While most of the dive sites in Palau are accessible to divers of all levels, there are a few strong current dives where experience is necessary. If you are not experienced with dealing with strong currents, make sure you inform the divemaster so he can assist you throughout the dive.

Palau offers some of the most spectacular drift dives in the world and reef hooks are often used so you can just sit back, relax, and watch the ocean come to life before you.

A good practice is to ensure that you always have a neon dive flag or collapsible pole stowed in your BC pocket in case of the current sweeps you astray. Reef hooks and gloves are also advisable due to the strong currents.

For peace of mind during your diving adventures, we recommend having dive insurance in case of any medical emergencies.


Best Dive Sites in Palau

1. Blue Corner

Located in the southwest reefs of Palau and on the northwest end of Ngemelis Island lies one of the most famous dive sites in Palau. Blue Corner is one of the best places for shark spotting (13 different species live here!) and swimming among large schools of fish.

Besides sharks and schools, while diving Blue Corner, you’ll also see turtles, anthias, butterfly fish and Napoleon wrasse swimming around in the strong currents.

This dive site is suitable for advanced divers because of the strength of the currents. It also makes a great drift diving spot. Blue Corner is an action-packed dive that you’ll never forget!

2. German Channel

This site is called the German Channel because it was used by the Germans when they needed to move phosphorous from the lagoon to the ocean. The German Channel has strong currents, but the prime dive spot is southwest of the mouth of the channel.

The German Channel is popular as it gives explorers a chance to get up close to huge manta rays. This site is also great for night dives as it comes alive with octopus and other night dwelling creatures.

3. Iro Maru Wreck

Palau is a great place to dive if you’re interested in wrecks. Scattered below the surface lie World War II vessels and machinery that have since been integrated with the ocean’s ecosystem.

Iro Maru is a huge fleet oiler that is 473 feet long and takes multiple dives to fully explore. One of the most popular wreck sites, it draws in divers with its coral crusted cannons and other war equipment.

4. Chandelier Caves

If you’re into cave diving, this is the site for you!

Chandelier Caves is a site made up of five different caves that are filled with stalagmite formations that look like sparkling chandeliers. There is plenty to explore, with hidden surprises at every turn.

Chandelier Caves is a truly remarkable site, but you should be experienced and comfortable with cave diving before making the dive.

5. Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake is a truly unique phenomenon and is a highlight of most Palau trips.

While you would normally avoid jellyfish-infested waters at all costs, the jellyfish in this lake are completely harmless as they’ve lost their sting due to isolation.

This spot is a great place to snorkel and swim with millions of jellyfish. However, diving isn’t allowed as it is known to disrupt the ecosystem.


How to Get to Palau

To get to Palau, you have to fly to Koror’s Roman Tmetuchl International Airport (ROR). The airport is located just outside the southern town of Babeladaob Island.

There are currently seven gateways to Palau so direct International flights to these areas are recommended before catching a flight to Koror.

Palau International Gateways:

  • Manila, Philippines
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Guam
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Hong Kong, S.A.R.
  • Yap, Micronesia

Flights run on specific schedules so it is important to book everything ahead of time. Palau liveaboards also book out quite often so it is best to check schedules in advance.

However, sometimes there are last-minute bookings available so don’t forget to check for those too. We suggest using and Divebooker which offers a best price guarantee for any of their trips.

Best Diving Itineraries in Palau

Short Palau Liveaboard Trips

If you’re interested in taking a liveaboard trip to Palau, you’ll notice that most itineraries last seven nights. That means that you’ll have six full days of diving at different sites, as well as opportunities to explore the surrounding beaches and lagoons.

Liveaboard itineraries in Palau are flexible and where you dive is largely up to group preference. You can expect to see different wrecks, a vast amount of marine life, and healthy corals throughout your trip.

You’ll be diving three or four times a day, giving you more than 20 dives on a short trip!

Extended Palau Liveaboard Trips

If you’re an experienced diver and interested in being in the water for a little longer, some boats offer a 10-night itinerary, and you may even come across the rare 12-night experience.

Although it’s just a few days longer than the average Palau liveaboard trip, taking an extended trip will allow you to truly make the most of diving in Palau.

Some extended trips are structured around special events like the full and new moon. Events like these bring out special reactions from marine life and are truly a sight to behold.

If you’re interested in an unforgettable diving experience, consider looking into extended trips that have an event element. You will not be disappointed!

Plan the perfect Palau liveaboard here!

We hope this liveaboard comparison guide is useful and has helped you decide on which Palau liveaboard boat to go with.

Whichever liveaboard you choose, remember to enjoy and make the most out of the experience. Happy diving!

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