Epic Reasons Why You Should Go to Costa Rica

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

Surprisingly, Costa Rica is one of those places that people often overlook when traveling across Central America. Between its many stunning beaches, diverse rainforests, happy people, and amazing food, here are a few epic reasons on why you should go to Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica’s Rainforests Are Lush and Unspoilt

Home to some of the most diverse tropical rainforests, Costa Rica is a haven for exotic flora and fauna. This tiny country is home to various habitats and ecosystems with over 13,000 plant species and almost 900 various types of birds.

They have numerous rainforest walking trails, canopy tours, and waterfalls to explore, making this the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

A few noteworthy National Parks to visit are: Manuel Antonio National Park which encompasses along pristine beaches and fringed jungles. There are some amazing tours of Manuel Antonio Park that guide you through the best of the lush landscape and wildlife. The Rincón de la Vieja National Park is home to four different types of ecosystems and two towering volcanic peaks.

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The Adventures are Endless

For adrenaline junkies and adventure crazy folks like us, the wide variety of things to do in Cost Rica is enough to make us pack out bags, hop on a plane (maybe jump off of it while we are at it) and head to this adventure-filled destination. Here you can enjoy the stunning beaches as well as their rich marine life, water sports, and boating tours.

From ziplines to canopy tours, Costa Rica has a little bit of everything for everyone. So whether you are hiking through their many volcanoes, or trekking through unchartered jungles, the adventures in Costa Rica are endless.

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The Beaches in Costa Rica are Stunning

Imagine yourself walking down a pristine palm-fringed beach as you gaze at the crystal clear turquoise blue waters. The wind gently blowing down your face as you watch the sky turn into various shades of pink and purple.

Home to nearly 300 different coastal spots, Costa Rica Beaches are some of the best in the world. What’s even better? 99% of their coastal lands are protected areas so beachside hotels and bars which you commonly see in most of the tourist-overrun destinations can’t be found in Costa Rica. Instead, you will find lots of lush jungles full of exotic wildlife.

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The Food is Delicious

I have to admit I am a sucker when it comes to Latin American cuisine. The beautiful medley of rice and beans topped with delicate flavors of anything mixed with lime, cilantro and peppers is something that I can eat every day.

Walk along the streets and sit down any soda (a small restaurant) and ask for a plate of casado. Within minutes, expect yourself to be devouring a plate full of rice, black beans, fried plantains, and a side salad served with either fish fillet, grilled chicken, or pork chop topped with onions and served with a fresh fruit juice. Best part? All that costs nothing more than $4 tops. Ceviche Tico is also a rather popular dish which we highly recommend trying.

Coasta Rica’s Surf Spots are Gnarly

Home to some of the most epic surfing in the world, Costa Rica is a place where you can enjoy year-round warm waters and waves. This coastal lined country has loads of great beach breaks to choose from. When we were surfing in a small coastal town in Ecuador, we met a man who raved about the waves in Costa Rica and since then, it has been on our minds.

Whether you’re a beginner surfer or a pro, Costa Rica’s surf breaks are varied and diverse. Head over to Tamarindo Beach where you can find 3 meter high waves with monkeys and toucans freely roaming around the lush jungle framing the beach. It is truly paradise!

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The Volcanoes are Fascinating

Sitting in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Costa Rica is home to over 200 volcanic formations.  Not to fret though as only 5 of those are active today. The most active out of them all is The Arenal which was spewing hot gases and steam up until 2010.

Due to the abundance of volcanoes, you will find many hilly slopes where you can go mountain biking and soak in the many hot springs around. The volcanic activity makes the soil rich and fertile hence the incredible and diverse wildlife.

The Wildlife is Incredible

Let’s talk numbers. We have over a million different species in this planet. Costa Rica, is home to 4% of all the species-which if you do the math, is rather impressive for such a small country. Here, you can expect to see frogs, sloths (SLOTHS!!!), crocodiles, colorful toucans and a wide variety of Costa Rica monkeys. Bottom line, if you love animals, Costa Rica is the place for you.

With countless ecotourism and sustainable businesses and hotels, this place is making strides for our environment. Various animal sanctuaries, including a Sloth Sanctuary is a place where you can cuddle and play with some of the slowest (and cutest) mammals on earth.

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The “Pura Vida” Way of Life is Awesome

Last but not least, my favorite reason and one of my main arguments when convincing people to go to Costa Rica, to enjoy the Pura Vida way of life. Pura Vida which literally translates to pure life is a popular saying that Costa Ricans embody in their every day of life.

It means, “life is good so don’t worry and instead, be happy!” The people in Costa Rica are known to be some of the happiest people in the world as they live a happy, worry-free life! A fun fact and testament to how worry free the people in Costa Rica are is that since 1948, they have abolished their army. Instead, they are ambassadors of peace, freedom, and neutrality.

I hope this article has convinced you to start packing and planning for your next Central American get away with the promise that when you get there, you will take off your shoes, let your hair loose, and embrace the Pura Vida way of life.

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