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There are literally so many ways to get clean water when travelling. So why on earth do we need the new water solution found in Water To Go’s unique bottles? Well, the reason is that all the current options come with drawbacks! Boiling water can be exceptionally time-consuming and costly, tablets also take time and can affect the taste of the water, many filters and pumps are bulky, and bottled water is an expensive solution both for your wallet and the environment!

The Water To Go bottle appears to avoid many of these flaws and is also a really simple concept. It looks like a normal water bottle, until you unscrew the lid. Built into the lid is a small filter which gets rid of over 99% of bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals which might be present in your water. There is no wait time, meaning you can fill your bottle with water from a river or a tap you are unsure about and just drink it straight away like a normal water bottle.

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water to go review

Features of Water to Go Bottles

When I first held the Water To Go bottle I was very impressed by its build quality; using a tough plastic, the bottle feels very rigid and strong and is very much built to live up to the stresses and challenges of a life on the road, where it will be frequently slumped down in the side of your rucksack, dropped occasionally and generally not receive the love it deserves. You can expect to get a lot of life out of your bottle!

When drinking from the bottle, you suck through a straw which helpfully folds back into the lid. This means it takes up marginally less space in your bags, but more importantly, it considerably reduces the risk of dirt and grime accumulating on where you put your mouth. There is no bonus in drinking clean water if the straw itself is dirty.

water to go review

The filter not only makes the water safe to drink, but also makes the water taste nice. Sucking water through a filter is not as easy as drinking from a regular bottle; I found it similar to how I imagine breathing on Mount Everest, or sucking concrete through a straw, would be. This is a small price to pay for clean water however, and I found you could still drink at a more than satisfactory rate. The way that the filtration system works is pretty impressive as it can literally turn any water, no matter how dirty into clean, drinkable water. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out for yourself here.

The bottles come in either a 50cls which weighs 98 grams or you can opt to carry a slightly larger one at 75cls which weighs about 138 grams. water to go

Maintenance of Water to Go Bottles

 Very little maintenance is required, and that’s awesome! All you have to do is replace the filter after 200 liters or 1 year, whichever comes sooner. Replacement filters are very reasonably priced at £17.99 for two and are small and light enough that carrying a spare while travelling won’t be a problem.

water to go review

Free Water when Traveling: Final Thoughts

 The Water To Go Bottle feels almost too good to be true  But I think it is actually just a really great product. Having used it a number of times on a few hikes and my current adventure cycling around the world, taking water from a variety of different, dubious water sources, it has always provide me with a refreshing, clear and most importantly, safe, source of drinking water. I have confidence in the product which means I’m not left worrying if it is safe to drink. I love the fact it is ready to drink from straight away, and in some circumstances, that could be crucial! I would definitely recommend the Water To Go bottle to a wide group of travelers, whether you’re going off the beaten track into nature, or just somewhere where the local taps can’t be trusted!

Please note that this article was written in partnership with Water to Go but despite this, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.
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