Epic Photo Walk of Mt. Bromo, Indonesia

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

Like most travelers, we headed to Java to see the famed sunrise at Mt. Bromo. However, unlike every other day, we were celebrating our first anniversary. Although we weren’t too excited about waking up early as we had just arrived after a 1am trek from Kawah Ijen, we knew the view and scenery would be worth it.

We began with an early 3am wake up call. We decided to hike to the sunrise point by ourselves rather than joining a tour. We bundled up in all our warmest clothes and began our ascent in the moonlit sky with the stars and the moon as our guide.

As soon as we got to the viewpoint, the sun started to emerge, coloring the sky in hues of orange and purple as it illuminated the valley below us.

Views from the top of mount bromo at sunriseTree silhouettes on a mountain Mountain peaks above the clouds

From where we stood, we could see the sea of clouds floating below us as we gazed at the beauty around us. Mt. Bromo in all its glory, let us enjoy this peaceful and serene moment to ourselves.

Unlike the other tourist swarmed sunrise points, there was a total of 6 people where we were at so we got to fully take in the breathtaking scene of the clouds and the mountain, slowly being lit up by the sun.

Despite having traveled to many different places and seen so many beautiful things, this moment was special. We knew that we would never forget that day.

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A view from the mountain top through plants A volcano with smoke coming out

Soon, everything was glowing as the sea of clouds created the perfect backdrop for this rather remarkable viewpoint.

We sat there rather mesmerized as we soaked it all in. The sun was shining, the weather was cool, and we were happy to be there.

We approached a lovely lady in her little straw hut and bought a cup of coffee to warm us up. We sat by a small little bench and enjoyed our stunning view.

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A view of mountains through cloudsThe peak of mount bromo above the cloudsA cup of coffee in front of mountain views through the clouds

We began our descent from our hike as we took photos of the things around us. By this time, the town of Cemoro Lawang was just coming to life. The beauty of this town was definitely overwhelming as we slowly made our way back to the homestay where we spent the night.

We got to our homestay and looked back and saw this beautiful road which we just spent the last three hours walking on.

A woman walking down a road on the mountain A hut on the mountain A road lined with trees leading to the summitA view of the summit over fields A horse among houses in the mountains

We packed up our bags and headed on a mini bus back to Probolingo in attempts to catch a local bus to our next destination, Yogyakarta. We left, extremely pleased by our decision not to join a tour as we had witnessed one of the most unforgettable moments that we had shared together.

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14 thoughts on “Epic Photo Walk of Mt. Bromo, Indonesia”

  1. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful place to enjoy it. I loved the clouds. Its always so awesome to see them as they rise.

  2. Gorgeous sights. I am not much of a morning riser (unless you mentioned Disney or a big city) but this looks very rewarding for your efforts. 😉

  3. I’m not a morning person but these photos are amazing and I’m sure dragging myself out of bed would be well worth the view! I’m headed to Java for 10 days beginning in October and Mt. Bromo is #1 on my priority list! What else do you recommend?

    • Definitely worth it! And do the hike by yourselves as the ones offered by the tours are full of tourists!! We maybe had 3 other people with us! Definitely check out Yogyakarta and do Borubudur and Prambanan temple. Aside from that, Kawah Ijen is pretty cool…Batu Karas for good chilled surf! Enjoy!!!

  4. Happy anniversary!! I’m all for waking up early, and it certainly paid off for you, but ouch lol 3am makes my brain hurt just thinking about it :D! Though absolutely worth it, especially when you get to enjoy those kind of views without being disturbed by ridiculous crowds. What a fab way to celebrate your anniversary 🙂


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