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Two men riding motorbikes down a busy side street

Vietnam by Motorbike: The Best Six Weeks of my Life

Traveling Vietnam by motorbike has definitely made it into our Top 50 Adventure Holidays list. To date, this motorbike trip, which consisted of me riding across the whole length of Vietnam for over six weeks, is still one of the best adventures of my life. Read through my experience below! An...
4WD off-raod Bandung Indonesia - Lead

Getting Dirty: My 4×4 Off-Road Adventure in Bandung, Indonesia

As we finish our coffee and pile back into the Land Rovers our guide shouts out ‘put your cameras away for the next part’. I laugh at this suggestion and keep it in my lap. Later, as the truck turns on a 45 degree angle and slides at speed through a mud lined crevice I realize my mistake. Luckily I ...
A man riding a motorbike over a wooden bridge

Vietnam by Motorbike: 8 Things You Should Read First

Traveling Vietnam by motorbike is not an easy thing to do. That being said, I’m not the type of guy who plans at all, so if I can do it, so can you. In my other article, “Vietnam by Motorbike: The Best Six Weeks of my Life”, I wrote about my experience as a whole. This covered the route we took, ...
A rally car skidding around a mud track

Rally Driving like a Mad Man in Castle Coombe, UK

Driving anywhere is normally pretty good fun, I mean who doesn't love a road trip? But how about power sliding around a tight bend in a rally car? Dashing around a dirt track at speeds of up to 60mph, with mud spraying everywhere and the steering wheel spinning wildly? Well doesn't that sound like e...