Nomatic Backpack Review: Should This Be Your New Everyday Backpack?

written by local expert Jane Elmets

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If you’re a digital nomad like we are or just tend to tote around electronics, gear and extra items on a daily basis, you know the importance of a quality backpack with features designed with your needs in mind.

While it’s nearly impossible to find a backpack that was designed specifically for you, Nomatic has come pretty close with their everyday backpack that’s suited to traveler’s preferences but ideal for daily use as well.

Nomatic recently upgraded all their bags so we decided to test them out.

The Nomatic Backpack is a uniquely designed bag that may suit your needs but may not in some cases. For this reason, we’ve done a deep dive to break down all that the Nomatic Backpack has to offer. Keep reading to find out how we really feel about this piece of gear and how to choose which bag to go for.

Nomatic has two main backpacks- their Nomatic Backpack and the Nomatic Travel Pack both of which we put to the test. We’ve been traveling with both bags for a few weeks now and absolutely love them.

Update: Nomatic Now has other Backpacks which give you more space, depending on what you need! See the table below to check out all their different backpacks.

Nomatic Bags Comparison Table

BagWeightCapacityDimensions (H x W x D)Reviews
Nomatic Backpack3lbs 10oz20L | 24L (when expanded)18.5” x 12” x 5-7.5" Read Reviews
Nomatic Travel Pack4lbs 3oz20L | 30L (when expanded)18.5” x 12” x 6-9.5” Read Reviews
Nomatic Travel Bag 30L3lbs 8oz30L9” x 19” x 13” Read Reviews
Nomadic Travel Bag 40L4lbs 8oz40L9” x 21” x 14”
Read Reviews

Why Nomatic?

First off, if you’ve never heard of Nomatic, let me acquaint you with this kick-ass company. 

Operating with the mission of creating “the most functional gear ever to inspire confidence for life on the move,” Nomatic has combined quality, features, and versatility to bring you bags designed specifically for travel. They also produce other miscellaneous gear to make your life a little easier while on the go.

Nomatic is on the fast track to becoming one of the most popular bag companies in the world. Their backpacks have raised over $2.9 million dollars on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and they are backed by thousands of eager travelers from around the world.

With the pillars of quality, functionality and versatility as the backbone of their company, Nomatic combines everything important to travelers (and people in general!) into one solid organization that creates products to meet those goals.

We rarely gush about a brand so much but we were thoroughly impressed by this backpack and love the overall functionality that it gives.

Update: We’ve had this bag for almost 3 years now and STILL love it! We love it so much, we ordered another one for us to use. These Nomatic Bags are now our everyday bags which we bring with us everywhere.

Nomatic Backpack Review

Is the Nomatic Backpack Right for You?

Photo of nomatic backpack front and back

Key Specs: 20/24L (expandable) | 3lbs 10oz | 18.5” (H) x 12” (W) x 5-7.5″ (D) | 15” laptop sleeve | Waterproof materials

What We Love: Sleek and stylish look | Removable organization panel | Versatile carry options | Chord pass-throughs

Best For: Carrying tech and electronic gear, general everyday use, digital nomads.

Nomatic Backpack Specs

While some of these features may seem pretty standard and obvious (of course, a backpack comes with straps…), there are some other unique basic features that Nomatic has incorporated into their backpack.

  • 3lbs 10oz
  • 20L, expandable to 24L
  • Multiple compartments
  • Top and side carry straps
  • Front flap lays flat
  • Internal organization
  • 15″ laptop compartment
  • Made of waterproof materials
nomatic backpack review

The Nomatic Backpack is a bag unlike any other we’ve ever owned. To help you understand why, here are some key features that make this backpack so special.

Let’s start with the basics. Coming in at 3lbs 10oz, the bag has a storage space of 20 liters, but can be expanded to 24 liters as needed. The expansion is mostly on the bottom by way of a zipper on the side of the backpack. So go ahead and throw that sweatshirt into the depths of your bag, it’ll fit! 

A 20L bag is generally the perfect size daypack as it’ll hold everything you need for a day out and about or stashing your work supplies.

That said, 20L is rather small when it comes to fitting in clothes for a trip or toiletries among your daily haul, so this is an indicator that this backpack is best for day-to-day use rather than fitting in everything you need for travel.

That’s why Nomatic also created their Travel Pack as an alternative to the backpack when you need to fit a bit more, but more on that later.

Moving on with the basics, this backpack has a main compartment as well as a smaller compartment on the front, hidden pockets throughout, and a top and side carry handle for conveniently toting your bag around. 

The front panel of this backpack zips off on three sides and lays flat so you’re able to have a clear look at what’s inside. The inside of this front flap is also covered with compartments that enable you to easily store smaller items and access them without hassle.

