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written by local expert Josiah Skeats

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What do you think the scariest part of my cycling adventure across Europe last summer was? Wild camping on my own? Passing through ‘dangerous’ areas and countries? Risk of getting mugged? No, no and no. I can say, with certainty, it was the traffic. Those metal-covered monsters roared up behind me, whizzed past me, pulled out in front of me and generally seemed, at best, completely oblivious that I was even on the road. At worst, it actually seemed like they wanted to kill me! After one too many close-shaves cycling into Central Istanbul, I decided I needed a mirror.

Many other adventure bike tourers I have met swear by theirs, even claiming they wouldn’t still be here if they didn’t have a mirror! I have tried a few mirrors attached to the helmet and found them universally frustrating. They were constantly stuck in my peripheral vision, while straining my eyes when I try to look at them properly – quite an achievement if you ask me. Soon, I found myself researching mirrors which attach to the handlebars, which was when I stumbled onto the unique RearViz mirror.

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What makes RearViz Special?

Unlike other mirrors, the RearViz actually attaches to you. With a comfortable Velcro strap, you can position the mirror wherever on your arm you find it most suitable and comfortable. With a hinge that can be opened or closed as much as you wish, and a pivot which allows the mirror to spin around 360°, there are limitless options to mount your mirror on your arm, and still see behind you.

rearviz review

Impressions of the RearViz

I found my RearViz mirror to be most comfortable just below my elbow, where it was perfectly discreet, and yet with just a glance of the eyes, and the slightest head movement I could be seeing what is going on behind me perfectly. As RearViz proudly beam in their tagline and social media hashtags, “look forward, see behind”.

I cannot overstate how much this affects your safety; the ability to quickly see behind might allow a few all-important moments to get out the way of a deadly car speeding behind you.

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A number of other advantages result from this novel style of attachment; firstly, when travelling internationally, it makes it simple to switch between left-hand and right-hand drive countries, simply by changing which arm the mirror is on. From experience, this is something occasionally overlooked by other mirror brands. It also means the mirror is not at risk of being snapped off by passing traffic, or stolen when left on the bike. Mirrors attached to handlebars are also liable to be affected by vibrations, which I have not experienced as dramatically with my RearViz mirror, presumably because the arm absorbs much of the shocks of the road.

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I had expected the RearViz mirror to be problematic if, like me, you frequently move your hand positioning when you cycle, and you risk messing up your angle and suddenly getting a crisp view of your ear and the sky. I didn’t experience this though, because the mirror is convex and therefore gives a massive field of view, allowing some extent of movement with the arms. However, the convex nature means that objects behind seem further than they actually are. On a mirror this size, it could make it harder to pick out cars behind, as they seem much smaller than they really are, especially if the car is travelling quickly. The more I’ve used my mirror, the more perceptive I’ve got when using it and this problem is alleviated, but I would still be happy to see the mirror be marginally bigger to make it easier to see behind.

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RearViz Key Features

  • In a sport where every gram matters, the RearViz weighs in at only 77 grams, so lightweight that you probably won’t even notice it!
  • The RearViz mirror feels exceptionally robust, with sturdy yet flexible plastic used.
  • The mirror can be opened and closed, like a pocket mirror, but can also be rotated 360°; a firm hinge ensuring that once positioned, the mirror won’t slip at all.
  • The strap is soft and comfortable, even on the longest of rides.

    rearviz review
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RearViz Review: My Overall Experience

Yes, I found the mirror to be sturdily-made, lightweight, discreet and comfortable, but the main reason why I’ll use my RearViz mirror whenever I go cycling, and why I’ll be taking it back out with me when I continue to cycle across Asia next month, is very simple: I feel safer when I use the RearViz mirror. Using a RearViz mirror is like having eyes in the back of your head, and that superhuman ability is phenomenally comforting when cars are careering around you. For just $50 (£35) that’s a small price to put on extra safety if you cycle lots. Want to get to know me? Read Meet the Guy Who is Cycling Around the World

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