kinabalu mountain view

Conquering Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata | Mountain Torq Review

For anyone planning on climbing the monstrous 4,095-meter summit at Mt Kinabalu, if you want to shake things up, why not try experiencing the thrilling Via Ferrata steel cable climb that will guarantee your climb to be extra memorable? This is exactly what we did a couple of months ago as we wanted ...
A man standing at the top of mount kinabalu

The Long Way Up: Experience Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. This is true for many travelers, and my decision to climb Mount Kinabalu, on the far north east of Malaysian Borneo, meant overcoming one of my biggest travel issues: My complete inability to plan anything ahead of time.Mt Kinabalu stands at 4,100...
Trekking trails in Cameron Highlands

Off the Beaten Path Trekking in the Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is the luscious, green, natural heart of Peninsular Malaysia no matter what Kuala Lumpur wants you to think.ย  For me, after a very busy time on the road from South Africa through to South East Asia, Cameron Highlands was a nice break from the manic bustling cities and tourist spots...