The Nomatic Backpack comes complete with a 15” laptop compartment for keeping your tech nice and safe while in transit. Meanwhile, the waterproof material of the backpack brings protection to the next level by keeping everything dry and free from water damage.

That’s pretty much it in terms of the basics, but now it’s time for the fun stuff that sets this backpack apart from others on the market.

Nomatic Backpack Features

Now for what you’re really here for: the added features that make the Nomatic Backpack so special!

  • Removable organization panel
  • Straps that can be hidden
  • RFID-blocking pocket
  • Removable protective shell for glasses
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Chord passthroughs
  • Retractable key leash
  • Magnetic water bottle pocket
  • Roller bag sleeve

Right from the beginning, when examining the unique features of this bag, you can tell it’s built for those constantly on the go. From work to pleasure and every important meeting in between, Nomatic has created a backpack that can do it all, with the enhanced elements included.

The first feature that makes the Nomatic Backpack so special is that there’s a removable panel where you can store tech equipment like a keyboard or a mouse, papers and files, as well as any other accessories that you need. 

This is one of my personal favorite features of the Nomatic Backpack! As someone who works on the go, having a spot in my backpack where I can organize everything I need for the day is super important. Plus, the removable aspect of the panel means that I can unload all of my work supplies in one go instead of rooting around to make sure I’ve gotten everything. Nifty, huh?

Another feature that I find particularly helpful in this backpack is that there are chord pass-throughs that connect every compartment of the bag. This way you can string a charging chord or a pair of headphones through the designated ports and you’ll have hassle-free music on the go.

Next up, let’s have a chat about the straps of this bag. Durable, padded and ultra comfortable, the straps of this backpack are designed to carry the weight inside without weighing you down. They come complete with a chest strap for times when you need to balance the load, and are placed on a cushy back panel for ultimate comfort. 

For times when it may be inappropriate or inconvenient to carry a backpack around, you can tuck the straps away in their hidden compartment and use the side handle to carry it like a briefcase instead.

Other notable features that add to the functionality of this backpack are the retractable key leash (never dig around in the bottom of your bag for them again!), RFID-blocking pocket for your passport and cards, a magnetic water bottle pocket to keep your drink in place, and a removable protective shell for sunglasses.

For times when this backpack will complement a roller bag, there’s a sleeve to allow you to attach your bag to the handle of the rolling one to navigate your travels with ease.

Finally, this backpack (and all Nomatic bags) comes with a lifetime warranty! That’s how confident they are in the quality of their product. 

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Is the Nomatic Backpack For You? 

When deciding whether the Nomatic Backpack is for you or not, carefully consider your desired purpose for it. 

Do you want to use it for work or pleasure? At home or on the go? Are you looking for something that fits it all or just the essentials?

You’ll love this backpack if you’re constantly on the move and need a bag large enough to fit the likes of a laptop, miscellaneous electronic accessories, and smaller items like notebooks and pens. Of course, with the extra pockets, you’re able to fit more, but this backpack is really designed to store the essentials and keep clutter to a minimum.

That’s why this backpack is ideal for digital nomads or other long-term travelers who need a dependable bag to store items separately from clothes and shoes. It can also double as a rugged daypack for shorter excursions, but it’s perfect for everyday use whether you’re off to stroll around a city or get some work done in a coffee shop.

Use it to complement a carry-on roller bag when jet-setting across the world, or for a day spent getting some work done around town. What you do with the bag is up to you, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for something sleek and stylish to carry your day-to-day traveling goods in.

This bag is also perfect to use for work and would be great as your office bag. The minimalist and stylish design looks professional, and the internal organization is an added bonus to make you look like you really mean business. I can guarantee that you’ll be getting compliments around the water cooler all day long with this bad boy!

While there’s a lot to love about this backpack, it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a bag that can fit absolutely everything for travel. For travel purposes, you may want to opt for something a bit bigger, with organizational features better suited to storing clothing rather than electronics as well as odds and ends.

The bottom line is this backpack is best for those looking for a backpack to load up and carry around every day. Whether you want to use it to carry your laptop, charger and keyboard, or just a packed lunch and light sweater, you’ll definitely find a place for the Nomatic Backpack somewhere in your life.

Nomatic Travel Pack Review

If you’re after a bag that will fit a bit more than this backpack, Nomatic also makes bags designed especially with this in mind. The Nomatic Travel Pack looks nearly identical to the Backpack but with some extra space to fit clothing, making it a great choice for quick overnights or shorter trips.

Nomatic Travel Pack Specks

Key Specs: 20/30L (Expandable) | 4lbs 3oz | 18.5” (H) x 12” (W) x 6-9.5” (D) | 15″ Laptop Pocket | Waterproof Materials

Best For: Short trips (1-3 Days)

If you’ve fallen in love with the Nomatic Backpack but need something designed to fit your clothing as well as gadgets, the Nomatic Travel Pack is essentially the same thing but slightly larger and enhanced for packing clothing.

