20 Photos that will Make You Fall in Love with Paris

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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I have to be honest, the first time I visited Paris, I left unimpressed. Despite my initial first visit blunder, I decided to give Paris another chance. This time around, I left absolutely enamored and captivated. I don’t know if it was the crisp Autumn air, the long leisurely walks, or maybe even just being there with somebody special. Whatever it was, hopefully, after seeing these photos, you, just like me, will fall in love with Paris and everything it has to offer.

Everywhere we looked, the leaves were different shades of yellow and orange. The sun glistened as it shone brightly above us. We knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

We began our leisurely stroll to see all the sights and sounds. Although there was a lot to see, in typical French style, we were in no rush. After all, how could you rush when you have all this around you?

We walked along the river bank without a care in the world. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and Autumn leaves were falling everywhere we looked.

Aerial view over the city at sunset The River Seine at sunsetA bridge over the river seine

As we passed the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris whose exterior stood tall, the church bells started ringing. The loud sound filled the sky as pigeons flew around us.

Because we were in Paris and time didn’t really matter, we sat down, had our third café creme of the day and indulged in some pastries from a small Boulangerie as we marveled at this view.

Upwards view of the Notre DameA gargoyle overlooking the River Seine and cityClose up of a stained glass windowUpwards view of the Notre Dame

We walked past many locks by the Pont de l’Archeveche which were still left untouched by the city officials.

Soon, we boarded the Batobus and cruised along the Seine River as we took all of Paris in. While we were cruising along, we saw spectacular views which left us in awe. Each stop, moment, and river turn had something special to offer.

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A bridge full of padlocksThe inside of a subway stationAlexandra the third bridge in parisClose up of a brass door knockerA local man playing a harpClose up of Centre Pompidou

Even the Parisians were in no rush as they walked slowly along the riverbank, soaking up the beautiful Autumn weather.

We made our way to the Musée du Louvre and sat by a courtyard close by. We enjoyed the peace and quite before we joined the eager group of people gathered around the pyramid.

Wanting to get away from the crowds, we nipped into a Mariage Freres, an institution in Paris since 1854 for a cup of tea and perhaps quite possibly our fourth desert of the day. But hey, who was counting?

Entrance to the Louvre in Paris

A local street in Paris full of restaurantsThe Sacré-CœurNaturally, no trip to Paris would be complete without seeing these iconic landmarks like the Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The Arc de Triomphe

and the of course, the Eiffel Tower

Upwards view of the Arc de TriomphEiffel Tower in full Upwards view of the eiffel tower

The day was slowly beginning to end. A day filled with long walks, many cups of coffee and pastries, and moreover, a day filled with eagerness to explore.

Paris pleasantly surprised us all and made us fall in love with it. We didn’t just fall in love with the iconic landmarks, but rather the way of life that the Parisians lived. The leisurely strolls, the glasses of wine over lunch, the long meals and love for good food. That day, we saw a different side of Paris. Although we were sightseeing, we took our time and made it a point to enjoy the little things like quaint cobble street roads and local restaurants along the way.

As the sky slowly turned dark, we sat around watching this city come to life. Despite spending a full day roaming the streets of Paris, we knew it was just the beginning of our fascination of this vibrant city. Hopefully, these photos will make you pack your bags and plan a visit to see all these amazing sights yourself as you perhaps fall in love with Paris, just like we did.

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Paris night sky line

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