Anti Atlas mountains in Morocco

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Morocco

Whether you're an adventure lover or thrill seeker, Morocco provides a variety of activities across the whole adventure scale. While this is not really surprising, with it's diverse range of landscapes and continual development, each activity feels very intimate which you wouldn't expect. Overlo...
Waterfalls in the green mountains

Experience the Best of Green Morocco with Rug&Rock Adventures

"Green Morocco," a term coined by the guys at Rug&Rock Adventures, is their own personal brand for this strikingly green region known as the Middle Atlas. In complete contrast to the Moroccan desert that we all know well, the canyons of the Middle Atlas mountain range are packed full of refreshi...
Two guys walk camels across desert

5 Outdoor Activities You’d Be Crazy to Miss in Morocco

It is really no surprise that Morocco is described as the most diverse country in Africa. With it's towering mountain peaks overlooking the sweeping desert, its bustling cities and never-ending coastline, it was as if it was made to be explored.Unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of experie...