While this pack appears to be almost identical to the Nomatic Backpack, it has specific functionality for travel, while the standard backpack is geared towards everyday use.

The Travel Pack is also a 20L backpack. However, with expansion,you can add up to 10 extra liters of space (creating a 30L pack), with an entire unzipped perimeter (compared to just an unzipped bottom on the backpack). 

This is the other backpack that we decided to test out. Although I think I prefer the Nomatic Backpack, if you’re looking for something larger, the Nomatic Travel Pack is a good option.

Besides the size of the bag, the main difference between the Travel Pack and the Backpack is that the Travel Pack doesn’t come with a removable panel.

Instead, it comes fully equipped with a mesh divider in the main compartment to organize and compress clothes inside the bag. There’s also a separate shoe compartment so you don’t get dirt all over everything else. 

While you can pack enough clothing for a short trip, you can fit some gadgets as well. The included laptop sleeve fits up to a 15” computer and unzips completely to lay flat so you don’t have to struggle to get your Mac or PC out when going through airport security.

The rest of the awesome features included in the Nomatic Backpack are also built into the Travel Pack, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing components like the rolling luggage sleeve, protective shell for glasses, retractable key leash, RFID-blocking pocket, double carry handles and the magnetic water bottle compartment. 

With the Travel Pack, the straps also able to be hidden. And you get one bonus addition to the straps of your bag: a waist belt. 


The waist belt is an awesome addition because it helps distribute weight when you’ve stuffed the bag to the brim with everything you need for an awesome getaway. When the bag isn’t as full or heavy, you can always remove the waist belt and store it for later use.

Sounds like a pretty cool bag, huh? It’s certainly a practical option for those who take frequent business trips or short overnights who like having organization and versatility with their bag. 

Our Review: Nomatic Backpack

The Nomatic Backpacks are so functional-we honestly don't know what to do without them! Initially, having that many compartments can be overwhelming but you soon find a sytem that works for you. We have the Nomatic Backpack and a Nomatic Travel Pack which we use daily. The functionality and versatility of this bag makes it one of the best travel backpacks out there. The materials are durable and the warranty of the bags make it a no-brainer purchase!

Well-made bag
Great organization
Isn't that lightweight

View Buying Options

Nomatic Travel Bag Review 

Key Specs (30L): 3lbs 8oz | 9” (H) x 19” (W) x 13” (D)

Key Specs (40L): 4lb 8oz | 9” (H) x 21” (W) x 14” (D)

Best For: 30L bag best for 2-4 day trips, 40L bag for trips lasting up to a week

If you love the Nomatic line but need something that can accompany you on any kind of adventure, the Travel Bag is the best choice. Nomatic even refers to it as the “perfect go anywhere do anything bag!”

When it comes to this streamlined and sleek option, you’ve got two choices: a 30L or 40L bag.

The 30L bag fits enough for two or four days, while the 40L one is good for up to an entire week. This outdoes the Travel Pack because you can take it with you when it’s more than just a quick trip.

This bag looks slightly different than the other ones made by Nomatic, but it can still be carried as a backpack or by the built-in straps that turn it into a duffle bag.

With the Travel Bag, you also get a detachable waist belt and a sternum strap. And did I mention that it’s carry-on size? Talk about versatility! 

With the Travel Bag, no matter which size you choose, you’re still getting the same durable, high quality and waterproof materials, and unique functionality that makes Nomatic stand out from other gear brands.

The 30L Travel Bag comes complete with a bottle pocket, an RFID pocket, a place to stash your chords, a special compartment for socks, underwear and smaller items, a laptop compartment, a place to store your shoes (that’s ventilated!!!), and a pocket to store a notebook for quick access. 

There’s also a rolling luggage passthrough sleeve and points throughout the bag to weave your chords through for easy charging, music listening, and more.

If you opt for the 40L bag, you get additional features like a book pocket, a vacuum bag and a laundry bag that lives on the bottom of the pack and can be hung up when you arrive at your destination. What a great method for keeping dirty clothes separate from clean ones!

But what makes this bag stand out, in my opinion, are the multiple access points, internal organization and spacious compartments to keep your belongings separated as needed instead of lumping your shoes in with underwear on top of your t-shirts.

If you’re looking for a carry-on travel bag that is functional and durable, you can’t go wrong with the Nomatic Travel Bag.

So what do you think? Nomatic Backpack, Travel Pack or Travel Bag? Clearly each bag is suited to different preferences, styles and individual needs, but all combine functionality, versatility and high quality. 

No matter which Nomatic bag you choose, you should be in good hands as they all come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, you’re sure to have an easier time packing with a bag that has a designated space for each item. 

If you’re a digital nomad looking to upgrade your carry-all, the Nomatic Backpack is the way to go. This one won’t disappoint!

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